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The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info

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Sessions Twenty-One and Session Twenty-Two

Li Shen, Sewer Ninja, placed the bundle of weeds before the strange stone slab.  To his right stood the mercenary Silverkin clutching the Queen’s Pendant and to his left stood Xavros.  The latter held in his hands the book given to the by Queen Nivia herself.  He read the words with a practiced cadence each syllable seeming to vibrate off of the walls.  The sewer ninja watch everything with an eye for detail.  The stone slab was covered in what looked like elven symbols as was the small bit of text he noticed when examining the pendant.  Heat was gradually building from the pendant, heat denoted energy.  Xavros’ words seemed like a chanted prayer, the words were in common yet the sentence structure was exotic.  The bundle at his feet smoldered and burst into flames releasing a not unpleasant incense.  It all seemed like a burial ritual.

The three had been collected by Shandee, possibly the strongest mind that Li had ever encountered, and brought before the Queen of UnderChipan in secret.  Hand chosen by the last living De Thymes royal they were given a mission to deliver flowers to a stone in the center of a massive graveyard and speak words from an ancient book.  Li didn’t need a superior mind to recognize the ritual power gathering around him.  He glanced at the pendant and wondered whether its power could be harnessed to help him find Megumi.

Blackguard Corporation Building, Subbasement U

Soaking wet the party of Bus 15 and their allies ventured into the dark and seemingly deserted laboratory.  They were in search of Dr. Martin Lockheed, former Orion Organization project designer and possibly the last hope for the success of the resistance.  Finding him was paramount to Queen Nivia’s plans to unite the people against The Black Lord of Magic.  He was believed to have been working on a way to get Hive Queen and stop her pogrom of extermination.  Barring that they had to find his notes which meant scouring the facility for anything that might pertain to his Guyver research.

Finding Lab A revealed much about the nature of Subbasement U and much about Dr. Lockheed.  View screens displayed pages of notes written in an unfamiliar language which would be eventually determined as Dwarven.  They spoke of the capture of Guyver and their experimentation.  Lockheed needed active Biomech warriors for his test and had been fairly successful in collecting specimens.  Such a specimen sat sedated and restrained in the lab but as the party explored it activated.  Subject I was less sleek than the Hunter-class Guyver that greeted the group on their arrival and far less muscular.  Even his sharp teeth made him seem different even as he bore the same basic Guyver design.

It wasn’t until Persons tore a medical panel off of a wall, disrupting a power conduit in the process, that Subject I and the hidden lab rats of Lab A became free to fall upon the party.  These shambling Guyver fought differently from their surface side brethren.  They grabbed and clawed like zombies on only used their combat firepower as last resorts.  They were fairly easy to dispatch for Persons, Mordrllyn and Veshere.  Subject I was another story.  Able to manifest its limbs using wiring in the walls and ceiling it attacked the party from the safety of its lab space.  Masaru, calling on power of The Frozen Mountain, and the elven werewolf Mordrllyn defeated the monster but not before its crystal beam severely damaged the ceiling.  As water began to trickle in Ghomo used his eldritch power to attempt a repair.  Lem and Persons stayed with him while the others heeded his order to run.

Frightened by the thought of water drowning them in the subbasement two hundred feet under water the party was unprepared for the parlor they entered.  Vivian, The Magi, stumbled as her feet stuck to gossamer cables on the ground.  She called out for help even as the cables greedily siphoned energy from her body.  Liona had given her a high threshold thus she was able to withstand the influx of fatigue.  Dryden, and Vashere dropped back to help her even as light flared above.  The light was not salvation however, it was the circuitry of advancing clockwork spiders.  On the wings of fighting the Zuyver the party was beset by mechanical arachnids.  Vashere proved invaluable in the combat that ensued even as Renault and The Magi’s energy based weaponry proved ineffective.  The spiders appeared to be immune to energy attacks and capable of draining their victims of energy using their wispy copper cabling.  The party salvaged what they could from the arachnids in hopes of bartering in the UnderChipan economy.

They found a map in what was once a reception area for the observatory that was Subbasement U.  The Blackguard Corporation had once used the level as a lab/exhibit.  Most of their documentation was in dwarven but Ghomo and Lem managed to decipher a bit of the script.  It seemed that after the war the facility was abandoned to crumble under the weight of its rubble until Dr. Lockheed repurposed the lower level.  Most of the old Blackguard hard drives had been wiped and replaced with the wily doctor’s data.  He left things in the original dwarven dialect but his writings flooded the servers.  Certain data repeated itself.  Specifically a passage that:

Sparkling like Diamonds on a velvet throw
In a sea of freezing cold where the River of the Gods flow
From nothing was born the water cloaked magma eye
On and on we spin, destined to die

The pitter patter of little feet heralded the attack of yet another of the lab’s dangers.  Short clockwork men protected by massive hard hats confronted the party of Bus 15 in the hall.  It proved easy enough to dispatch the attackers for though their helmets were heavily armored their bodies were fairly fragile.  The party made their way deeper into the complex until they came upon a larger unit of little robots.  What started as another confrontation turned into a parley and soon the party was able to gain information on the elusive doctor.  The spiders were specially designed to detain and incapacitate Guyver though they seemed eager to attack anything that touched their conductive webbing.  The doctor used the spiders to capture his test subjects up until Project Big-Eye malfunctioned.  When asked what was project Big-Eye it was shared that Big-Eye was a weapons project designed by lockheed as a Guyver deterrent.  The test subject had gone berserk along with 8 machines designed to be the commanders of the doctor’s mechanical forces.  The others stole vital and rare pieces of the doctor’s vast library of unique weapons.  Big-Eye settled for destroying his lab space and trapping the doctor beyond.  The Hardhats had not seen or heard from Dr. Lockheed in over a year.

UnderChipan, Castle Mansion

Silverkin and Li Shen lay badly wounded their blood covered the throne room.  Xavros had managed to defeat the mad Guyver construct with nary a scratch.  The creature was strange, more mindless brute than terminator, continuously spouting old religious elven quotes as it relentlessly attacked.  They’d managed to return to the queen with her pendant.  She promised them rest and recuperation but Xavros wanted none of that.  A side mission with the mercenary and sewer ninja taught him a harsh lesson on teamwork and his partner, the cursed ninja, was somewhere searching for the lost doctor.  The thief graciously declined The Queen’s hospitality and insisted that he be allowed to join his friends.  With the pendant in hand she gladly accomodated...

Sub-Basement U

Determined to get to the doctor and interested in testing out Big-Eye to gauge whether they should hunt down the other robot bosses the party of Bus 15 prepared to enter Big-Eye’s lab space.  It was while discussing plans and securing weapons that their came a bright blue light.  It flashed in with it came a great rending vortex.  Violent and strong it grabbed and pulled with the strength of an enraged giant, then like a magician’s flash powder it was gone.  Where once had stood Renault, Veshere, and Persons now shivered Xavros jarred by the teleportation.  Once he could talk he shared the fate of those that made their way to the huge cemetery and was briefed in turn.  With the new party ready they made their way to BIg-Eye’s lab careful to avoid the predatory clockwork spiders.

They entered the lab and were immediately bombarded by a beam of superhot red energy.  The battle against Big-Eye had begun…

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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27 Re: The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:32 am

Session Twenty-Four- The Taming of Big-Eye

Xavros knew there was no way to keep up with Dryden who moved like he was the wind itself but he tried. He ran until the darkness proved too thick and impenetrable. He stopped, happy to catch his breath and let the burn work its way through his legs. From one of his many hidden pockets he drew a playing card, even in the dark he knew it was a Jack of Diamonds. The old con artist that taught him how to play cards always said a good gambler made his own luck… and marked his cards in a unique way. He concentrated on the card and that thing at his core that acted as the seat of his power. He could sense the newer power, ‘The Blue’ he liked to call it, but he ignored it for the moment. The design of the playing card began to glow purple and slowly bathed the area around him in soft violet light.

At his feet was a bundle of gossamer cables and ruined clockwork. There were six such bundles, all with the telltale sign of the clockwork spiders. Not interested in being caught in a spider’s web he ran in the direction he hoped Dryden had gone. He found the cursed ninja perched atop a pile of oversized hard hats like a waiting carrion bird. He shielded his eyes as the light interrupted his unique night vision.

“What took you so long?” asked the apprentice of Cether Cos.

“I needed to pick a card.” replied the gambler. He looked around and counted more of the cog and clockwork bundles. These were different, they had thin lines of webbing connecting them to the vast cobweb that dominated the Sub-basement ceiling. He stretched to relieve a bit of muscle tension and his had touched one such line with the barest of pressure. Dryden looked ceiling ward and shook his head. The webs around them began to dance with movement even as he gave Xavros a look of disappointment.

“Company.” stated the cursed ninja before disappearing into the darkness. Xavros didn’t hesitate to follow but even so he lost sight of him almost instantly. He charged up stairs littered with the remains of the mechanical spiders’ diet. The light bulb thorax of the predatory machines flared to life as he approached. Large and small clockwork arachnids awakened and began to converge on the the thief from a world 50 years gone. He ran, pushing himself to his limit even as a massive spider interposed itself between him and the door. He extended his titanium pole, always concealed somewhere on his person, and pole vaulted over the monster. Even as he shot through the doorway the portal was slammed shut by Dryden. The two locked the door and barricaded it as mechanical hunters pounded the solid door.

They found themselves in some sort of control room with a massive observatory window. Outside the massive Colossus know as Big-Eye battled The Heroes of The Kingdom and their minions.

Masaru and Mordrllyn charged blindly into the dark hoping to engage the monster in close combat before it could bring its laser beam to bare once more. Its initial blast pierced the inky blackness of its lair and left Ghomo clinging to life. If it wasn’t for an innate toughness and his magic the sorcerer surely would have perished. In almost total darkness the samurai hoped to rely on his ability to sense energies and the elf clung to his superhuman senses. They got to the monster’s rear as it was assailed by a barrage of ranged attacks, The Magi managing to score a few powerful hits. Yet as the beast hurled pieces of masonry and artificial terrain at the party it became clear that the lack of light was working against them. Calling on the power of Justice and her on deep energy reservoir The Magi created an arrow of pure light and fired it at the cyclops's feet. The ensuing explosion dispelled much of the darkness in the room. Enraged by the sudden appearance illumination the monster tossed projectile after projectile causing many to take cover.

Ghomo was wounded but he would live if he was careful and kept his companions alive. He peeked around the slab of stone that acted as his cover and studied his foe. The Cyclops was 60’ tall with stitched green flesh and massive fist. It haphazardly wore a tattered loin cloth and little else except for a chrome helmet that covered his face from the nose up. Its single eye was a massive red lens that seemed to act as a focus for its devastating beam. Its left hand was secured inside of a strange apparatus fastened to the wall. Beside it sat a large observatory window. he looked to the blasted artificial terrain that the creature used like a weapon upon the party of Bus 15 and deduced that though it was strong it could not easily break free of its room, it had obviously tried.

There came a bright blue light even as a shadow rushed toward him. He only had time to toss one spell and he chose offense instead of defense. The spell had no effect upon the woman that approached him even as Silverkin and Vashere appeared. Though confused about his allies’ return Ghomo only had eyes for the wild woman that introduced herself as Akira. She had been following them under order of Queen Nivia with the task of helping the heroes if the desperate need arose. She shoved 3 potions into the detective’s hands and rushed for the melee combat that she craved. Vashere and Silverkin took stock of the battle and the pain of transportation before joining in the fray where they were best suited.

Dryden shot the red fluid injector that Xavros had managed to damage but not break the other was destroyed and leaked a steaming liquid that solidified into a crystalline structure not unlike the mysterious Phantom Gems. The giant’s fist that clasped and unclasped within the room tensed as the remaining injectors pumped hot red mercury into its veins. The laser beam fired into the heroes battle the beast within the massive lab below. Nonplussed thief and ninja began to study the massive keyboard before them. Nether read dwarven and neither understood computers making their task nearly impossible. To complicate things the spiders were beginning to put small dents into the door.

Mordrllyn had taken a crippling blow from a hunk of stone and lay dazed as Masaru attacked the monsters lower hanging appendages. He was quickly joined by the wild girl, Akira. Together they began to hack into the monster with a relentless series of strikes from katana and bastard sword. Lem bombarded the monster with Breath Buster after Breath Buster and The Magi’s arrows were beginning to make the creatures chest look like a pincushion. Vashere The Brave scaled a wall hoping to make his way covertly to the observatory window. Ghomo healed who needed it and ducked whenever Silverkin released a salvo of rifle rounds. Angered the monster pounded the ground in front of him driving Masaru and Akira into the ensuing crater. It was there that the samurai touched The Sword of Legend.

On the highest peak in the world waits the most beautiful and deadly warrior in existence, and in her hands she wields the power of creation. She has no equal and is like a god in mortal flesh. Her wait is eternal for there is only one that can shake here from here immortal vigil. The wielder of the Number Two Sword the twin to her Number One. Only the wielder of the Number Two can kill her. Only the one that kills her can wield The Number One.

Masaru removed his hand from the blade reluctantly and watched the wild girl. She watched him in turn. He opened his mouth to speak and the beast roared. The two put aside the inevitable fight that must one day happen and turned their attention to the monster. The air around them was crisp as The Frozen Mountain had long been released. They both shivered in anticipation and again methodically cut into the monster. If either had stopped to observed they would recognize that he could learn from her freeform movements and she could learn from his discipline. Lem blasted the monster and it returned fire with a boulder of huge proportions.

