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1 "Caroline" on Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:12 am

The wind was chilly as the breeze lightly kissed my skin, the thoughts of him still course through my mind and is spoken through my body. At night i would remember him looking at me with tender eyes, calling me his sunshine. When we first made love it was amazing, just remembering put me in the mood. We had went to a nice restaurant we passed by on our first date. I couldn't believe that he would remember something like that, it completely shocked me. My lover would always seem so oblivious to things, but on many occasions he would surprise me on how much detail he would actually pay attention to.

Georgia Sampton H.S is where we first met, i was a "normal" H.S girl learning how to deal with the average day problems of most girls that age. At the time it seemed like it was  my everything. fashion, "who was dating who",  rumors and other things of the sort was the main point in my life. I'm not happy about the way i handled myself in the past so ill keep it vague. In my soft more year i met him, he was tall, handsome, and when you saw him you instantly think omg, basketball player. But actually he hated sports (what a waste of height) and He was a science major. He was not bulky but you could tell that he was fit and took great care of himself.

When i think back about it, i found myself thinking why did i start looking at him in a different way. He was usually quiet, he answered most of the questions in my English and math classes,  i guess i ignored him. Geeks were usually frowned upon but this guy felt different. its possible he isn't considered a geek because of how he was built, but he always looked lonely and never any fun. it didn't matter what i was doing, if he was in my line of sight i would always take a moment's time to look at him. Even when i think back about him i always found it weird, the strange attraction i had to him...

It was when i was hanging out with a couple of my girlfriends, who i might say are not "good girls" we were getting into alot of unlawful stuff. It wouldn't matter what it is, from petty theft, to beating up other girls we didn't care about, we did it as long as we were happy. The group still has a group to this day "the Venus trap" we use to have rival gangs, that tried to mess with us, but we beat them up and now they don't say much. We was going along our daily route going to the corner store to pick up some "free stuff", going to the park to see if there is any problems in our group. The park was a general meeting place for the Traps. It is in the middle of all of our meeting spots. From school to home, the park was big enough to accommodate all of us.

I looked over our group and that's when i accidentally saw him, Mr. mysterious  reading a book only about twenty feet from us on the bench. The student's head seemed to be buried in his book, but i felt like his eyes were on me. As i was watching him my heartbeat became so obvious, i thought the rest of the girls could hear it increasing.  I broke out from the group of girls and made my way over to the handsome young man. I felt nervous for some reason. The air was tense as i closed the gap between us, my face went flush, and a smile i couldn't really control crept across my face. i greeted him with a " hi, there stranger" he slowly raised his head, and tore his eyes from his book and in a childlike voice he said "hello, how may i help you?" I had a moment of confusion and became flustered. He never spoke that way before in class, so why now?

While i was thinking, his head slightly cocked as i stood there for about 5 seconds, speechless. I felt pressure in my chest, my cheeks reddening and the lump in my throat grew, as i looked for what to say. He stood up, i didn't realize how massive he was, compared to me. I felt Such an amazing presence when he looked down on me, in my eyes. He simply said " If you have nothing to do with me, allow me to continue reading in peace." I was confused, i wanted to say something, Anything!  I can not connect my thoughts when he looks at me. Oh my god he could probably think im some kind of a stalker or a weirdo.... wait, why should i care what he thinks in the first place? It was then that i first realized i had an interest in him. My attraction to him could be almost anything, his build, his chiseled face, his milk chocolate brown skin or his hazel eyes that spoke volumes or the fact that he is mysterious.

I guess i could not deny it anymore. I wanted to know him and him to know me. i realized while i was deep in thought he never actually broke eye contact with me. He asked in a adult and more masculine voice "are you OK?". I somehow gathered my bearings, and told him i was fine. "Sorry for taking your time" i said. He smiled slightly and said "anytime, Caroline". I looked at him in amazement, like how did you know my name? then, it occurred to me im an idiot. I have 2 classes with him and im actually popular. There was a way he said it that felt personal or familiar, but nothing comes to mind. As i tried my hardest to escape my embarrassment by going back to my group, he grabs my wrist and pulls me close to him. My mind was racing, i stood there paralyzed by the situation. He raised my chin and i was captivated by his smile before i made my way to his eyes.

When we locked eyes i felt something amazing, the rest of the world disappeared into a blur. For the first time, this moment was about me and only me. It wasn't about class, the gang or family, it was just me. I wanted him, and with little interaction that we had i badly needed this connection for a reason that i didn't understand. I leaned forward and he matched my movements with him. A light breeze blew from behind him towards me, and a hint of is cologne excited me even more as we close the gap between our lips. His strong arms slowly wrapped themselves around my waist and right before our lips touched he said "ill make you remember". I didn't know what he was talking about, but i closed my eyes and hungrily awaited his lips.

