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The story of the bread maker

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1 The story of the bread maker on Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:23 am

The story of the bread maker

It starts out in the small town of Warmhome. it was given that name not for the moderately high temperatures, but because of how friendly and welcoming the townspeople Were. Inside that town was the best baker of the lands. He could make any pastry, after tasting it once. He lived with his wife, daughters and a young son. Most people that visit that great place usually stop by the bakery first in or on their way out of town. One day a young man came in his shop and bought all of the pastries.  The baker was amazed that someone was buying out his food. He offered to cater The event that this much food was required for. The customer refused with a gesture of dismissal. He and the store owner packed up all the pastries of his shop. the boy with some help of two other gentleman carried all of the mornings work out the door. little does the food maker know that his destiny was intertwined with one of the worst fates that can become of any man.

It was only a couple of hours after the big paying customer left his shop. the owner spent that time working on his highest quality pastry, apple turnover with a strawberry topping. most of the new visitors after trying it, bought as much as possible. something about it made people happy and those people wanted to share it with others. many people said he had "the gift" the ability to calm people and bring them together. so many people believed that when a meeting of two neighboring countries got together. they use Warmhome's townhouse for their meeting for convenience and the excellent meals they provided. There they would happily Provided with food and drink from mister gifted himself. it was during one of those catering events that the a caterer overheard some disturbing news that five counties had to unite. A demons gate had opened and started violating the areas around the neighboring regions. The enemy forces is too strong for just for one country to deal with and with each breath their influence is threatens to expand and effect all the people of Morcantesh.

The caterer continued serving the guest and he overheard more and more of the troubling information than he wished to know. when the meeting was done they all complemented the chef for his meal and his discretion of what was spoken there. He cleaned up the area, gathered his belongings and went home. It was when his mind started to wrap around the horrific things he heard, he came across a very unhealthy little girl and demons was close on her heels. He yelled out to the little girl and waved for her to come to him, then with him carrying her they ran way from the demon to find sanctuary in his home. when they came upon his house his front door was open. The hero put the little girl down gave her a pastry and closed the door. the head of the house called out to his family at first he heard nothing, but there was a faint sound coming from the bedrooms upstairs. He then turned to the little girl and said have as many sweets down here and don't open the door for any of those creatures, she nodded.

The Father ran upstairs as fast as he could to the faint sound he heard. when he got to his bedroom he found his family lying bloody on the floor. He stood paralyzed, at the horror of what became of his family. The oldest daughter gasped for air as though she emerged from drowning. He went to his child's side she said to him, "the demon gluttony came and".. as she looked at what left of her own body she noticed the horrors of what became of her body. Her entire left breast was bitten off and many gnarled marks remained on her knee  and small bite marks across her belly. She told him to flee and that she watched her eat away at mom bri-bri and herself, but she doesn't know where Davin is. The father looked around the room for his son, but there was no sign of him. All that he saw was the remains of his former household members, at least what was left of them. The head of the household watched his daughter knowing she wouldn't last long he took a knee and cradled his daughter the best that he could with a river of emotions flowing from his face. Her face stared at her dad, her protector until fear seized her emotions and she looked toward the door and pointed and screamed "noooooooo". in the next few moments she lost her life. The last sound that he heard from his daughter was one filled with fear and he looked heartbroken when he turned and seen the skinny malnourished girl holding a little boy.

"Davin!" The father was frozen in fear and sadness could only stare at the little girl holding his infant son. The little girl eating a pastry in one hand and the baby in the next asked in what would look like the most innocent way, do these taste the same? The dad pleaded with the demon in human'ish skin. The she devil said "well make me something delish, like the pasties from downstairs or" and without much words she raised the young child like an offering. She held the baby like a lump of dough and the father was clearly nervous, she gestured downstairs and he got to work. During the time in the cellar while he was hard at work. She never let the baby out of her sight except once. When she went to gather some supplies for her personal feeder. When she left the father embraced his son and checked to see if he was OK. During that small time an older woman materialized out of nowhere and began speaking to the terrified man. She informed him that gluttony must be stopped because she is overpopulating hell from her need to feed.

Gluttony can only be killed when she is full, but because nothing actually enters her stomach she would regenerate instantly for some reason. The only way to stop her is to make this soul stone into some food your making and it will bypass the portal to hell in her throat. Then once she had something in her i can kill her with this blade. The man looked at the woman noticed how small she was, the liver spots  that covered her neck and the wrinkles from worry covered  her tiny lips button nose and white eyebrows.  He Sternly told her no he shall be the one to kill her, her face completely serious and after a short argument she agreed and let him know that there will be dire consequences for doing so. The man just didn't care his vengeance shall not be quelled. The woman then touched the man's chest said a couple of words he did not understand and then she vanished from his sight and became one with him. A bright light of yellow aura emanated from her, then as her hand found his center his blue aura melded with hers and her body dissipated and was fused with the desperate man. he then understood what she meant by dire consequences. she never got the chance to explain, but whats done is done.