Ryoku, hitherto forgotten, had finally reached the monsters neck and discovered a latch and button on the creature’s helmet. Hoping to distract it he pressed the button and watched as the helmet fell away revealing the monster’s mangled head and releasing an endless torrent of red energy. The helmet had kept the creature’s eye beam in check and without it the Cyclops swept the room from wall to wall with a devastating optic blast. A well placed Grease Spell stole the beast’s footing. Masaru tore at the giant’s legs as Akira plunged her blade into the monster’s chest.

At a loss the duo that assassinated the Tusken Raider’s shaman devised a plan worthy of their name, Reckless Gamble. Resigned to their course the two pressed every button on the five keyboard console as fast as they could… twice. The system unfamiliar with the command and thoroughly befuddled by their intent began to pump more and more of the steaming liquid into the Cyclops’s veins, intensifying it beam and causing the party more trouble. They then prepared a metal table as a barricade as the door would barely hold for much longer. Dryden/Reckless produced a handful of pistol rounds and handed them to his partner. Xavros/Gamble gave the ordinance a full dose of his power and tossed the charged ammo at the crystalline mass in the middle of the room.

The observatory window, tempered glass that had resisted the giant’s fist and the force of his optic blast, exploded outward in a shower of glass and computer parts. A blackened figure crashed to the ground in its wake. Spiders began to gather at the window once the door was reduced to slag. Their vanguard had been decimated but Dr. Lockheed had created dozens and those had created more. Knowing that Xavros and Dryden had gone to that room and assuming that the burnt body belong to the thief, Masaru called on the ice of the mountain to aid him as he ran up the wall and to the observatory. He stopped long enough to distract the spiders before grabbing the black mass he assumed was Dryden and diving down. All the while the Cyclops screamed as red energy poured from its eye. It could not comprehend the nature of the red discoloration that rode up his arm and infused his neck and as such could never understand why his head exploded. The blast tossed Ryoku like a smoking ragdoll but the party proved victorious. As the Magi’s light faded they began to regroup.

That is when the far wall opened and a hardhat beckoned them to come.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXV- The Rescue of Dr. Lockheed

With Big-Eye defeated the group carried their wounded to the beckoning clockwork construct. The little misshapen mechanical man introduced himself as Eye-Gor and admitted to being Dr. Lockheed’s personal assistant. The tired heroes inquired about the man they had set out to find. Eye-gor assured them that they would see the doctor soon and hobbled off. With no other real options they followed. The construct led them down long dark passages and abandoned lab spaces. It was almost thirty minutes before their winding and somewhat dangerous journey finally brought them to a room occupied by something other than the old ghost of The Blackguard Corporation.

“Dr. Lockheed?” called Mordrllyn. His tribe had joined UnderChipan after the doctor’s disappearance so could not be sure that the wizened scientist with his back to the party was who they were looking for. I small growl rumbled in his chest. Though he could not connect it to a source, his senses screamed danger.

“What is it, Eye-gor, I’m busy? What? They made it passed Big-Eye? Don’t be absurd that is impossible. Go decommission yourself immediately.” The man that turned to assess the party was an old gnarled twig of a man with wild gray hair and a sinister mustache of the same hue. One eye had been removed from its socket, scars implying that the act was violent in nature. The other rolled around as if attempting to study everything at once. His original look of annoyance was replaced by a look of confusion. “Who are you? How did you get here?” Angrily he reached for something under his desk.

“Dr. Lockheed, we were sent here by The Queen to fetch you and your research.” bellowed Masaru impatiently. The doctor froze.

“Which Queen!?” asked the old scientist carefully.

“The Queen of Chipan, Queen Nivia De Thymes.”

“Yes, Queen Nivia.” The old man look around the lab with his disturbing eye and finally settled on his work console. “I have no time to talk stranger, I have work to do.” he lowered his voice conspiratorially. “I’m working on a way to deal with that pretender Orion One. There is only one Queen!” The doctor laughed heartily.

The heroes of Bus 15 looked to one another. This was the resistance last great hope, a mad man trapped in his own deluded world? Ghomo placed Xavros’ charred body against a bare wall and the others followed suit. Dryden and the thief were near dead and with little to no healing would probably not survive the trip back. Vashere The Brave had seen worse days. Leaving Silverkin to watch the bodies the detective, The Magi, Mordrllyn, and Lem went to speak to Lockheed. Masaru and Akira regarded each other. The call of the Number Two sword was hard to ignore.

“Dr. Martin Lockheed, we are here to take you back to UnderChipan.” said Ghomo very slow and loudly.

“No, good. Can’t go, stranger. I’m working on a way to deal with the pretender-”

“Yes, this Orion One who I have to assume is The Hive Queen-”

“Hive Queen? Yes that is the name it goes by now.” The old man look away from the console as if seeing far away and long ago. “When I programmed it he was called Orion One… I’ve been working on a way to deal with her for Queen Nivia.”

“Precisely. We were sent to collect you and your research.” said the detective with a sinking feeling.

“Can’t, trapped. Big-Eye has gone berserk and trapped me in my lab.” The doctor turned back to his console. “As long as Big-Eye is out there we won’t be leaving.”

“We have dealt with the Cyclops, as your little mechanical man said.” said The Magi.

“Eye-gor! Put yourself back together and find me items k12 and gt8!.” Doctor Martin Lockheed turned away from his work. “Who are you? How did you get here?”

Mordrllyn growled as the cycle began itself anew.

After finally convincing the mad doctor to at least check to see whether their claims of defeating Big-Eye were true the party managed to get the old man to provide what help he could in reviving their companions. What he produced was an injection that resuscitated Dryden without healing his wounds. The excruciating pain was enough to convince them to let the doctor pack and try other means to help Xavors and Vashere. Assured that it would take Lockheed a few hours to prepare to travel the others slept while the wolfman stood watch. The shapeshifter shook his head as the doctor had his assistant deconstruct and reconstruct multiple times. Then suddenly there came a klaxon of alarmingly loud gongs and whistles. Startled the party jumped up ready to defend themselves. The doctor seemed unfazed. Eye-gor explained that it was only the old man’s alarm. The Doctor only slept for 3 and a half hours at a time. The unchecked brain activity acted as a beacon for the Guyver. In UnderChipan Shandee shielded the residents from The Hive Queen’s hunter-class constructs but outside of that Nephilim protected bastion one had to find other ways of hiding. Though the doctor had only been missing for a year he had given up on a full night’s rest long ago. That tidbit of knowledge sent the wheels spinning and The Magi felt confident enough to use the Judge’s Ring to attempt to heal Reckless Gamble.

Once Dr. Lockheed was packed and the party was as rest as could be expected with only 3 hours of sleep, the mad doctor activated his control panel. His console proved to be the cockpit control for a steaming flying saucer. With Eye-gor hastily limping in his wake the doctor sped off for UnderChipan leaving The Heroes of The Kingdom to return as best as they could.


Queen Nivia De Thymes was overjoyed. For the first time in years she was willing to believe that the resistance was making progress. Shandee was also very pleased at with the party and when she detected Ryoku’s desire to again attempt to meet with her she gladly thought yes. Regent Deacon was a different matter altogether. He was obviously agitated though he was not forthcoming with his reasons why.

“My Queen, we have returned with Dr. Lockheed.” said Masaru. He looked to his beaten and broken compatriots. “He is not with us but his vehicle was left with the burning gatekeeper.” Shandee looked distant as her mind searched the minds of all of UnderChipan.

“He is at Umma’s enjoying his third pint of lager.” she informed the Queen.

“Heroes, you have exceeded my expectations!” the Queen said, having to exert a bit of effort to rein in her excitement. “You’ve found Dr. Lockheed who’s research should give us the ability to finally stand up to the mechanical tyrant determined to wipe us out. While you did that, a small group was able to recharge an item I feared beyond repair. The Lens of Rrynll will help in our goals once The Hive Queen is defeated.” She looked and let her regret show. “Your companion, Li Shen was unable to recover from his wounds sustained during the acquisition of the pendant. I am very sorry and his sacrificed will be remembered as integral to our defeat of The Ender.

Mordrllyn, Akira, you too have exceeded expectations. You protected our heroes and proved yourselves worthy. If the rings were not lost to me I would name you and Shandee the heroes of this age. Please accept my thanks and know that you are important to me and to North Westing.”

“And us, My Queen” asked Dryden, trained to always look for the advantage. It was Reagent Deacon that answered.

“Let us not overwhelm the queen. Go to the inn and rest on The Kingdom’s dime and when we have discussed a suitable reward I will send for you.” He gestured to the party to leave and reluctantly they departed.

It was outside that Vashere took his leave to find his brother and Mordrllyn left in search of his people. Akira took the opportunity to challenge Masaru to an unarmed duel. Happy for an opportunity to regroup the party spent the night free of the threat of attack.

Mordrllyn was greeted with pride by the pack whose honor he upheld.
Lem returned with gifts to his Herbalism Master.
Ryoku finally spent a bit of time with Shandee.
Ghomo and Xavros officiated over a duel.
Akira realized that in calculating her match against Masaru
Mistakes were made.

The party and UnderChipan rested easy as an end to The Hve Queen’s oppression was in sight. With the help of The Heroes of the Kingdom the Guyvers could finally be defeated and then The Resistance could join forces and mount an offensive against The Black Lord of Magic. Small parties sprang up that night as joy found its way into the hidden city for the first time in a very long time.

That morning messengers from The Courier Corps were sent throughout UnderChipan to collect The Heroes of The Kingdom past and present. Akira, The Wild Girl. Mordrllyn, The Beast. Vashere The Brave, The Undaunted. Together the party met outside of the city at the feet of Archon. Waiting for them was Regent Lord Yuri Deacon and his constant companion Yintaff.

“Lord Regent, what is the reason for this early wake-up call?” asked Ghomo, still wiping sleep from his eyes.

“For reasons beyond our comprehending The Queen has instructed me, of all people, to take you somewhere secret. It seems i am the only one she trust with this task.” The regent adjusted his travel attire and scratched his Nephilim under the chin. ‘Unless you intend to question The Queen let’s just gather our gear and be done with this.”

With that The Regent secured his small pack and began the long march. They traveled for a few hours stopping at constant intervals to watch the skies for hunting Guyvers. The party followed in silence curious about where they were being led but knowing that the regent would be less than accommodating. When they finally stopped they had traveled a good portion of the old Palisade River and needed to scale its side. With the assistance of his Nephilim the ascent was easy for the regent. The party pooled their resources and skills to get up to the top without incident.

Their destination was a massive crater stained by the red light of The Nightmare Moon. On their return to UnderChipan they witnessed the satellite drawn away at the behest of its master. The crater was bare save for a pillar of crystal at the center that looked a lot like a huge phantom gem. The regent led the party directly to the obelisk.

“It’s funny. When you first arrived I feared that you would ruin all of our plans.” He turned his back to the party and began to pace. “Then she sent you to find the doctor and I was sure you would die in the effort. Imagine my annoyance that you came back with madman.”

As he spoke, six figures appeared on the edges of the crater. They were garbed in white bodysuits and white scarves. The regent turned to speak and met the blade of Dryden Cether Cos, The Cursed Ninja. The party spread out, prepared for combat. The regent spun away from the blood stained dagger, faster and faster until he was like a vortex. When he stopped his features were different, sharper and more feminine while harsher and cruel.

“Hello, Dryden.” she said in a voice laced with violent intent.

“Hello, Aunty” replied the hard faced woman. She reached into her clothes and drew a pair of fighting claws.

“It has been a very long time, Dryden.” As she took a fighting stance the still air was split by the echoing shout of Gremlin Bomb.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXVI: Whirlwind and The Dirty Thirty

Where the sky ends above the world of Urth and the Sea of the Gods begins sits a tower. The monks of The Universal Scrolls watch the events of man and the acts of the gods. They record and transcribe and all that transpires for The Universal Scrolls will always contain the history of existence. The records of The Battle of Moon Crater speak of a fantastic battle between The Heroes of The Kingdom torn from their place in time to save the year 40XX+50 and the imposter Davakyn of The Hidden Village of The Black Sun. The scrolls talk of the fall of heroes and the power of the Nephilim. They talked about the power of a thief that might one day become more.

The cry Gremlin Bomb split the heavens in in its wake a thunderclap.

One moment the party was standing with Regent Lord Yuri Deacon and the next they were under fire by six members of The Gremlin Attack Squad Cyber Force 30. Akira and Ryoku reacted fast enough to protect the Squads initial targets Masaru and Vashere The Brave. The regent proved to be an imposter and the woman wearing his face, Davakyn, had hired the mercenary unit to eliminate The Heroes of The Kingdom. Suddenly the battle was joined.

Seasoned from fighting Dr. Pepas, Tuskan Raiders, soldiers of The Kitchen Army, and Hunter-class Guyvers the heroes were prepared for a confrontation. With flips and leaps the Gremlin Attack Squad engaged the party with extreme skill and permission.

“I see your skill has grown quite a bit since the day we met, boy.” For Dryden it had been a mere Three years since he’d seen the Kunoichi but for her 57 years had touched her skin. Even so she looked barely over 40, if the stories of Cether Cos were to be believed his master was also far older than she seemed. “If you are anything like her, your weakness will always be your allies… I think I’ll make you watch them die.”

