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1 Duelist on Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:17 pm

Duelist (Intelligence)

Fencing is the art of using the sword scientifically and there is no master of Sword Science more skilled than the duelist. To the duelist fencing is not a sport but a way of life. The sword is an extension of his intellect, a weapon as sharp as his wit. He proves that the sword and the pen, like strength of mind and body, are forces to be reckoned with.
The duelist is cocky because he knows that though a stronger warrior can cleave an enemy in two with a single blow he is the smarter warrior who will puncture an enemy’s heart with little effort but the same effect. A duelist doesn’t fight harder he fights smarter.
Many civilizations and people have their own styles and special fencing forms but those used in the practical applications of the sport, known as duelist, have certain techniques in common.

DEXTEROUS FIGHTER: A duelist is not like other warriors. Their training gives them a wider knowledge of fencing stances and poses. This versatility allows duelist to choose whether to strike with their dexterity instead of their strength.

FLIP (Dexterity): This extraordinary ability allows a duelist to make leaps and flips from perch to perch. The duelist cannot move further than one-half his speed in this manner. This can be used to move over gaps or move up and down pillars. A failed flip check means the character lands halfway to his destination and could result in a fall and appropriate fall damage. A check failed by 5 or more means that the character not only misses his mark but also sprawls out on the floor and must spend time recovering. Duelist must have at least one free hand while flipping.

This ability is affected by wearing armor not on the armor list for duelist.

SCALE (Dexterity): This extraordinary ability allows a duelist to dance up, down or across a slope, wall, netting (even a ceiling with handholds), or unusually angled natural or manmade slope or incline that others would find impossible to maneuver across. When doing so the duelist moves at one-half the character’s normal speed and stops. If stopping leaves the duelist on terrain with no perches, the duelist falls and suffers fall damage where applicable. A failed scale check means that the character makes no progress. A check failed by 5 or more means that the character falls from the currently attained height, and must suffer falling damage. Duelist must have at least one free hand while scaling. When scaling typical natural slopes and manmade inclines, such as a cliff face or steep steps, a duelist does not need to make an attribute check to scale the surface.

This ability is affected by wearing armor not on the armor list for duelist.

OBSERVATION (Intelligence): A duelist can use this ability to intensely scrutinize and recognize details that others might not detect. Generally, a successful check indicates that a duelist has detected some sort of anomaly or feature. Success indicates that the duelist can see minute features, like a tiny line of text or the ticking of a nerve, while in decent lighting and while visible. However exactly what is observed is up to the Castle Keeper’s discretion as each case is unique. If observing in limited lighting conditions, the duelist suffers a -10 penalty to the check. Other aspects vary the penalty as appropriate.

Only wearing metal or large helmets affect this ability negatively.

PRECISION STRIKE: A duelist waits for an opening in their opponent’s defense before striking. An opponent struck by this precise assault upon their weaknesses takes more damage than that of an average blow. Duelist may add a number of their intelligence modifier to their melee damage roll equal to their level. For example, a 1st level duelist with an intelligence modifier of 3 successfully strikes a foe he adds his level being 1 to his damage. However, the same duelist at level 3 would be able to add his entire modifier to his melee damage.

This ability is hindered by poor lighting and wearing armor that is not on the armor list for duelist.

QUICK STRIKE: At 3rd level, a duelist can use his canny mental prowess to strike a surprised opponent unawares. A duelist able to strike an opponent before he has prepared for combat or attacked in the encounter, gains a bonus to hit and to damage. To catch an opponent with the quick strike the opponent has to have not taken a turn in combat or has to be unaware of the duelist being a threat. A duelist that succeeds in getting the advantage against a foe may make an attack a +4 bonus to hit. A successful hit inflicts double the normal damage.

As a duelist gains experience, the damage inflicted increases. At 7th level, a quick strike deals triple damage, and at 11th level a quick strike inflicts quadruple damage.

A quick strike cannot be combined with a backstab or an assassination.

EXTRA ATTACK: At 12th level, the duelist gains one additional attack each combat round with any melee weapon.

WEAPON: Dagger, dirk, knife, short sword, scimitar, rapier
ARMOR: leather, padded, ring mail, studded leather
ABILITIES: Dexterous Fighter, Flip, Scale, Observation, Precision Strike, Quick Strike, Extra Attack

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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2 Re: Duelist on Wed May 09, 2012 9:10 pm

No one has ever commented on this class.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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3 Re: Duelist on Wed May 23, 2012 7:33 am

tbh this is a really good class i think nessa should try it out wen we roleplay cuz shes always making a fighter class...she prolly would love it...a non strength based fighter class, with a mandatory prime in int would be a nice play for her play style...not to mention that its heavily based in dex aswell...acrobatics, scaling shit is bad ass man...Great class that deserves to be played for the Swashbuckler in all of us...

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4 Re: Duelist on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:39 pm

I should have paid attention to this a while ago.... this would have been perfect for lafiore, it was close to what i wanted to do. I also have to say im glad that i didnt cause i would not have been fighting like i was. but next time im dps i would like to take up this class.

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5 Re: Duelist on Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:20 pm


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