Our lips touched, and my mind went black then the world went white. Sound and smell escaped me, the only thing that mattered was the taste of her cherry lip balm lips. As time felt like it slowed down, images of when i was younger flowed through my mind. i recall most of the memories except the one that stood out the most ... wait... wait... wait. What just happened? when i opened my eyes i was looking down on this beautiful girl and.... Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I was scared i didn't know what happened. I felt dizzy like a weird sense of vertigo. i sat down on the bench where he was standing, im so confused whats going on. My mind wouldn't stop swimming, my head keeps arguing with my eyes so everything is so unclear.

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2 Re: "Caroline" on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:16 am

does this passage have an author and is that the only part of the title? Is it a 50 shades of Grey kind Of book?

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3 Re: "Caroline" on Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:38 pm

I am the author and for the name of it i haven't given it much thought im just writing a little bit more every day to get better. I am an absolute amateur and i post some things so people can give me feedback or continue the story.

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4 Re: "Caroline" on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:19 am

So far sounds like a romance. I am waiting for the sex scenes, or the mind fuck.

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5 Re: "Caroline" on Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:51 pm

It was raining again, we hated when it rained. The rain was dangerous and burned worse than fire.  We weren't allowed out when it rained, not the kids and not the adults either.  I stared out into the gloomy night and wondered if Dr. Dally was safe.  The Seekers had found another salvage site, a big one from the way everyone scrambled.  Mr. Ramus had stopped our lessons to help the others with the maps.  He was smart and knew the big maps better than anyone else.  He would have gone with The seekers but that was against the rules.  Dr. Dally or Mr. Ramus had to be with us at all times.

Quin had once asked the doctor were they our mother and father and Dr. Dally told us that we were special.  She said that our parents were everyone in the compound and no one in the compound at the same time.  Tre had said he didn't understand and started crying... he couldn't stop and they took him away.  We never saw him again.  Dr. Dally was stern and always running test on us, Mr. Ramus spent all of his time teaching and devising puzzles for us.  Everyone in the compound had a job.  Junko fixed the pipes, Gromov made sure the plants never got sick, Dr. Lumin made sure Junko and Gromov never got sick.  Our job was to take our test and do our lessons.

There had been twenty of us but sometimes we did something wrong and Dr. Dally had us taken away.  No one ever came back once they were taken away.  That day, when it rained, there were only five us left.  Septem was worried that Dr. Dally and The seekers had been caught in the storm and we all could feel it.  We were special in that way too.  Duo never understood why the others in the compound had to ask us what we wanted or needed.  We always seemed to know each other's thoughts.  When Octo was hungry we were all hungry, when Quin was angry we were all angry.  Septem was worried, so we were all worried.

I opened my eyes and there he was, Mr. Mysterious, peering into my eyes as if he could see into my soul.  He smiled knowingly and stood up.  Our faces were mere inches apart and I had been about to kiss him even as my mind struggled to make sense of what I had just seen.  It hadn't made much sense yet it seemed so very real, real enough that I looked to the clouds fearful that it might start to rain once more.  He chuckled and my attention was brought back to him.

"You remember, don't you?" he whispered.

"Remembered what?" I asked cautiously.  I knew what he meant yet refuse to comprehend. Was I going crazy?  "Hassan, what is going on?" I asked him.  How did I know his name?  why did I feel so close to him?  The truth was stranger than anything I'd eve imagined.  But I would not learn that until much later.

"Caroline!" called Tia.  she and the other were ready to go.  Farrah was throwing up hand signs.  Looked like we were going to find something to eat for 'free ninety-nine.'.  "We out, Mama!"

"Looks like you have to go." Hassan said.  he offered me his hand and helped me to my feet.  "I guess I'll see you in school."  I looked into his eyes and there was something sly, something dark behind them.

"Yeah, I guess I'll see you in class." I said. I left him then more to have a chance to gather my thoughts than anything else. Me and the girls left the park in search of trouble but part of me knew I had found enough already.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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6 Re: "Caroline" on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:41 pm

The sun was bright in my eyes when i turned away from Hassan. Tia with her large curious hazel eyes were even brighter. i could tell that she saw what happened between me and him even without looking at her.At my peripheral, her beautiful black hair was bouncing gingerly, as she skipped me. i could feel her eyes burning through my skull with questions. With her full lips curving into a devilish grin, i decided to keep facing forward instead of looking at her. i know she is only keeping quiet because she personally wants to scoop herself. But still what were those images and why do i feel so scared? i felt a familiar bond but i don't remember any of that. Most of all was Hassan's eyes they remind me of a child when he is about to play a prank.