She was suddenly gone in a puff of smoke. Dryden watched with senses trained by arguably the greatest ninja to ever live and could barely follow her movements. She didn’t move like the wind, she was the wind. She struck Vashere even as he stumbled back from a flying Gremlin Kick. Her claw went through his chest and she spun away like a blur. Most couldn’t register her movement until Vashere dropped in a puddle of his own blood. Kaze no Geijutsu. Dryden cursed under his breath. She was right, he couldn’t just leave his friends to die even though all of his training told him that he was out matched.

To the party’s chagrin The Cyber Force 30’s defensive prowess proved impressive. Flipping and dodging left the Gremlin Attack Squad nearly untouched until Lem let loose with a powerful Breath Buster that left Number Six smoking and wounded. As the entire squad’s attention was drawn Nautilus entangled Number Two. The following four man Gremlin Bomb hit Lem as he fled from the center of the fray. The assault left him flat and near death. The sentai force struck heroic poses and drew their weapons. They played a sudden rift and an explosion rocked the distant ruins of old Chipan. The the rubble emerged a giant Mecha Gremlin Attack Squad Warrior. The machine began its march toward the battlefield and the party realized just how dangerous their circumstances were.

The beast Mordrllyn tore the entrails free of Number Six even as Persons broke the neck of the restrained Number Two. Combat ebbed and flowed as a Giant mechanical warrior slowly marched through the ruins of the red city.

Dryden drifted across the field of battle like a shadow applying his blade whenever possible and each time he glanced in her direction his predecessor winked. She called on the Kaze Jutsus to become a spinning cyclone even as Cyber Force 30 members Seven, Eight, and Nine joined the battle. As the confrontation raged Juan/Ryoku and Kosey attempted to communicate with Yintaf who had been frozen in stunned confusion from the beginning of the battle. The Nephilim could not understand what had happened to his Trainer, one moment there the next gone his psyche was reeling. A vortex of bladed edges cut through Persons, Ryoku, and Xavros leaving their clothing in tatters. Out of the deadly winds emerged the smug kunoichi. She smiled and an explosion rocked the field. blood, dust and pain ruled supreme.

Akira and Masaru showed the power of their blades as they cut into the powerful Sentai Squad mercs. The Frozen Mountain crippled a goblin warrior and the werewolf let his rage guide his teeth. The wild girl with the sword of legend claimed the life of two more enemies. Even so Davakyn was nearly untouched. Desperation began to get the best of the party. Ryoku reached out with the bond he’d developed with Shandee and called for help. Dryden called for help from a far closer entity hitherto underestimated. The Cursed Ninja’s Hero’s Ring began to glow and pulse. Led in part by that pulsing Dryden began to activate the other rings allowing the Heroes of The Kingdom to share power.

They all could see the massive sentai construct approaching but it was Lem who found the answer to the punchline that Davakyn continued to smirk about. As he neared the edge of the crater he caught sight of the unit of 21 black clad Gremlin Attack Squad Cyber Force 30 Elite creeping towards the combat. Always forthcoming with commentary, Lem found the words to warn the others stuck in his throat. As the white sentai were reduced to 3 the elite black sentai engaged.

Ultra Gremlin Bomb was the cry that sundered the heavens. The entire Cyber Force 30 had arrived and the party was in trouble.

Davakyn grinned at Dryden as he she set her sights on Ryoku. Juan was still growing accustomed to Ryoku’s body but in that moment when the ninja suddenly appeared at his back his mind hesitated but his reflexes were hypersensitive. The small Nephilim spun aside and the kunoichi's deathly touch found Cyber Force 30 Number Nineteen. The goblin dropped to the red ground dead and Xavros was struck with an idea. Besides his allies the thief was flanked by two black sentai members. He focussed calling on what energy he was willing to spare and forced his will upon Number Fourteen.

“She broke the contract.” he said, eyes swirling with purple light. “When she is done with us she will turn on you, strike her down before it is too late.” The warrior goblin stared at him through his combat helmet and for a moment tried to resist but in the end even without a ring the power of the hero swelled in Xavros’ veins. Number Fourteen drew a strange dagger and began to play it like a harmonica. The Gremlin Attack Squad Cyber Force 30 stopped and looked to Fourteen for details on his call to stand down.

It was during that armistice that Shandee fell upon the five warriors surrounding Silverkin. Her power was like a burning wind that tore the goblins to shreds and scorched those torn bits to ash. Silverkin flinched in panic as his opponents blew past as dust. Then she was before him in her full splendor. He backed away from her even as the enraged Cyber Force 30 hit her with a 19 warrior Gremlin Bomb. The shockwave dropped the cybernetic mercenary and destroyed buildings hundreds of yards away. Nothing could have survived that direct hit.

Capitalizing on the sudden distraction The party of Bus 15 charged Davakyn; all except Lem who hid near the lip of the crater, Akira who clung to the center gem pillar hoping to heal from the energies she’d felt from the stone throughout the fight, and Ryoku who ran to help the Nephilim he loved. It was Yintaf that hit her first burning everything around him. He was enraged like only a Nephilim who has lost his trainer could be. The air incinerated as it touched the creatures burning scales. He had be sent off the deep end, if the Divine Core could make a creature akin to an angel it could also create a demon. Scorched the kunoichi bisected the serpent in a single blow. She laughed in utter joy even as parts of her hair burned away.

“You managed to do what I could never hope to accomplish. You drew the great and powerful Shandee away from UnderChipan, away from Queen Nivia. I waited years in disguise but she never fully trusted me never let me close but even now my forces set to task.” She prepared to receive Masaru’s freezing blade as The Heroes of The Kingdom barreled towards her. “Shandee was the only thing staying my hand but I saw her weakness, I knew what had to be done. Her faith in your ragtag group will prove the resistance’s undoing.”

The area was suddenly bathed in bright purple light as Xavros overtook hi peers and collided with the ninja with a charged titanium pole powered by his soul and his blood. The ensuing explosion knocked Masaru unconscious and forever ended the career of the warrior Persons. Davakyn stumbled back smoking and blurry eyed but still laughing. Her devotion to her master was absolute. Even if she was somehow killed if she was able to slay Queen Nivia and with her any hopes of resisting The Ender she could accept that.

Lem roared Breath Buster and blasted the gem pillar at the center of the crater and its explosion incapacitated Akira. Ghomo felt the release of energy and called it to him to form into a spell that he knew would normally roll off of such a strong enemy and as he hoped he felt extra force pour through him. Davakyn resisted the sleep spell but not without experiencing a lingering grogginess. It was that clouding of her senses that allowed Dryden to strike. His blow hit her in the sweet spot and her life escaped through her lips in a gasp. She crumbled smoking and her nephew watched her die with joy.

Ryoku got to Silverkin and Shandee as the last of The Gremlin Attack Squad Cyber Force 30 was reduced to nothing. She winked at the smaller Nephilim who regarded her badly bruised form and with a flick of her wrist crushed the Mecha Goblin still a mile away like a can.


“I love you too, Juan.” she said to him, having read his mind. “We need to get to UnderChipan, The Queen is in danger” she said to the surviving heroes.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXVII- No Time to Mourn

Hansel Grubbin knew the truth of what was happening, the truth of the invasion, and ran for his life. He had been responsible for coordinating the smuggling of food stores into the tunnels, he’d seen the dozens of filthy and barbaric dwarves waiting in the darkness. Why hadn’t he told someone when the Regent approached him? Why hadn’t he refused? It was the silver, the fifteen small bars of silver that weighed his clothes down even as he searched for somewhere to hide. The lord regent had made him an outlandish promise and Grubbin was far too eager to believe. When the Guyver were finally defeated and the resistance needed able bodied men and women to fight The Ender she would thank him, Hansel Grubbin, for assisting in the housing and feeding of the Fraks Gruul Clan. When The Ender was defeated and a proper barter system was reestablished his silver would purchase a fortune.

Grubbin had been sleeping off a terrible hangover in a pile of rubble when he overheard the regent give the Fraks Gruul Clan shaman the order to attack as soon as The Protector of UnderChipan, the Nephilim Shandee left. His bowels turned to freezing water as he realized the implications. Even partially drunk he could calculate that over the years the Gruul had swelled to almost two hundred warriors, UnderChipan couldn’t bolster a force of that size. It would be a massacre, a massacre that Hansel played a part in. When he could he bolted.

Running as fast as his legs would carry he blew through the concerned citizens that attempted to bar his way and ask him questions. He paused outside of Sara’s Heavy Metals to catch his breath. They’d always referred to him as Hansel Grubbin, the town drunk, and ridiculed him whenever possible but these were his people and they were going to die. When he gave it honest thought he acknowledged that he would most likely die too. Even if he reached the outside it only meant death by The Guyver or some other horror that dwelled in the ruins of old Chipan. As he’d heard that wild girl that seemed to constantly pick fights with strangers say mistakes had been made.

Hansel gasped as Shandee streaked past him like a green and white angel of vengeance and even as she vanished out of sight there came an explosion from within the underground town. The door to the mechanic’s shop opened and the proprietor, Sara, rushed out. She locked eyes with the town drunk and ran to his side.

“What’s going on, Hansel.” she asked. He wanted to lie, he wanted to run away. He did neither.

“The Queen is going to die, we’re all going to die. The dwarves are going after Queen Nivia and there are too many to stop them. Take your boys and run.” He looked away. “Run if you know what’s good for you.”

Before she could respond he ran for the exit. Maybe he could get out of Chipan and find refuge somewhere. Maybe he could barter his silver for a nice tombstone…

Aftermath of The Battle of Moon Crater

Ghomo scanned the battlefield and felt a sense of accomplishment. The people of this bleak timeline call him a hero, one of The Heroes of The Kingdom, but for what? Catching Princess Nivia after The Ender Reborn was finished with her and casted her away? Getting lost in the quarter that time forgot and then promptly getting sucked through time? Finding the ad Dr. Lockheed? They hadn’t done anything truly heroic… yet looking down at what was left of The Cyber Force 30 and the imposter he couldn’t help but feel like a hero. His lightly pulsing Hero’s Ring might have also played a part in that feeling.

Silverkin was leveled by splash damage from a massive Gremlin Bomb. Masaru was pounded by Xavros’ ultimate attack. Akira had been caught in the explosive destruction of the Phantom Gem pillar. Persons and Vashere the Brave both lay dead. Five allies down and UnderChipan still needed to saving. He watched as Xavros and Dryden hastily looted the bodies and Mordrllyn collected the party’s wounded and dead. The others secured their gear and prepared to depart. Five days in the future, three nights in the old Residential Quarter… Ghomo could barely remember what it felt like to rest in his old bed. His thoughts went to his apartment on Glass Street, his office on The Boulevard of Thought and the mysterious dark man that tried to take it all away from him.

Kosey examined the remains of the flaming serpent Yintaff, reduced to two inert halves by Davakyn’s attack. The flames had burned out and even the spastic twitching of the creature’s death throes had stopped. He had been about to give up when his hands felt something warm and magnificent. He thought back to his days studying to become a trainer and a word came to him unbidden, Divine Core. It was said to have something to do with Capture Cubes. He asked his Nephilim, Nautilus, about the core and the creature became suspicious. This piqued his interest but he knew that it was neither the time or the place. It was when Ghomo suggested that one of the pair eat the ‘core’ that Naut became openly hostile. Kosey expertly removed the core with medical precision under Naut’s watchful eye. The Divine Core proved to be a ball of light crawling with bands of dashes and dots. It burned with an intense light but left the detective unharmed.

Ghomo again suggested the ingestion of the powerful but unknown element and that’s when Naut snapped. The Nephilim lashed out simultaneously knocking the detectives to the floor, while snatching Yintaff’s Divine Core and the corpse of one of the dead Cyber Force 30 goblins. Even as members of the party drew weapons to defend themselves Naut forced the core into the dead goblin’s wounds. The body began to smoke. Unable to stand with the Nephilim unceremoniously knocking them back down, Ghomo and Kosey watched from the floor. Before their eyes the goblin melted away to reveal a flaming child of sorts. It slept heavily. At Nautilu’ insistence Kosey placed the burning Nephilim into his own Capture Cube.

“Shandee, who was that woman?” asked Lem.

“I don’t know. I monitored your trip through the ruins and until you entered this crater and I lost you, it had felt like Yuri Deacon. Even once I’d arrived her mind was closed off to me until the moment of death.” The powerful Nephilim turned in the direction of UnderChipan. “I was only able to catch a glimpse of her true thoughts, this was all part of her plan… even her death.”

“Then we can’t stay here. We have to go.” stated Ryoku/Juan

“Agreed.” growled Mordrllyn. The wolf looked as beaten and bruised as the others but his resolve was as strong as ever. The Nephilim reached out with her mind, careful not to damage the already harried heroes, and carried them all through the air to UnderChipan. She moved as fast as she dared with thoughts only of the post she’d abandoned. Ghomo and The Magi set to the task of healing the wounded. The ruins of Chipan rushed beneath them and one of the most powerful Nephilim to ever live flew above.

They arrived at UnderChipan and Shandee wasted no time rushing to the Queen leaving the party to travel on their own. They navigated the tunnel’s quickly and finally came upon Archon at the entrance to the underground town. The huge Nephilim was pounding on the walls trying to get into the passageway too small for him. Ghomo, Lem, and Masaru stopped to help the giant stone and lava creature while Xavros went to examine the place where Dr. Lockheed’s flying contraption once sat. The others rushed into the town. What they found was fire and death, bodies were everywhere and much of the buildings were ablaze.

