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1 CnC Pandora on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:09 pm

Pandora - Girls who have been genetically modified to be able to utilize Stigmata, which endow them with incredible speed and strength. Their stories revolves around the invasion of Earth by an extraterrestrial force called the Nova, and a special force of genetically engineered young women called Pandora’s who combat them using, stigmata. Stigma is a special tissue created by reverse engineering from Nova cell cultures, which gives superhuman powers to Pandora’s. Usually these tissues are implanted into the user's back, but some individuals, possess a high quantity of Stigmata tissue inside their bodies, giving them special abilities beyond the norm. This is known as a Stigmata Body. Because Stigmata came from the Nova, there is a chance it can take over its user and turn them into a Nova as well. Nova Forms are Pandora/Nova human hybrids as a result of a Pandora's Stigmata going berserk, infecting and turning its host into one, or if a Pandora is assimilated by a Nova and infected with a Nova Stigmata. Nova Forms are dangerous foes due to the fact the Pandora has have no control over their bodies and are acting on their Nova instincts. Not only do they possess both skills of Pandora’s and Novas (Nova-like armor, the ability to perform High-End Skills), but also new skills like turning their arms into weapons and the ability to fire a high-powered energy beam. Nova Forms are the reason why there is a limit on how many Stigmata’s can be implanted into a Pandora to reduce the risk of going berserk. Their existences was a highly-kept secret. They are no longer fully human.


Strength: +2
Dexterity: +2
Charisma: -2

Pandora Mode
-A powered-up form used by Pandora’s Pandora Mode takes form of a powered armored suit, the Pandora have physical changes (silvery-white hair, yellow eyes, and blue rings around their wrists and ankles) they gain plus 2 to strength and plus 1 dmg per turn form that they are using. Despite the visual differences, in both versions Pandora’s in Pandora Mode gain increased strength and power. The Pandora's Volt Weapon also gains an upgrade while in this state, turning it into a Nova Weapon that is powerful enough to defeat Creatures that pose a threat. In addition, Pandora’s are forbidden to use Pandora Mode other than in actual combat or unless they are in danger. Despite its advantages, the downside of Pandora Mode is that Pandora’s can only maintain it for three minutes and once the time limit is over, the Pandora will return to her normal but in a severely weakened state, which leaves her vulnerable to attacks.
The Pandora can enter Pandora mode equal to her level plus her con modifier/day for a number of rounds equal to her wisdom modifier.

Volt Weapon- Pandora’s are capable of materializing their own unique weapons called Volt Weapons. Made with a special material called Volt Texture, which is activated through their Stigmata. The Volt Texture heightens and improves a Pandora's senses such as hearing and eyesight (plus 2 to spot listen and search), and allows them to make quick clothing changes or repair any damaged clothes. Does not need Pandora mode.

Accel Turn- is One of the three Major Skills, which increases a Pandora's speed, allowing for quick evasive maneuvers and high-speed attacks (available at level 3 increases dex modifier by 2). Variations include Double Accel (available at level 5 increases dex modifier by 4) with and without intervals (Small breaks of 1 round before you can go to the next level uses standard action), Triple Accel, (level 7 increases dex modifier by 6) and Quadruple Accel (level 9 increases dex modifier by 8 , which are used by higher-level Pandora’s. Some weaknesses for the Accel Turn is that the Pandora is left open for counterattack if she is not quick enough and the lag time between turns (must make a dex check of her level + Dex modifier modified for the Accel or remain in that accel turn)
Tempest Turn- A major Skill, which allows a Pandora to create four copies of herself and attack simultaneously from all angles (Level 12).
Illusion Turn- A major Skill which increases a Pandora's speed further than Accel Turn, giving the impression that she instantly teleports from one point to another. (Level 16) all turns can only be used in Pandora mode
Wings of Light (Hikari no Tsubasa)- A rare power displayed by very few Pandora that enhances the Pandora's abilities (effects left up to GM or something that can be talked about). By unlocking the "Holy Gates" in their Stigmata, they draw out more of their potential increasing their healing rate, and can be used to heal others (Must be RP to achieve, it can happen at anytime).

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2 Re: CnC Pandora on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:13 pm

It's so funny that I've never seen this post. Even funnier that I read Freezing years ago and would have thought the idea of a Pandora would have been cool.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

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