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I'm a murderer, the worst these worlds will see.

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I am knocking around a campaign idea involving a serial killer.  I've been trying to post about this for a few days, but keep deleting it, because I start with one thought, and then move to another and another, and then question my thoughts.  So I am just going to give bullet points about my thoughts... then yall can give me your opinion.

1.  Modern setting, but with a twist.  Classes are the same, but in a modern way.
2.  Multiple settings... large and small cities, towns, countrysides...
3.  Everyone creates their characters, but then role the dice for they're characters role in the game.  Are you a victim?  Are you an investigator?  Are you a vengeful relative set on revenge?  Are you the psycho?
4.  Once you receive the role, you are free to play it whatever way you see fit.  

Think of it as a murder mystery novel come to life.  Clue, without the board and dice and Colonel Mustard

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That sounds interesting.

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I call dibs on psycho!!!!!
And I Liked Col Mustard

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I wouldnt mind trying it. But it seems like a lot of work will need to go into it. I would do the investigator.

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Look into White Wolf's World of Darkness RP system. It lends itself this sort of game. If you can't use WoD maybe it can give you inspiration.

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