She was a high angel of death and she was sent to put down gluttony. She was also suppose to be sacrificed in order to seal gluttony for a long time but now that is out the window. The next best thing she could do is inhabit the body of the next gluttony and keep it under control with the human. After their fusion was complete, he continued making the food for gluttony. When she returned she had the bodies of his family. She said she never had pastries made out of "these" before. He looked in horror and shook his head no. The little girl devil tried to control her smile and told him "this living boy should taste delish, but use the dead to make bread". He didn't shed a tear as his humanity was held back by the angel and he got to work. After he butchered the bodies and grinded the bones to a fine grain, he made the bread with the soul-stone in it. He prepared two loafs one with and the other without. He gave both to the food deprived little girl and she offered some bread to the maker, he refused and she looked at the son hungrily. The father then hastily took the bread that didn't have the soul stone and bit into it and a satisfying grin appeared on gluttony's face for once she looked satisfied. When he started eating the bread, he tried to deny that the bread was possibly the best thing he has ever eaten. As the taste filled his mouth so did the memories, emotion, resolve like a fragments of his humanity returned or more like escaped from the angels grasp. He continued eating his portion filling the the hole the angel made in his heart.

when he had looked at gluttony she was completely different from a few moments ago. Her skin looked fresh and renewed, her hair became thick and strong, her body filled out and had alot of curves to boot. she grew about a foot and stood about five eight and was a woman of true beauty. The dark rings around her eyes, the overexposed bones in her face and body slowly lightened and filled out respectively. The new person in front of me transformed into something that a man mind would dream of. The presence of this being was tremendous, She slowly open her eyes revealing hazel eyes filled with confidence and strength. She looked at him with eyes that would devour you, not like food but in a way that would make you feel like you are hers completely mind and soul. She smiled, licked her full lips in a sensual way that taunts any mans manhood to full attention. At every slight movement that she made would capture the attention of anyone, from her smirk to her smile and even to her very first words. Her voice was was husky and heavy for a quick moment until she cleared her throat and a mature seductive voice played in the air. She looked at him " i feel sooo good, i guess i would have to thank you for it!" She winked at the man and it was as if he been paralyzed by a poisonous snake he stood still. She stretched and her full breast rose with her arms and her nipples pointed in excitement.

Her curves fully shown as she stood up a thin waist and thick hips and a firm ass. She had the body of a goddess every movement sent wave after wave of ecstasy as she strut over the now wifeless man. Slowly and deliberately her hips swayed he her hair bounced her lips curved upward, the man forgot where he was lost in the moment of this divine woman. She stopped only inches from him and as she combed her hair with her fingers she said passionately, almost purring "Well hello there" it was also her last. Almost like he summoned the magical weapon himself it appeared in his hand and he stabbed up the woman's stomach. Flashes of purging light emanated from her violent shaking form, screams of agony flowed from her throat and as she grabbed his shoulder she looked into his eyes and whispered "thank You" before the convulsing stopped. Her perfect form laid un-moving, an orange orb floated up from her body and made its way to the young boy when the father dived in front of it and took it into himself. The three souls fought and converged until there was one light instead of two. the gray light hummed in the air then settled, the one who would be considered an abomination was born. He stood there motionless for a few moments until his son cried out for him, then with a grunt of strain the orange orb was center.

The little boy with tears in his eyes, stared at his father. Moments passed as no sound was made even time itself seemed to pause. This new creature stared down to what it considered his offspring. Another moment passes, we spoke as one "Are you unhurt?" the child made much whimpering inching closer and closer to us. I felt it was time to release the hold on his heart, gluttony was defeated and her charms could have made this far worse. A second has not passed when the tears flowed fast and heavy from our eyes. The single parent knelt down and embraced his son. "I'm here son, im here" he said. They shed many tears together, before the moan of another broke the touching moment. We looked over lust recovered her power gone but her body is still perfect. She asked " what is going on",  we stood and made our way over to her. His emotions in tact stared at her naked body, his arousal fairly visible i slowly had to regain control so we can have meaningful conversation.

I didn't sense any power from lust, not that she needs any for her to feel great about herself.  She leaned into us, even with me holding him back he was slowly being pulled into her feminine wilds all of his emotions turned to thoughts of his wife his sadness clearly being shown. Lust put both of her hands on our face  and when we looked she was the splitting image of his dead wife. "im gone now, and you have to move on, protect our son and keep on living" she said. A kiss that pushed back all of my abilities of controlling his emotions, "i miss you so much, when i saw you on the floor...." a silence filled the room, "its ok now i have came back so you can say goodbye" she said with the same voice as his slain wife. i could not control him anymore, it was too much for me to handle his words poured out " i love you, i need you don't go, please!?..." she held him as he fell apart, they spoke for sometime i was more concerned about this orb of gluttony. Even though i have restrained it, its power is still, growing  oh no cannot hold it for long i need help. i tried to reach out to him but, his heart in pain blocked out my communication to him. It was sudden but lust pushed the orb back inside us i forced my control over him and spoke to him quickly but this time he held the orb and seemed to absorb its power. We was filled with alien power, and then it was just me and him as the world disappeared i saw him eating bread he spoke out "im going to need some bones".

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2 Re: The story of the bread maker on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:23 am

Hell! I got to be in a better state of mind to read something this long...

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