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Day of the Dragon King!!! What did you think?

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1 Day of the Dragon King!!! What did you think? on Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:19 pm

So here are the DM's takes on the epic adventures of yesterday!

First a quick summary:
Judge began 'making friends' right away, and everyone else followed suit and we had a party before I knew it!

Then, Jury began doing the random thing of messing with everyone and plotting to kill other pcs (which I am glad didn't actually happen, lol).
When we got to the dungeon, everyone went the easiest and most direct way to the boss, which I wasn't expecting, and our party's wolfman (who in other games has characters that are always killed by dragons) did a lot of damage to the two dragons we fought, including the dragon king, and survived both encounters!  
(Although afterwards I might note that Judge thought about backwards healing him to keep all of the treasure for him and Jury; glad we didn't go on from there. Razz)

Mason, the lovestruck was a first time d & d player, and he had an absolutely wonderful time!  He finally started hitting the dragons as well as critical hitting the high-lvled npc I didn't want anyone to fight, really, but I also expected people to shoot at, lol.

As a DM who hadn't played d & d for more than 3 years, and who hadn't seen some of my friends from my "other college" for that long as well, I have to say the day was so wonderful.  All the work I put into it paid off, and although I was shaky on some things, the story, and the twist at the end were as epic, and the battle music as fun and well-received as I had hoped for and more!!!  So I just want to thank you guys for being there to hang out with me!  I had an incredible Saturday!  I will definitely try to come down on a Tuesday night sometime soon, to play and see the friends I missed as well.

-Dragon_Lady <3

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It was a thoroughly enjoyable game. It was fun, and though I wasn't feeling the whole attack the Dragon King at that point, it was still a fun battle. Honestly, I thought we were going to continue on without Random, but it was a good thing we didn't. He was the biggest of the damage dealers, where I was the tank. I do look forward to playing again. Just give the word and I shall join.

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Wow, random plotting to kill Pc's and is also the biggest damage dealer?!? that is soo out of his did he do?

Tony the tank is common, no biggy....Why not try another archetype...haa

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I'm not always a tank. Juan/Ryoku only has a lot of HP but can easily be hit. I think Paul was a cross between a damage and tank. Most of my characters before that were Druids that Lian stabbed. Since this isn't WoW, I was more the healer in those cases.

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he was being sarcastic tony.

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