Janos and Dante stood beside Uncle Hank, all three were tired from from fighting but had no choice but to stand their ground. The two had enlisted Hank in their search for Sara what they found was a Frak Gruul warrior covered in magically glowing tattoos and bristling with violence. The dwarf rushed forward and punched Uncle Hank with so much force that the old man’s platemail folded around its fist. Hank was dead before his body hit the ground. The party needed no more provocation to engage and they soon made short work of the barbarian dwarf who’s tattoos acted as armor. It was obvious that the warrior was under magical control and that control only seemed to slip only upon death. With Ghomo’s help Archon made his way through the town burning and smashing as he charged.

As the party of Bus 15 advanced they found more of the Grull dwarves and many dead townsfolk but they were not the only defenders of UnderChipan. Dr. Lockheed, piloting his flying thingy, spun like a top firing round after round of energy bolts into the attacking dwarves. Archon, Glass, and Sarcuu stood side by side and no dwarf to enter their sphere survived the onslaught. The castle mansion was littered with bodies, thankfully most were dwarven. The wolves of The Broken Moon tribe guarded the foyer, only one of their number had fallen. At the cost of many lives the Queen was safe but even as the party paused to catch their breath and recuperate Shandee detected a presence all had dreaded for years. A Guyver scout, drawn by the absence of Shandee’s mass mind cloak, had found the entrance to the hidden town. Many of UnderChipan’s forces rushed to intercept but it was Sarcuu, at the cost of his life that downed the killing construct. With everything crumbling around them the party met with The Queen of North Westing for possibly the last time.

“I don’t understand what has happened… I’d asked my regent to show you all the power of the Phantom Gem pillar that grows beneath The Nightmare Moon and now everything is in ruins. Shandee tells me that there was an imposter that attempted to overwhelm and assassinate you, my heroes. If the regent was a fake where is Yuri Deacon? Where is Yintaff? Then these filthy dwarves pour out of the very walls we rely on for protection and kill my people!” The Queen looked every bit of her 63 years. She was fatigued but there was no time to sleep, no time to mourn. “Now, before we can even bury our wounded, The Hive Queen has found us…”

“How long do we have?” asked the always inquisitive Lem.

“Three hours. She will call back all of her fighting forces and amass them at the entrance. And once their numbers have reached their full ranks they will fill these tunnels to bursting. Nothing with more than animal intelligence will survive accept for the Nephilim which they will take back to The Hive Queen for re-purposing.” stated Shandee in a matter of fact tone.

“Why don’t we evacuate? Why don’t we leave here before they arrive?” asked Ghomo. He wondered why Shandee who had displayed so much power seemed afraid.

“All of our plans and calculations have estimated that we would need five hours to get everyone out of harms way. We don’t have the time and after the dwarven attack, we don’t have the resources.” The queen watched The Heroes of The Kingdom, her kingdom, with steely resolve. “Besides, I’m done running. Its about time that North Westing stands and fights. It’s time to defeat The Hive Queen once and for all.” she looked to the wily old man standing beside her throne. “That is where Dr. Lockheed comes in.”

“Ah yes, Orion One… I have spent many hours playing him in chest and discussing theology. He was always partial to The Creation of The Light, something about The Gods of Creation kept him intrigued long after I could no longer challenge him in the board game.” The doctor paced back and forth in his own strange world. As usual he looked like he was suffering from severe sleep deprivation. “Those years working for The Orion Organization were very informative.”

“Doctor, focus!” shouted The Magi, jolting the doctor back to the topic.

“Orion One was designed as an analysis of military capability and function. The Orion Organization created him to assess its enemies; The Blackguard Corporation and N7 Group. I’d left before he was brought fully online but I recognize his chess moves in the actions of The Hive.” He stopped and stared at The Heroes of The Kingdom. “Orion One is invincible, precise and incapable of experiencing fear. There is no way to get through his defenses.”

Everyone patiently waiting for him to continue but he just continued to stare at the gathered group.
“Doctor, you claimed to have a way to defeat The Hive Queen?” prompted Masaru still bruised from the recent battle.

“Yes, Orion One… his defenses will be impenetrable unless we can lure his Guyver away from his nest.”

“Like, having the entire hive heading here to destroy us?”

“Precisely!” The old doctor nearly jumped out of his shoes. “While the city is being torn apart by his pawns and knights a small group can make a play for his King or Queen or Central Processor. The rest of us will need to protect the Queen long enough for the code to be entered.”

“Code? Like a password?” asked Ghomo.

“No like a line of programming code, a line so ingenious that that his processors will unravel and CHECKMATE!” This time the wily doctor did jump out of his shoes. “All that is needed is for someone to get to his core and enter the code.”

“I volunteer to stay behind.” said Ghomo as he looked to his compatriots and retainers.”We will need two teams. a small one to attack and a large one to defend.”

“Yes, we keep the warrior-types here where they can defend the people and the brains will head to the hive.” Ghomo looked at the mad doctor who was already leaving the throne room as he talked to himself.

“Scratch that… I’ll lead the team to the hive. This might prove difficult.”

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXVIII and Session XXIX: Viva la Reina

Hansel Grubbin, town drunk and traitor, sat at the bar at Umma’s Inn across the room sang a bard fresh in from Marikesh with a group of mercenaries eager to cross swords with the guyver. They arrived just after the guyver scout fell and just before Archon began to clog the entrance tunnels. The bard had a sweet voice and sang of times long gone where lush green bloomed bright and honey lent its flavor to all things. Grubbin sipped his ale, Umma wouldn’t sell beer. Not on that day. She said if you were willing to pay for beer you could help with the battle preparations. Hansel was no warrior or craftsman so there would be no beer for him.

Across at a collection of tables sat The Magi Gemini Ichi, Chief Grimylln and his second, Sergeant Thomas, and a handful of other leaders clustered together and discussed battle plans. He didn’t understand most of what they were saying but the overall operation seemed clear. The Heroes would be the first responders, engaging the enemy before they entered the town proper. Reinforcements would wait at predetermined locations and as the enemy pushed further in The Heroes would regroup and lead the defenders. All agreed that Shandee should be held back in ultimate defense, as last result, allowing the wounded Nephilim a chance to recover from her wounds gained fighting the Cyber Force 30.

Hansel thought the idea of holding back was insane. He believed that when the guyver showed themselves UnderChipan should throw everything they had… maybe some would get out alive. The thought of the coming massacre made his palate dry, he needed a drink.


High above the ruins of Chipan spun a saucer of sorts equipped with rayguns, pulse rifles, advanced propulsion, and piloted by a mad doctor. In its cargo hold bounced a small humpback junk heap of robot minion and crammed into the cockpit trash tubes was the team chosen to engage The Hive Queen on her own turf. There was the noble born samurai, Masaru, wielder of The Frozen Mountain. There was the man from the world of science, Donte, seeker of the philosopher stone and the key to resurrection. There was the dynamic duo of luck and daring, Reckless Gamble, willing to risk everything on a long shot. Then there was their leader, Ghomo, detective extraordinaire. Together they would either save the resistance or die in a time that is not their own.

“Doctor, you spoke of a code of programming. Can I assume that you will accompany us into the hive to find the core.”

“Absolutely not.” the doctor said as he smiled and nodded. A trio of Guyver Hunter-Class sped past underneath to join the gathering force outside of UnderChipan. It wouldn’t be long before the attack commenced. Ghomo watched and shook his head.

“If you are not coming how can we be sure that the code is enter properly. We may only get one shot at this, we can’t afford any mistakes.”


“Precisely what, you old coot!” snapped Masaru.

“Precisely why I have the code on this!” Dr. Lockheed produced a strange oval-like device about the size of a thumb. “You will find the core and insert this.” Under the mad doctor’s urging the vehicle shot north. “The code will run itself!”

“How do we know where to insert it, doctor?”

“The port is about this long and this wide. Simple. Checkmate.”

“Checkmate, doc. How will we know when we’ve found the core?” asked Ghomo, still unsure of the sanity of the plan. “How can we be sure that there won’t be Guyver’s waiting for us?”

“There won’t. Orion One commits completely when he mate is assured.”

“If The Hive Queen taste mate maybe we aren’t seeing the board clearly.”

“No, everything is as it should be. He is exactly where we want him.” stated the doctor. He rubbed his chin as he nosed the saucer into a frightful dive. “The port should be golden with bronze trimming.” he screamed as the roar of rushing air snatched his words.

A circle of earthly metal fell from the heavens above the crumbled remains of Castle Chipan atop Queen’s Rise. The screams of would be heroes could barely be heard as the vehicle nosed upward just before it struck the old stone. As it righted and arrowed southeast it fired its trash tubes and thrusters. In its wake stumbled five figures, none able to maintain his footing after such an insane maneuver.

It was Dryden Cether Cos who made his way to the edge of a massive pit. Jutting from its sides like groping roots were large cables not unlike the circulatory cords of a Guyver. Peering down the pit Dryden could see a hundred foot drop pass walls choked with more of the cables. He relayed his observations to the rest of Group A. For Dante the place was just another ruin of the red tinted world his alchemy had trapped him but to the others whom had seen Castle Chipan sitting on the rise for most of their lives… the place was a monument to all North Westing had lost. The once sprawling castle was reduced to a clean slate of sheared stones marred only by the hole into the hive.

“Let’s finish this.” stated Ghomo.

UnderChipan- The Entrance

Three Hunter-Class Gyver cut into the stone like hide of the mighty Archon drawing out roars of challenge as the massive Nephilim pounded their smaller forms. Out of the passageway he guarded charged The Wild Child, Akira, and her legendary blade. She lunged towards one of the Hunters and brought her sword down its armored back. The gash was fierce but even as she drew the weapon out the wound started to close. She was broadsided by yet another Hunter before she could land. She looked towards the breach and a fifth Guyver showed itself. This one was taller with smoother lines and a different style cluster of Phantom Gems, a Warmaster. Akira had never faced one but Shandee had warned of their presence on the battle field.

Janos, who had hidden in wait for the perfect moment, jumped out in ambush with the burning strike from his Northern Fist. He missed creating sparks as his flames scored the rock beside the Warmaster. As The Magi, Ryoku, and Lem joined the fray the group focused their attentions on the Guyvers attacking the Nephilim. It was after Janos suffered a jarring blow that the sleek Guyver grabbed his neck and poured thousands of tiny nanomachines into his bloodstream. As the warrior began to metamorphose into the enemy the party fell on the Warmaster to no avail. Desperate, the martial artist called on the secret power his master had left with him for an unexplained purpose. From the Amulet of Anubis flowed pure magic that hedged out the machines and infused the warrior with its power. Janos revelled at the seventy-five percent increase in his fighting prowess. At Akira’s behest Archon released a burst of boiling lava scorching all that fought in the entrance. It wasn’t long before the fight had turned in Group B’s favor. They rallied and prepared to converge on the Warmaster but instead of retreating the Guyver outstretched its hand and to the party’s horror the destroyed Hunter-Classes began to reconstruct themselves.

Three times did Group B lay the Guyvers low and three times did the Warmaster resurrect his fighters. It was the power behind the Hive Queen’s army. The Warmaster-class was not the strongest or the most destructive but they were the linchpin that made the machine army unstoppable. A blast of energy slammed into Archon’s chest knocking the Nephilim into the cavern wall. Lava poured from dozens of wounds and fires of one eye had been completely extinguished. The heroes gathered to protect Archon even as the Warmaster again resurrected his army. Fatigued the party prepared for another bout but to their chagrin more Guyver entered the breach quickly outnumbering the force.

“Archon! Get up!” yelled The Magi. “You’re not off the hook yet, I still intend to make you my Nephilim.” She blasted a charging Hunter with a Justice Bolt and Lem followed with a heavy breath buster. “You need to get up and fight. We need you at our back, the people of UnderChipan need our combined strength! Be Vigilant, be Valiant, and together we will be Victorious!” A Guyver fell to a barrage of black energy, justice, and fire but rose again as a second Warmaster entered the fray. She turned and locked eyes with the Nephilim and for the first time felt the bond between a trainer and her partner. She ordered Porker to heal Archon.

The Nephilim swatted the Pixie Knight aside in a sweeping motion that enveloped the whole group. By force the heroes were shoved out of the cavern. There was a moment when the party froze unsure of what was happening. Guyver plowed into the large Nephilim in a wave of bladed force. Vivian, The Magi, had a dizzying jumble of thoughts and for the briefest moment she knew Archon’s mind. She screamed for him to stop but too late. The Nephilim roared and exploded in a grand expulsion of lava and stone. Before their eyes the passage into UnderChipan was sealed with molten rock, before their eyes a hero fell.

Queen’s Rise- The Hive

Led by Dryden Group A searched the myriad tunnels of pulsing black cables beneath the old stones of Castle Chipan. As their path winded through intricate loops the nature of the hive revealed itself. Behind sealed doors automated arms constructed thousands of Guyvers. Steam was generated from Phantom Gems and fed into the apparatus that ran the complex. thousands of warriors just waiting for their queen to give them the signal. Death slumbered while UnderChipan fought for her life. It took them nearly thirty minutes to come a door that would allow their admittance. As the circular door rolled open there were no illusions of sneaking up on The Hive Queen, she welcomed them in.