       Tiffani asked "hey gurl whats up? you have been spacing out since we left the park. Even after we roughed up those girls and now YOU wont eat your chicken sandwich?" Wait what? When i snapped back to reality i was at our favorite diner with a plate in front of me, my knuckles bruised and two band-aids on my face. The shock was apparent on my face, for the last hour i didn't know what occurred. I was so embarrassed Tiffani was staring me down with her large hoop earrings swinging frantic from her animated way of talking. Her new nails which i felt were too long, looked like claws of a panther or something was pointing at me and making a lot of unnecessary movement's but she has always been that way, That's how she shows she cares. Tia without a moment to spare said "she didn't look that well since earlier, I'm going to take her home" Damn, i wasn't ready for this i don't know what to say but i knew what was coming next.

I played along, she had put my arm over her shoulder and we left the diner. Omg... the chicken sandwich, i wanted it so bad, but its too late to turn back now i have dedicated to the farce. we walked toward my house in silence, my arm no longer around her shoulder we stood side by side as we passed brownstone houses on a worn down sidewalk. My house was on the corner and my mom should be at work. I pulled out my keys and looked at Tia her face wasn't as happy and springy as before. She wore black and white Adidas with some hello kitty socks. She wore a short navy blue skirt that showed her thick and firm thighs and a simple white t-shirt with the Message on the front saying "i'm the baddest bitch". Sometimes when i think about it, that message doesn't represent her at all. Tia was always with the gang for as long as i can remember, she is more like the scout for our group. She is good at blending in with a crowd, and getting information. I had always found her mysterious but when she noticed I was thinking she quickly distracted me with information i was interested in.

         Looking at her as we walk to my house i thought about our relationship and how amazing it was. Tia had a lot going on with herself and even though she never shared it with me, i always felt our bond was clear. She is my friend, without a word or an expression i would hold her at times and remind her ill be there for her. i would usually hold her until she is not tense anymore, or makes a really corny joke. I know she is fine once she makes that "im at peace for now face" or when i can feel it. She noticed i was looking at her, her curiosity had changed with her facial expression. "What?" her lips pressed together and she placed her hands on her hips like a parent waiting for the child's excuse. I smile as innocent as i could while restraining a smile, i know she is probably anticipating would my thoughts are but, i doubt she can guess properly. I grabbed her hand "lets go home". She smiled lightly, and we walked up the steps to my house that had way too many leaves and dust on them. i pulled out my keys, slid them into the fading red door's keyhole, turned the copper nob and went through the door expecting for my mom to be home.

I call out "i'm home and Tia is with me" soundless nothing responded to my statement as we took off our shoes. "she must be at work" Tia nodded, "Well for as long as i have known you she has always been a hard worker" Tia said.  "Well her being around would be nice" Tia grabbed my hand as we went upstairs, "you know i'm here for you". As we went up the old creaky stairs,i'm hoping that the wood doesn't go out. After we made it pass the stairs i let out a little breath of relief, it scares me that maybe one day i will fall and no one would be able to help me until its too late. She continued to lead me to my room, and its weird its the first time in a while that i seen her so excited. I guess she couldn't wait to get the scoop on what happened between me and Hassan. We sat on the bed and she looked at me,her face was so bright she was glowing. She gave me a hug and squeezed really hard, her strawberry perfume smelled really sweet before she pulled away. "there is something i have to do is it OK?" i looked at Tia "what do you need to do?". She smiled nervously, "do you trust me?" , i stared at her for a moment there isn't a person i trust more. "yes."

      She took her hands and placed them over my eyelids and closed them. "what ever happens don't open your eyes and don't move for 2 min OK?" I'm not going to lie we haven't done anything like this before and i don't know what she is up to, but i trust her. so i got comfortable "ok, i'm ready" and prepared for the worst. Her hands slid from my eyelids to my cheeks she lightly touched under my jaw to the tip of my chin. Her thumbs caressed the area around my mouth, her hands completely on my face i felt something soft touch my lips. i didn't even had to promise her i would be still i was completely paralyzed. what i felt was lips hers kissing me softly at first and then gradually get more and more aggressive. A light moan escaped from me, i'm not into girls, but this doesn't Feel wrong. i wanted to push her off me but, my body embraced her instead. together we lay on my bed i open my eyes only to see those beautiful eyes staring back at me. She kisses me again, i let her as i lips touched i felt something she interlocked her fingers in mine and then she told me to open my eyes. A feeling that felt familiar suddenly blast into my world.

     "she has been like this for days, in and out of consciousnesses" i think that voice was Mr Ramus. when i tried to open my eyes it was all blurry my body was hot and heavy. It felt like life itself had more weight than i had strength i could barely move a muscle. Blurred faces looked toward my direction i could sense the fear even though i cant see them properly. I know they can sense my confusion, i don't know whats going on. "She is slipping into the past again i can feel some of her memories she seems stronger than before." Then the voices became like my vision, then they blended into black....

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