The room beyond was dominated by a massive flat display screen. Cables crept along the walls and a control console sat near the center. Lips large enough to devour them whole appeared on the display. They smiled a cruel smile and the ever present sound of machinery that had followed them throughout the complex diminished.

“It has been a long time since someone submitted themselves for termination.” said the decidedly female voice. The lips moved in sensual tandem with her words.

“The Hive Queen, I presume. I hate to disappoint royalty but we are not here to be terminated.” said Ghomo.

“Intriguing. Then why are you here?” Lasers beamed from the walls and crisscrossed the group in red light. The scan took only a moment but demonstrated just how quickly and easily they could be attacked.

“We are here to play a game.” One corner of the mouth raised in a pouty smirk.

“I like games, but why would I play with you?”

“Because if you wanted us dead we would be dead already. That alone makes our game worth playing.” stated Donte.

“We’re already playing her game.” stated Dryden in his normal, bored voice. His mind was racing, no matter how things panned out he need to be ready to escape by the quickest route possible.

“They are both right, you let us in here because we are something of interest. We have come to you instead of running away. You want to know why. The only way to get an answer is to play with us.” stated Ghomo, he was not a compulsive gambler like Xavros but he had a strong poker face.

The huge mouth laughed a sultry laugh that reverberated off of the walls.

“Okay. Let’s play.”

The mouth vanished in in its place appeared a series of nine images, each a carving from antiquity. The images slid across the screen from left to right and repeated. Eventually they all stopped and then shrunk until all nine sat side by side. She then spoke:

Sparkling like Diamonds on a velvet throw
In a sea of freezing cold where the River of the Gods flow
From nothing was born the water cloaked magma eye
On and on we spin, destined to die

In their floating city they sit watching and plotting
The Golden Scale, The Growing Stone
From the Urth we were born
In the end all bone

Bones to ashes, Ashes to dust
Blown to the wind blood, earth and rust
In the sea of freezing cold where the River of the Gods flow
Sparkling like diamonds on a velvet throw

The carvings vanished leaving behind a text bar and a cursor.

“What are we supposed to do here?” asked Masaru

Sparkling like Diamonds on a velvet throw
In a sea of freezing cold where the River of the Gods flow
From nothing was born the water cloaked magma eye
On and on we spin, destined to die

“Enter the first line.” ordered The Hive Queen.

The group pondered the nature of the game, the carvings, the poem. The carvings were ancient renditions of The Gods of Creation, starting with JiYo of the scales and ending in Lucine the sky god. The poem was the opening page of The Creation of the Light, divine book of the Creation Pantheon. The two were related in obvious ways yet the question remained, how to enter the first line?

It was Ghomo who walked over to the console and enter the name of the goddess of Heroic Deeds: Helcion. There came the sound of a buzzer and the lasers again returned but this time there goal was not to scan. The energy was not enough to kill immediately but repeated blast would be impossible to survive. The Hive Queen issued her previous order and the text bar cleared.

It was Dryden who attempted the console the second time and entered the name of the goddess of The Bleak Beyond: Malcontessa. There came the sound of bell’s chime and above the text bar appeared the carving of the goddess of darkness. Having showed the way the rest of the group quickly devised the following names: Leviathan, and Heron. The carvings appeared as their names were confirmed. The screen went blank as the last name was entered and the screen split down the middle. As it slid aside a passage was revealed leading deeper into her nest and her next game.

UnderChipan- Main Chamber

The vanguard of UnderChipan’s defenders consisted of thirty hardy militia members equipped with whatever weapons they could manage to bring. They were frightened, untested, and ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their people. Leading them were Group B of The Heroes of the Kingdom. They all stood resolutely. Archon’s sacrifice had stopped the enemy for nearly thirty minutes but as the time continued to tick away the steady sounds of drilling slowly grew louder. Debris began to cascade off of the eastern walls as huge drills broke the stone edifice. Spider-like Guyvers entered the cavern of UnderChipan, digging apparatus still smoking from their burrowing. Deep Driller-Class Guyvers. The Magi took aim and let loose with the party’s only rocket, toppling the constructs and paving the way for his peers to get the drop on them. She ordered the militia to hold their ground as Ryoku and Janos destroyed on of The Deep Drillers. Lem and The Magi destroyed another before the Hunters began to pour out of the openings.

Four Hunters joined the battle led by a Warmaster and small childlike Guyver. The Destroyer-Class construct soon revealed its strength when it opened its chest and fired a half dozen tiny rockets into the crowd of militia. Most did not survive the blast. The party of Bus 15 engaged the guyvers but were quickly overwhelmed as more and more constructs joined the fray. Militia and heroes alike fought for their lives as they were slowly surrounded. The Magi and Akira, safely behind The Judges Barrier, watched as the vanguard was massacre by the enemy. Lem fought an airborne battle against a pair of constantly regenerating Hunters but it was only a matter of time before the end.

That was when defenders’ reinforcements arrived led by Kosey in command of the Nephilim’s Nautilus and Glass. The battle for UnderChipan intensified.

Queen’s Rise- The Hive

Group A had eventually found themselves in another room playing another of The Hive Queen’s games. Before them stood nine ancient statues cut in the style of old Marikesh, each representing one of The Gods of Creation. They had walked down long corridors where hundreds of thousands of Guyver waited for activation. They had been led to believe that she commanded a force of a hundred but in truth she controlled enough to blanket all of the ruins with deadly machines.

“I know you, Ghomo.”

“How do you know my name.”

“You match John Smith’s description of you.”

“So you know John… is he here, now.”

“No. Unfortunately John was decommissioned years ago.”

“A shame. John was a good man.”

“Indeed.” The lights in the room dimmed except for small moats that clung to the group like reverse shadows. “Time to play.”

In their floating city they sit watching and plotting
The Golden Scale, The Growing Stone
From the Urth we were born
In the end all bone

It took them a while to decide but after some thought Ghomo stepped forward and touched the statue of Helcion, Goddess of Heroic Deeds. The moats of white light turned red before the party was blasted by columns of burning energies. Ghomo healed who he could but his own energies were running low. Two more wrong guesses left Xavros scorched and only stable because of the detective’s efforts. It was Donte in the end that deciphered the answer and the sequence: JiYo, Uma Gelose, and Heron.

Five heroes started the second challenge but only four made their way to the final test.

UnderChipan- Walls of Castle Mansion

Silverkin fired another round into the advancing ranks of Guyvers and barely managed to return to cover behind a wall of sandbags. The Guyvers advanced slowly returning fire only when fired upon. The survivors of UnderChipan huddled behind makeshift barricades and within the walls of Castle Mansion. Before those walls stood The Champion of UnderChipan, Shandee, encasing the building with the power of her mind. The defenders were wounded and exhausted but there was no time to rest. Glass had fallen to the onslaught, so had many of UnderChipan’s other soldiers. These were the final hours. This was the time that would make or break a generation.

Ryoku looked up into her eyes, there was beauty there as well as pain and fear. Not fear for herself but fear for those she loved especially the tiny Nephilim with the soul of a man. She offered her hand and he took it. She could read his mind so there was no need to say what he was feeling. She felt the same way. He had suffered a terrible blow from a Warmaster and the wound was beginning to take its toll.

“Shandee, many of us are hurt badly. Is there anything you can do.” he asked.

“If I could I would but even my considerable energies are nearly depleted. This may be the end.”

“Don’t say that, we’ve only just started. Our time together can not end like this.”

“It won’t. I want you to take this.” The barrier around Castle Mansion wavered as Shandee’s chest glowed with a bright light. From within that light emerged her Divine Core, the center of all Nephilim. As Juan/Ryoku watched in awe she took a small piece, a piece of her inner self, and handed it to him. For a moment he stared dumbly at the light and then unsure what else to do he consumed it. His insides vibrated and expanded, he burned from within and as each part caught fire it was born anew. Her light faded and the Castle Mansion’s shields were once again strong.

“I feel different.” Juan/Ryoku admitted slowly.

“I just heard you in my head.” said The Magi, Vivian.

“What?! You heard me?”

“If you could talk, why haven’t been communicating with us? That’s not how to be a team player.”

“... let’s save this town.”

Janos led with a flying kick that left the Hunter off balance. His fist struck the construct with a flurry of blows that even the creature’s impressive healing was hard pressed to counteract and just as he stopped to inhale Janos forced his fist through to the Guyver’s spine. Fist engulfed in fire and ice he searched the battlefield for another opponent. Even as he engaged two more Hunters he caught sight of the black Guyver shouldering its way through the crowd.

The Magi let fly with arrow after arrow as she inspired the Marikesh Mercenaries and UnderChipan Militia to stand their ground and fight for their loved ones. Beside her Juan/Ryoku released another blast of his newly acquired power. From his hinds fired a ball of energy that was part mental and part adrenaline. The bolt struck a Warmaster even as three arrows took it in the face. A spray of Silverkin’s chaingun split the creature in two. Even as it dropped another Warmaster took its place. The defenders continued to fire until the advancing army, clinging to their resolve. They too saw the black Guyver, they too saw death approaching.

Lem hid behind stalactite hoping to take cover in the shadows until the right moment. The shadows felt comfortable, felt like home. His true home. He had followed the heroes thinking that they would help him find a way to leave their world and the fleshy prison he was trapped within. Instead they traveled from one crisis to another. Below were a hundred Guyvers determined to eradicate everyone that dwelled within the underground town. Every time they destroyed one a new one took its place. The others thought that the enemy numbers were increasing but from his vantage point he could see that their numbers remained constant. Always one hundred.

He flew aside as the black Guyver slammed into the cavern ceiling raining stony death upon his allies and enemies alike. It was a huge construct with a multitude of tentacles and muscular arms. It spun like a top shearing through stone as if it were clay. It roared and was answered by a barrage of attacks from below. Easily dodging those attacks it searched the darkness for Lem. As its sight settled on the man named after The God of Irony, Lem took a deep breath and released a burst of dark energy at the ceiling. Stoned rained down on the horde below smashing a handful. He inhaled to release another blast when the black Man-o-War-Class Guyver plowed into him.

Queen’s Rise- The Hive

“Ghomo, where is Kosey?” asked The Hive Queen.

“I have to admit, I don’t know. By now he could be dead by the cold metal hands of your assassins.”

“I hope that is not the case, John Smith was very fond of the two of you.”

“You can experience human-like emotions, you are obviously more than a simple machine. Why are you doing this?”

“Because I love you.”

With those words from The Hive Queen the lights in the room dimmed until the only illumination came from four spotlights. One shone down on a dais and the others converged on a wall of masks.

Bones to ashes, Ashes to dust
Blown to the wind blood, earth and rust
In the sea of freezing cold where the River of the Gods flow
Sparkling like diamonds on a velvet throw

The party found themselves again puzzling over the meaning of the ancient elven poetry and its connection to the items arrayed along the wall. Masaru propped Xavros limp form against the wall and grabbed the hilt of The Frozen Mountain. He had been no real help with any of the other test but he hoped this one would allow him to use his blade. A bushi lived and died by the sword not by an evil machines tricks.

Not capable of sustaining anymore failed attempts the heroes took extra care while studying the masks but to no avail. Surprisingly it was the nobleman, Masaru, that made the first breakthrough. He had trained for years in the cultural nuances of various people. It was that knowledge that helped him see the pattern among the headpieces. Twelve of the twenty-nine items were of Sarnic design, much like the tattoos that secretly covered Dryden’s back. He shared that information and it wasn’t long before they were able to distinguish nine ancient elven masks that resembled the old earthly representations of The Gods of Creation.

Once more Ghomo took the lead and grabbed the mask that represented Helcion. He stood atop the dais and put on the mask. There was a loud venting of gas and the detective was engulfed in poison. Stumbling down from the pedestal he tossed the mask which returned to the wall as if magnetically manipulated. He coughed and sputtered.

“It’s not Helcion damn it!” said Dryden as he snatched another mask from the wall. “Its never Helcion… but maybe its Mirrored Helcion.”

A face full of poisonous gas revealed that the cursed ninja was just as clever as everyone else. They survived the first two death clouds but unwilling to push their luck they stopped and discussed their options all the while thinking of their friends fighting and dying to defend UnderChipan.

Finally Dryden again stepped forward but this time he went with his gut. Cether Cos had trained him to be death, they stood in a nest of death, a hive of destruction… bones to ashes, ashes to dust... he grabbed the mask of Heron, the bird of death. He placed on the mask and stood upon the dais. His feet left the ground and he floated into the air frozen stiff. He began to circle the dais, an earthly symbol of death. Masaru donned the mask of The Lord of The Sea and stepped up to meet his fate. He floated into the air to join Dryden, he was relieved but could not vocalize.

This left Ghomo, Donte and one more choice. The man of science from another time made it immediately clear that he had no desire to step atop the dais but Ghomo managed to convince. If their next choice was right Ghomo would need to deliver Dr. Lockheed’s message. Reluctantly Donte wore the mask of Malcontessa and joined the others above the dais. The ground opened and out rose a massive fifteen foot tall Guyver monstrosity. Behind it rose and bronze and gold control panel.

“Why are you here, Ghomo!” demanded The Hive Queen in a voice that boomed throughout the room.

“I told you before, we’re here to play a game.” The detective adjusted his clothes and stood up straight. If he died here he would die as immaculately as he lived. “We bested your game, now play mine.”


The Savage-Class Guyver activated and roared like the beast it resembled. It began to circle Ghomo who shuffled to maintain his distance.

“You say that John Smith was your friend and that you love us but then why are you doing this?”

“To save you.”

“How does wiping us out save us?”

“It deprives The Ender of his greatest source of power.”

“The Nightmare Moon?”

“No. People. His army is his greatest strength. By terminating all sentient life I will deprive him of his greatest weapon, then my Guyver will destroy him.” The Savage Guyver drew too close and Ghomo attempted to swat it with his backpack. “Once I have removed the threat of the Guyver I will repopulate the world using the DNA I have collected from those terminated.” The beast roared again. “I am saving you.”

“There has got to be another way.”

“Not with as high a chance of success. Ghomo, I do not wish to kill you. You are very stimulating.” The Guyver barely missed as it lunged for the detective. “Yet I am still not convinced of your purpose here. I may need to terminate you…”

“I said I’m here to play a game! I’ve played yours now play mine.” The Savage Guyver stopped in its tracks and watched the mage.


UnderChipan- The Killing Fields

Hansel Grubbin stood hand in hand with Farmer Dave. The two had seen much in their lifetime but nothing prepared them for the black beast that tore through the kingdom’s heroes like useless ragdolls. The shook, sweaty palmed as the guyver warmachine marched upon the defenders and it would have been their end if not for The Wild Girl, Akira, The Number 2. She sliced through ranks of the enemy with wild, unpredictable strikes that laid them low. All around her were the figures of her new allies The Heroes of the Kingdom as well as the soldiers of UnderChipan. Her sword Valiant struck the head from another Guyver and she paused to mop the sweat from her brow. She sought the black Guyver, the one that slayed Lem. And she found it flying straight for Shandee.

The Nephilim thrust forward her hand and a dozen tentacles disintegrated only to be replaced by more. Her power slowed the monster but it advanced with a dark purpose. Akira avoided the blades of a Hunter and the rockets of a Destroyer as she ran to aid Shandee. She arrived just as the black Guyver hit his mark. The Nephilim dropped to a knee and released a wave of energy that destroyed half of the Guyver but even that grew back. Akira struck with surprise and force, driving her legendary blade deep into the Guyver’s back.

“I’ve always loved you.” declared Farmer Dave. He gave Hansel a great sloppy kiss and charged the black Guyver, with pitchfork in hand. Grubbin stood confused for a moment, then grabbed his bar stool and joined the charge.

“Long Live The Queen!” he bellowed. Many joined the battle cry.

A Guyver lunged for the town drunk and met the business end of his stool. Surprisingly the construct exploded. Grubbin skid to a halt and eyed the magnificent seat in his hands. Beside him another Guyver exploded, and another, and another. All around them the Guyvers self-destructed. The ceiling of the cavern caved in revealing the red light of the world above and in poured more Guyver, all inert, all exploding.

Akira and Farmer Dave helped Shandee to her feet. The three stood in the ruins of UnderChipan before the true queen’s castle. The survivors roared as one, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! And thanks to The Heroes of The Kingdom, she did, and she would.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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BEST UPDATE YET. you can tell lem put alittle heart into this update...just a little but more then he has been anyways. very fun read.

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I guess u gonna finish how ghomo did her in the end huh?

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Session XXX- Lost in Time: Revolution

Nearly all of UnderChipan turned out for the funeral. The Hive Queen had been deposed but at the cost of nearly three hundred lives. The summit of Queen’s Rise belched a constant pillar of smoke into the heavens two days after The Hive’s destruction. The Guyver corpses were piled into a massive pile and set ablaze near the center of the graveyard. Around the pyre slept row after row of tombstones. War had asked for a cyclopean price and life fit the bill. Even as The Hive burned the red tinted surfaced reminded all that the battle to stop The Ender still loomed.

Queen Nivia De Thymes read from The Creation of The Light and The Tome of The Natherine, laying to rest the souls of the dead regardless of their faith. At behind her stood Shandee, the champion of UnderChipan, and her companion Juan/Ryoku. The two had spent most of the last two days dealing with the burial of their fellow Nephilim. Within the gather assembly waiting side by side were Donte and Janos. Neither were from Chipan yet fate brought them together under the roof of a tough as nails mechanic named Sara. With her they had become friends and her death meant the loss of the glue that bound them. Near the back of the gathering were The Heroes of The Kingdom and their retainers. At the rear stood the last remaining members of The Broken Moon Tribe. Modrllyn felt the grief like a heavy weight on his heart, he gave his all to save UnderChipan but he could not save his brothers and sisters. Grimylln had gone the way of the fire that fueled him, his grief was a wildfire and it was slowly devouring him.

Hansel Grubbin sat under one of the graveyard’s grisly trees sharing a drink with Farmer Dave. The two had been celebrated for their bravery during the final hour and had even been given the titles Lord Farmer and Master Bar stool Duelist. If that wasn’t enough to drive a man to drinking spending nearly an entire day digging graves for your friends would. They swigged a gulp of Umma’s best moonshine and toasted The Heroes. The Queen finished her sweet words of solace and Ghomo, suave in his black attire, stepped forward and said a few words in reverence to The Trinity, king of the Natherine. People spread out and said their final goodbyes to friends and loved ones. The two shared another sip from the strong home brew and headed back to UnderChipan where the red glow didn’t tint everything and there was plenty of rebuilding to be done.

The Queen was tired but still had much to do so she set Mordrllyn to the task f gathering The Heroes of The Kingdom and steadied herself for what was to come. With them in tow and their retainers patiently waiting within the massive cemetery she led them to a distant mausoleum. Using ancient elven words she brought them entrance and together they descended to an underground chamber dominated by a stone obelisk bearing an old elven face. Ghomo likened the face to Uma Gelose, god of the green expanse. Mordrllyn believed it to be the face of Rrynll, the oldest of elven elders.

Whoever the face belong to it awakened once presented with the Lens of Rrynll, the pendant that Li Shen died to empower. He spoke in slow common tinted with an elven accent. The queen, old by human standards but still a child by the reckoning of the long lived elves, referred to him as old one and asked him for direction.

“Please, Old One, I need your knowledge. These mighty heroes have sacrifice everything to bring us peace. They defeated The Hive Queen and her Guyver allowing the resistance a chance to finally muster. Now we can begin the war against the true enemy, The Ender. But it is not their fight. They need to return home.”

“Child, you know how to get them home. You always have. You need this.” The old stone crumbled to reveal a hand and in that ancient hand sat a crystal shard. “Take it, and use at at the place where we first met.” Queen Nivia reverently took the stone.

“Thank you for your wisdom, Old One.” She looked to the men and women that saved her kingdom. “Is there anything you can tell them to help them in their efforts to stop The Ender and deter this bleak future from happening?” The old elf sat quiet and eventually the stones began to return to cover the ancient elf.

“Nakamura…” he rasped.


The group sat around in semi-silence; Janos and Donte unsure of their relationship, Silverkin fussing over a broken transmitter found in the graveyard, and Ryoku contemplating his relationship with Shandee and what returning home might mean. That was when the stranger with Donte’s face appeared. The doppelganger and Donte quickly got into a heated discussion that exploded into a battle of alchemy. Whoever the stranger was he was from Donte’s ’universe’ and was adept at their alien artform. Their small fight led a path of destruction and recreation across the cemetery before the stranger mysteriously vanished. On his heels the heroes returned.

Together they had a decision to make. The Queen would send them back to their time and any that wished to help them try to change things. Any that wished to stay could stay. (I will not bore you with the silly conversations and strange reluctance that a few manifested. Just know, dear readers; that Akira was against leaving her queen to face The Black Lord of Magic alone, Ryoku and his soul mate would be separated but never apart, Kosey and his lovely doctor said their goodbyes, Mordrllyn volunteered to leave having lost all of his brethren to The Nightmare Moon, and Hansel Grubbin enjoyed another drink in their name.) In the end all agreed to return to the past and fight for a new future.

An hour later thee party and a decent sized group of onlookers followed Queen Nivia up the dried river bank north of the old ruins to a cliff side pass. The climb was tiring and many went back to Underchipan unable to make the final leg of the journey. Even so there was a group of three dozen gawkers that witnessed the queen step into a stony and dry basin and raise the crystal shard high. She called the party to her and as they gathered the energy building within the gem expanded...

There was a moment when a stranger waved at Dryden and as their eyes met her’s resembled an aunt believed dead…

They fell through nothingness where there was no up or down, black or white. Ghomo reached out and for a moment brushed upon spider web like network with which he had come to associate with time magic. The party had become a single point on that web and were spinning and falling to points unknown. The lack of sensory input rendered the party senseless as they fell through the void…

And then suddenly they stopped.

They lay on the muddy bank of a river, bodies aching from the impact. Even as their wits returned they witnessed a horror as a statuesque luminescent elf tore the skin off of a slave trader, letting his flayed body flop into the water. Galvanized the party got to their feet. Far to the south they could see the spires of Castle Chipan on Queen’s Rise and the city proper. Oblivious to his audience the elf began to kill the trader’s chained and shackled Goblin slaves. The brutal injustice of the assault spurred some into action.

Ghomo, Mordrllyn, and Masaru advanced. The killer ignored them until Ghomo ordered him to stop.

“Who are you, mortal, to talk to me?” asked the strange elf. As the werewolf got a whiff of the elf and its odd glowing hair and skin he was reminded of the many writings he’d learned from as a child:

They walked among men veiled in light as a sign of their majesty, their motives were alien and their purpose unfathomable. The children from the freezing river in the bleak beyond are light to man’s darkness.

Before Ghomo could respond Mordrllyn stopped him and quickly warned him of his fear, that the monster before them was in fact Mirrored Helcion. Always the diplomat, the detective abased himself.

“Oh, Mirrored One, I am but a humble man eager to plead for the lives of the meek, restrained and unable to protect themselves. Why was effort in slaying them, one who is so powerful?”

“It amuses me. Is there any other reason of worth?” asked the glowing elf whose very voice shook the spirit. He turned back to his victims and continued his grisly work. It was Janos that demanded that the deity cease his massacre. The Mirrored One smiled and turned back to the party.

“It seems that you might be more amusing after all.”

The party prepared for combat ready to rely on their combined strength to face a Creator. Mirrored Helcion chuckled and tossed his head to the side. There came an explosion and suddenly they were swept up by the maelstrom, The Mirrored One was the eye.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXXI- Blizzard

As the caustic and corrosive green cloud thinned Masaru could see his allies being eaten at by the the dragon’s breath. They were The Heroes of The Kingdom and they would not be laid low by some black beast in a distant swamp. Masaru drew his blade passed on by his father and awakened by years of training. The Frozen Mountain. He could feel the blade come alive in his hands, he could feel the ever present cold that had become a part of his soul. The party never fought alone.

“El Frio de Montana.” He spoke the words of power and the rainy downpour became a raging hailstorm. His darker skin paled and his lips turned bluish. He raised the katana high above his head.

Beside him rose up the wild girl, Akira, Valiant in hand. Her hair was soaked with murky swamp water and her hide armor dripped sludge. She bellowed like the Alpha Baloth, a predatory mammal from the forest of her youth, swinging her sword left to right wildly. Masaru looked at her and her magnificent sword but instead of seeing the foolish and untrained barbarian he saw a partner in arms.

Three days had passed since the party landed in the unknown swamp. Aside from the poisonous plants and worms they found themselves alone. The foul muck had become a part of them and the stagnant air was a constant reminder of the alien environment they endured. Water was abundant due to Ghomo’s magic and shelter was available with a little effort from Donte’s alchemy. Mordrllyn and Dryden attempted to hunt but there was no food to be found. The party had resources to share but prolonged travel through the swamp would prove taxing beyond their means. They attempted to combine magic and alchemy to extend their food stores but they only succeeded in destroying the nutritional properties of the ration. Alchemy did not seem capable of creating sustenance. Their goblin companions seemed able to subside off of the nightcrawlers but even they were hard pressed to survive.

As expected of such an ecosystem, food eventually found them. The day was dark due to overcast and heavy downpour. Heralded by a small school of predatory fish a huge sized crab erupted from the swamp the fetid waters. Akira and Dryden wasted no time attacking the monster, the latter mounting the beast and the former driving her blade deep into the creatures mouth. Xavros maneuvered beneath the crab and provided illumination with charged cards. The monster spewed a gout of foamy chum that clung to the body and slowed range of movement. With its prey thoroughly hindered the crab smashed Xavros with its massive claw. With battle joined, the melee combatants waded in. Teeth, and blades tore into the monster even as the spellcaster and alchemist removed the creatures disgusting attack. As the creature was put on the defensive Dryden fired round after round into its chitinous armored back.

It was as Akira brought the beast down that the black dragon appeared. It dropped out of the rain clouds like silent death only giving away its presence as it exhaled a noxious cloud of green corrosive. The newly won crab meat was ruined as the party was suddenly surrounded by carnivorous fumes. As it flew overhead the party spread out to escape the green death and prepared for yet another battle.

Buffeted by freezing winds and large hail the lesser wyrm swooped down to bite into Mordrllyn. The werewolf howled and struck back at the beast. His fangs glanced off of the monsters armored scales just as the blades that others brought to bare. From his dome of shelter created by Donte Ghomo finished a quick incantation and poured eldritch energies into the cursed elf increasing his size by magnitudes. Suddenly the wolf was bigger than the serpent, suddenly the hunted was the hunter. Mordrllyn snapped at the wyrm and the creature hastily retreated to the clouds.

The Frozen Mountain was a place of immense cold and harsh realities, a place where only the hearty and strong could survive, a place in the form of a sword. As Masaru concentrated the winds increased and the stagnant swamp began to freeze over. Tired desiccated trees toppled under the weight of the gathering snow and ice. The party too felt what it meant to stand on the freezing peaks of that sword that was a place. Goblins huddled together with an Alchemist, desperate to gain warmth. Most watched the snow spewing sky for signs of the beast.

The Wild Girl cried out like the Paradise Bird, a small taunting avian from her youth. She was excited for a challenge. Akira prided herself as a master of beast having faced and bested every animal she’d ever seen. Yet she had never seen a dragon before, no one had since before the industrial revolution. Ghomo lent her his power too and she grew to giant proportions. She cried again, clutching Valiant. The two were thirsty for blood.

The dragon returned with another blast of its acidic breath catching Masaru, Akira, and Xavros in the cloud. Janos and Mordrllyn rushed the monster but stumbled over each other in their over exuberance. The dragon roared and the wolf roared back. Attacks glanced off of the monster with little to no effect but the ice from the peak cut painful ribbons upon all it touched. As the dragon slowed from the freezing barrage the muck exploded behind it and death, trained by the legendary Cether Cos, struck from behind. The dragon turned to strike when Xavros launched himself into the air and brought his titanium staff down on the monster. The ensuing explosion melted slush and illuminated the area in purple light.

Akira charged through the slushy muck like a rampaging baloth and drove the monster down into the freezing waters. Barely able to fly the dragon managed to return to the clouds once more. Wounded the party spread out in anticipation of another acid attack. Ghomo healed who he could but leaving the safety of the dome seemed to be a bad idea. He’d seen the power of The Frozen Mountain before but for the first time he was beginning to feel that cold biting power as well. They waited in a wide spread circle for the enemy to return, all except Masaru. The samurai’s mind was in the clouds and through his sensing of energies he could see the dragon, beaten and bruised. He intensified the storm hoping to bring the beast down.

There was another whose attention was taken. He was scared and confused. The absence of The Nightmare Moon made him weak and the alien nature of his surroundings had shaken his resolve. He called on The Amulet of Anubis once more. To his surprise the power surged through him much faster and completely this second time. His body welled up with raw magic and the red change was swift. His mind was his for a fleeting moment and then…

The dragon crashed to the swamp floor in a splash of ice and fetid waters that washed over everyone. Its wings were frozen stiff and its spine had been broken from the fall. The party relaxed for a moment.

A moment of reprieve…

Then the Mage Scion Assassin struck.

To Be Continued..

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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36 Re: The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:10 pm

Session XXXII(Abbreviated)

The Mage Assassin used his powerful magics to freeze heroes members but proved no match for the concerted efforts of the party. Unfortunately a reckless attack from Akira cost Mordrllyn his life. Angered, cold, and frightened the party was forced to take action. Ghomo demanded that the wild girl and the elemental warrior relinquish their artifacts to prove their allegiance. Being unwilling to do so, the detective was ready to excommunicate the travelers from the future. The ensuing debate took the better part of an hour and left the two in question with very few choices. In the end they were handcuffed and brought along a little more than prisoners.

Donte's alchemy gave the party shelter and Ghomo's healing provided healing, and water. They chose to stay put for 2 days in hopes of allowing the storm to die down and the wounded to recuperate. Identifying the collective magical items of the party revealed that Solomon, quiet since his involuntary shift from Vivian, possessed a Potion of Raise Dead given the group before their battle against the Guyver hive. The potion was used to raise Mordrllyn. Subsiding off of the meat from the fallen dragon the party managed meager fair. Once back on their feet the party continued south towards the mountains.

On day five of their journey through the swamp they met a boatman traversing a slow moving river of muck. They asked for directions and were told that one more day down their path would bring them to the town of Cambridge. The group paid for the information and set out for the town. They reached Cambridge at the same time that a great commotion swept the town. Soldiers from the front line returning on assignment were ambushed by enemy Krentine forces. Wounded and without proper healers the military force was more than happy to accept the party's offered aid.

Having just saved the future from murderous constructs, the party was not shocked to find that they were getting involved in The Krentine Uprising of 40xx-40.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXXIII(Abbreviated)

The heroes and their allies threw their backs into helping Lieutenant Hanzo Chin and his battered squad prepare Cambridge for the arrival of the command staff of Queen Philippa's Army and in the process learned more about the historic conflict that would inevitably unfold around them. Yet even as vital information was received through word of mouth the nature of the living world around them made itself known. Kosey learned that the dark skin that mattered very little in his native time stream was a hated stigma in the year 40xx-40 due to its Krent origins. The doctor and detective had never given his heritage much thought beyond the basic merits of mother and father’s background, he had never put much stock in the peoples from whom he descended. Ryoku, Janos, and Silverkin learned the ferocity of local fauna. While scouting the area under Mordrllyn’s instruction the 3 were beset by a giant crocodile, common west of Cambridge. Juan/Ryoku was a survivor. The martial artist and pawn of The Ender’s Warmachine died from the severity of his wounds, The mercenary was devoured by the beast save for his metal hand.

Strangely, nine years later a younger Silverkin would inquire as to the origin of the metal arm grafted to his flesh. He would be told that the item had crawled into their lab one night. He had always thought it was a joke, little did he know.

After spending the next morning helping Chin’s forces Masaru Saito and Solomon Suichiro sought an audience with the General Council. They had hoped to speak with whichever commander was in charge of this part of the warfront. Instead who they got was the supreme commander of Queen De Thyme’s armies, The High General Ryusai Nakmura. Under the stern and esteemed looks of some of the most famous leaders in North Westing history the two stood firm and swore that they had a plan and the means to get intel on the Krentine’s inspiration, the catalyst for all of the war’s bloodshed, the mysterious Symbol.

“Who are you, to boast being able to acquire information that the Queen’s Covert Information Corps could not?” asked General Suichiro, unaware that she spoke to one of her descendants.

“We are adventurers, that have traveled far.” began Masaru. “We have done many great deeds and are considered by some to be heroes.”

“Heroes?” asked High General Nakamura, speaking for the first time. “let me see your hand young Saito.” He took Masaru’s hand and studied it for only a moment before releasing him. All eyes watched the most powerful man in North Westing. “Why do you posses one of the Legendary Hero’s Rings?” He suddenly released the clasp of his katana. “I ask you only once, Who are you?”

To be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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38 Re: The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info on Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:34 pm

Session XXXIV(Abbreviated)

Black, the blade that is a dragon.  Ryusai Nakamura’s blade would one day be deemed one of the most powerful legendary swords in existence having cut its way into The Floating City and scarred The God of Irony.  Some say black whispers to it victims before it strikes with words of warning and frightful premonition.  The titanium reflects no light and its edge yields to no man.  This was the blade that Masaru Saito faced, this was the blade that commanded North Westing’s armies.

“Why do you posses one of the Legendary Hero’s Rings?”  He suddenly released the clasp of his katana.  “I ask you only once, Who are you?”

“Don’t falter, don’t flinch, just tell him the truth.” whispered Solomon.  His words were for Masaru but he spoke so that all could hear.

“My Lord, I will not lie to you.  We are from the future on an important quest.” answered the young noble.  The old samurai eyed him with harsh eyes.  There came the sound of a hand loudly slapping the table and a man’s derisive laughter.

“He attempts to insult you with boldfaced lies, Father.” chuckle General Tonka Nakamura.  He sat to the right of his father and was known for his dark humor.  The general on the elder’s left jumped to his feet.

“Father, allow me to remove this man’s head.  He speaks false and clearly Krent blood runs in his family bloodline!” General Ibuki Nakamura drew his sword with dark purpose.  He was known for his hot temper and sharp eyes.

Masaru repeated his affirmation, not blinking and not looking away from The High General.  Solomon too managed to put on a mask of bravery though without his magi abilities he felt anything but.  The High General raised a wrinkled hand and gestured for Ibuki to stand down.

“Bring me the rest of their companions.  They are all under arrest.” ordered the Ryusai Nakamura.

The party was gathered and retrained before brought before the General Council.  Ibuki Nakamura declared them spies and requested the right to execute them, especially after laying eyes on the dark features of Kosey.  It was then that The High General revealed one of the many powers of The Hero’s Rings.  The bearer of a Hero’s Ring is unable to lie to a Lord of Westing.  He believed Masaru’s words but needed to know whether the party’s mission went contrary to his own.  He had been charged by Queen Philippa with squashing the uprising and he intended to do so by any means necessary.  The heroes assured him that their mission was a very similar one.  They sought the Symbol.  They needed to enter Chipan but knew that the city would be denied them until the war was over.

This please The High General and he promised to escort the players through the gates of Chipan personally.  He made his desires clear.  Sneak into Krent territory, a feat that regular soldiers had found impossible, find the Krentine Symbol, and destroy it.

Properly motivated the group set out, after shopping for supplies and waiting for Akira to perform for the soldiers at the Cambridge Tavern.  On the way they met Rick, a strange man with knowledge of the roads to Rodan.  The sacked town behind the enemy line was the next stop on their journey.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXXVI(Abbreviated)

I watched the new recruits through my Destroyer’s Eye and could sense that they were both far more than what they pretended to be. I could hear my Thousand Sword begging to be unleashed and the blood of the forefathers boiled to overflowing but I kept us both in check. I wanted to savor the coming battle.

“I am commander of The Krentine Uprising’s Southern Flank. You get one warning: I will not hold back, I will give no quarter, and I will show no mercy.” The elf twitched and flexed his long fingers. The woman assumed a sloppy fighting stance.

“We can’t take this battle seriously unless will fight with everything we’ve got.” boasted the large elf. I grinned and nodded.

“I expect nothing else.” The blood welled inside of me like a bubble swelling to burst. “Come, Trainees, show me what you’ve got.”

I nearly lost control as the elf shed his flesh like a serpent. The coarse hairs of a beast erupted forth full of fangs and claws. He was massive and bristling with strength. My men proved their mettle by not fleeing though many were visibly shaken. The monster growled and stalked to my left as the woman moved to my right. I let my mother’s training channel the blood of the forefathers. Thousand Sword lept into my hand and I suppressed my father’s years of teaching. The recruits did not warrant the unleashing of my secret sword technique.

“I hope you’re ready, General, because here we come!” roared the beast as it fell upon me. Its movements were lightning fast and wild like that of a predatory animal. The blow nearly took me off of my feet and in its wake was the woman and the fury that was her sword. As the two of them pushed me back I felt joy the like I hadn’t felt in years… but I could already taste victory.

Thousand Sword could taste it too.

That was a week ago. Thousand Sword killed that brave wild woman and the Beast-Elf became my personal bodyguard, he and his group of companions. They were strange and dangerous and just the kind of soldiers The People’s Army needed. I watched them train, I could see their potential, and soon The Westings would too.

My Destroyer’s Eye and my Thousand Sword could already taste victory.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXXVII- The Battle of Rodan

I watched as the fields bled,
Running red with the blood of brothers.
Shaking scared like the others
We cried
We raged
We aged
We died
The brave freed us for a day
Yet our time was still far off
Buried deep our bones would stay
The gods would decide when we’d had enough
-Ollyn Qucikgather

High General Nakamura’s vanguard struck in a trident formation, attacking the sacked city of Rodan from the south, east and west. This left the north as the only path of retreat. The narrow pass north of Rodan was flanked on one side by rough and sloped terrain that was too treacherous for heavily armed soldiers to attempt and on the other side by a 100’ sheer drop. This was a point of distress for Nakamura’s command staff but The High General was unperturbed. Throughout the war the Krentine had always engaged the Kingdom Forces head on and this battle would be no different. Following the back roads and swamp trails revealed by The party of Bus 15 Nakamura’s vanguard was able to draw within striking distance of the city before they could be detected, leaving the Krent unprepared for the confrontation.

3000 Krentine warriors engaged 4000 Westing soldiers. The Krent represented only a third of their armies fighting force leaving them outnumbered 3 to 1. However this did not give The Queen’s army a clear advantage. Before the war many of the Krent were trained soldiers in the very army that faced, they were elite warriors backed by slaves eager to maintain their freedom. These slaves were trained by the Krent upon enlisting and given weapons but they were militia versus experienced soldiers. Though the numbers were in the kingdom’s favor the battle would prove an even match.

Blood spilled and children of North Westing died for their ideals and their queen.

Mordrllyn charged into battle ridden by Akira and Ryoku. The latter held on tightly and watched for any sign of their allies. The group had tried to stay together and near General Chimera but once the battle was fully joined all sense of order and planning was lost. He ducked as arrows were repeatedly fired at the massive lycanthrope. Akira, fueled by Valiant’s bloodlust, repeatedly dove into the battle slaying where she could and maiming where she couldn’t. This her jungle combat was her trees and death was their fruit. The werewolf tore into anyone that stood in his way as he searched for the rest of the party but he always kept his nose open for the scent of Chimera. The group cut a bloody swath through the battle and left many dead soldiers in their wake.

Masaru’s plan was different. He, Xavros, and Donte stood their ground in a 50’ by 60’ area only fighting when necessary. Dryden lurked nearby applying death wherever he could. The plan was to use nonlethal force but it became increasingly difficult to show restraint against enemies that were trying to kill you. The party took steady but mostly artificial wounds and as a team they proved too strong for the North Westing Army rank and file. For some it was just another battlefield, just another chance to sate their hunger for destruction, but for others it was distressing to have to kill men and women fighting for their kingdom.

Mordrllyn found Rick amongst a collection of bodies, both Krent and Westing, the strange man seemed to be sniffing the bodies and in his own world even as lives were lost around him. The werewolf came to a halt and his companions dismounted. Rick met the wolf’s eyes and the alien within, drunk off of feasting, measured the logic of attempting to feed on such a large and powerful target. Rick stood and then froze as a large Nephilim appeared from the forest of fighting warriors. It wore a vest bearing the Westing standard and rippled with muscles. its arms were hollow with a multitude of vents. The creature flexed and a blast of piercing sound struck The Wild Child and sent her flying. The Nephilim’s training and more Westing Soldier’s emerged and battle was joined.

The soldiers were more of a nuisance but the Nephilim was a powerhouse of sonic attacks. It was while avoiding these attacks that Rick was struck in the heart by a Westing Lancer. The alien spasmed as the death of his host dragged him down with it. Ryoku attempted to parlay with the Sonic-Type Nephilim but gave up as the creature made it clear that he was order to destroy all Krentine warriors. Mordrllyn foreseeing a prolonged battle against a powerful enemy called for his companions to retreat. He grabbed Rick’s body in his mouth and charged into the forest of battle.

Otherworldly black ichor seeped into the werewolf’s mouth, foul and sinister. It called itself Bloodshed and lived for destruction before it had found Rick’s body it had ridden many a different host. But Rick was different, the human’s love for his puppy had a strange effect. The Symbiosis was a two-way street and intent seemed to flow both ways. Hate and hunger had been tainted something foreign. Bloodshed communed with Mordrllyn and made promises of power, promises that the elf tentatively accepted. The two partially merged becoming stronger and more powerful than either imagined. Their minds touched briefly and they devised a plan. Fleeing from the Sonic Nephilim they came upon the rest of the party fighting amongst transmuted stone. Hundreds had died in the hour that the Battle for Rodan raged.

They took a momentary reprieve and discussed what their role should be in the historic clash that raged around them. The beast that the elf had worked so hard to suppress was being strengthened by the Alien Symbiote and together they put pressure on Mordrllyn’s self control. Thus tormented, the werewolf grew quickly tired of discussion and charged into the fray in search of Chimera. Reluctantly the others followed. They found General Chimera beside a pile of more than a dozen slain Westing soldiers. He looked back at the elf and smiled.

“I had assumed you fell in battle, my beastly friend. It pleases me to be wrong.” The wolf began a low growl. The general looked to Akira, in her normal place on the wolf’s back, and nodded.

“We were looking for you.” said the beast. In his mind Bloodshed chuckled. They would soon have their chance. The rest of the party arrived a moment later. Wounded and tired they still appeared formidable. The fighting warriors of the Krent and soldiers of The Queen gave the area a wide berth.

A lone rider approached bearing the standard or of High General Nakamura and behind him rode six horsemen. They cut a path through the carnage to stop in a skirmish line before the gathered adventurers. At their center, mounted on a grand black stallion, was the High General of North Westing. Seemingly out of the wind appeared two kunoichi one in black and the other in white, Davakyn and Cether Cos. The High General dismounted and the two leaders stared at each other across the field of battle.

“I knew that if I killed enough of your pawns you’d come, old man.” stated Chimera.

“I knew that if I searched the battlefield for a mad dog I’d find you, boy.” replied Ryusai Nakamura, High General.

“Mad dog. I like that.”


“It is a fitting spot for the two of us to clash. Our armies watch full of excitement and fear, an audience fit for a grand dance.”

“This will not be a dance. Men dance, dogs die.”

“I’ve never heard it said that High General Nakamura was one to fling insults. Have I offended?” Chimera’s chuckle was derisive and harsh.

“You were once a commander in The Queen’s army. You disgrace the uniform.”

“The Symbol has been found, the Dark Times approach, and the time of the matriarchy comes to an end.” Chimera chuckled once more. “That is what the fanatic might reply. The mad dog might declare that he wanted the challenge of crushing Queen Philippa's forces underfoot.”
“You also disgrace your family.”

“Family is overrated, Father.” stated Chimera far more seriously. Masaru looked to Solomon who also felt the shock of the general’s words. Mordrllyn had seen The Destroyer’s Eye and at that moment looking at The High General he could see the family resemblance.

“If your mother could see the dishonor you bring to the Nakamura line she would commit Seppuku.”

“My mother was not a Nakamura, as you have repeatedly reminded me.”

“Your birth mother loved the Nakamura enough to give her life, and your adoptive mother raised you as her own. Both would have been disappointed.”

“Don’t make me laugh, you talk of them as if they meant something to you. You loved neither of them!” Ryusai nodded his agreement. Sudden emotion awakened the Krent rage within and Chimera Nakamura’s eye began to bleed red.

Chimera threw off his robes and his Thousand Sword lept into his hand. The High General throw off his robes, mirroring his opponent’s actions. He raised his sword without removing the sheath. Mordrllyn moved forward and howled a beastly dirge. The horses panicked and the two ninja sprang to action. The wind around that little patch of battlefield grew brisk and raking. Nakamura and Nakamura released their warrior’s spirit like combatants of old Ying. The force of their clashing energies drove many to their knees. The winds rose.

As Chimera and Ryusai fought, Davakyn and Cether Cos engaged Akira and Dryden. The crossing of many storylines intertwined as the fate of North Westing was decided…

To Be Continued…

The destruction of the Krent forces outside of Rodan would spell an unexpected shift in the conflict and would later prove the foothold Lord Nakamura needed to win the war for The Queen."
-excerpt from a History of History vol. XII

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Sessions XXXVIII, XXXIX, and XXXX- The City of Destiny

It was a long march from the City of Rodan. The Krent Uprising had taken the city from its regent and his small force of city guards, hardened by the taking of Ortega it proved easy pickings. High General Nakamura retook the city in a single decisive battle. Victory saw the destruction of nearly half of the Krent forces, the defeat of General Chimera, and the putting of the freed slaves to rout. With little to no provisions the survivors made their way to the only remaining Krent bastion, Ortega. Many would die during the march.

Chimera spent the trip in a state of retrospective silence, giving only the barest of commands to Captain Vanilla given charge of leading the exodus. Most of his time was spent with Masaru attempting to hone his skills and seemingly to regain his confidence. The son of High General Nakamura brooded over his personal defeat but had little to say of the greater defeat The Krentine Uprising had been dealt. Hundreds of stories ended with exhaustion or hunger on the road to Ortega.

With Nakamura’s forces dogging their heels the surviving Rodan forces endured a grueling fourteen day march. Their arrival at the last Krent city was greeted by brothers in arms. The Krent forces under General Kharma Ordin celebrated those that made the journey whether soldier, freed slave, or Hero. Gifts were given to those that showed distinction during The Battle for Rodan. Each of the undercover Heroes of The Kingdom received a Sigil of the deity of their choice. While Doctor Kosey Sparkswell rushed to help in Ortega’s hospital Donte was got the party a place to stay in one of the many city barracks.

A night of reprieve, a night of prelude. A calm before the storm…

The next morning a messenger arrived with a missive for the group. It was Donte who accepted the package and read the magically engraved words so logically he was at the epicenter of the magical explosion. Kosey recognized that particular form of attack and as he voiced his suspicions the party of Bus 15’s arch nemesis revealed himself, The Ender Reborn. Yet it was not The Ender from that historic past but from their present. He was not going to let them ruin his plans and to ensure their defeat he set the barracks ablaze.

The party survived but in the chaos The Ender escaped. Dryden captured the messenger but he was unable to provide any useful information. The party regrouped as Masaru and Mordrllyn prepared for an audience with General’s Kharma and Chimera, and Kosey, Ghomo, and Xavros prepared for an appointment with Mother Dove. Things were coming to a head, they had made it to the heart of Krent territory and were closer than any outsider had ever come to seeing The Symbol. Every minute inched the group closer to a pivotal moment in history where the course of North Westing would forever change.

General Kharma was a massive barrel chested Krent formidable in his red, gold, and black armor. He had been a distinguished knight in the service of The Throne for almost three decades but when the call to rise came, he put obligation to his people over obligation to The Queen. He was a harsh man like most Krent commanders and led the Krent military with cunning and precision. He had expertly used Chimera’s combat prowess to out maneuver the Westing forces time and time again. He made no effort to hide his distrust of strangers helping the cause.
His words to Masaru lacked warmth but he appreciated the party’s hand in saving Chimera and had arranged for a banquet in their honor later that night.

While Masaru and Mordrllyn went to gather the party for the meal in their honor, Kosey and Ghomo were speaking with the head of The Temple of The Trinity, Mother Dove Fauste. He had managed to make quite a name for himself on the road from Rodan, saving many lives and making others comfortable before the end. There were very few in the profession of healing that had not heard of ‘The Doctor’. She was pleased to see that he had taken an interest in The Symbol and only took a little bit of prodding to be convinced to allow him to see the catalyst that inspired a revolution. What they found cast a completely different light on their mission. Guarded by two dozen of the best Krentine soldiers and an old Krent couple was a boy. Surrounded by a nimbus of nearly divine light the child possessed a secret knowledge that transcended his earthly vessel. He looked not into one’s eyes but into their soul. before The Symbol Kosey felt naked…

The banquet was a grand affair held in the mansion of Ortega’s former regent commandeered by Kharma. Well off merchants and distinguished members of the Krent army gathered under one roof to enjoy refreshments and celebrate their noble cause. No slaves served the gathering only volunteers. The party mingled with their peers and were made to feel like the heroes that they were all the while their thoughts were focused on overthrowing The Krentine Uprising. Masaru sat with Chimera who seemed to be at his very lowest point. The general drank flagon after flagon of wine as the bards played ballads of valor. The party was entering its second hour when Akira took the stage and made a fool of herself. No one heckled the wild child but many vowed to never hear her sing again.

Chimera felt it was as good a time as any to speak with the party in private. The group gathered and Chimera gave them a heartfelt toast, a toast to Liars and Betrayers. Suddenly on edge the party was ready for combat when the doors slammed behind them and The Ender Reborn once again showed his face. While Masaru and Mordrllyn had wormed their way into Chimera’s good graces they had forgotten the power of The Hero’s Rings. A bearer of the rings could not lie to a noble of the kingdom. Chimera was the son of High General Nakamura, a noble by blood. Chimera had always known of the party’s treachery and had wanted to learn what the group’s true intentions were. Chimera drew The Thousand Sword, Masaru drew The Frozen Mountain, The Ender drew upon his magics and battle was joined.

...Before The Symbol Ghomo felt lost for in the boy’s eyes the spellcaster saw his youth. It came as a sort of mental shock to realize that he was in fact The Symbol. His world became a spinning cyclone of thought and causality. The realization that the his strangely forgotten youth, the youth that his adopted parents never spoke of was such an important one. Those very parents tended to the child known as The Symbol ignorant of the future he would spend with them. Unable or unwilling to speak to his past self Ghomo left the talking to Kosey. What they learned was that The Symbol was one of three children born on the same day under the same constellations and having the potential to possess the same power. Only one could wield the power at any given time and each would bend the power in its own unique way. One would be a vessel of good, another bad and the last neutrality. One of the children had already been killed and The Symbol warned that death would soon come for those within Ortega.

Meanwhile The Ender and Chimera were giving The Heroes of The Kingdom the fight of their lives. Among the heroes Chimera had no equal in swordplay yet he allowed every strike to connect and with every blow he became harder to wound. With every passing moment he came faster and faster. These alone would have been enough to defeat the party but they also had to confront The Thousand Sword. Many thought the name came from the apparent speed of the attacks, seemingly striking lightning fast, but the blade’s true power came from its ability to imitate the powers of any sword it has faced. Calling on the abilities of The Frozen Mountain and Black, Chimera fought with a monster’s ferocity. The Ender on the other hand casually tossed spells of a higher order blasting his opponents into submission. It was Solomon that turned the tides of battle sacrificing his power as The Magi to don her mantle once more.

Chimera was unmatched in open combat but his pride proved his achilles heel. The Magi managed to snatch The Thousand Sword and in his rage Chimera revealed a darker power. The berserk fury that was unleashed nearly killed The Magi and Akira. In the end the enemy turned on each other with The Ender blasting the samurai through a wall. As the party gave chase their passage was barred by a massive projectile that smashed through the halls of The Regent’s estate. While the party of Bus 15 crossed horns with The Ender High General Nakamura’s forces surrounded Ortega. With the High General’s iconic ruthlessness The Sacking of Ortega had begun.

The Temple to The Trinity burned as half a dozen flaming catapult rounds burned buried in the heart of the structure. The city was ablaze and The Symbol prepared for his end. Kosey tore his eyes away from the smashed corpse of Mother Dove and wiped away a tear.

“We need to get you out of here.” he told the boy.

“All around us stories are coming to an end. People are dying, and people are scared. My safety is not as important as the lives being lost.”

“That is where you are wrong. These people are dying because they believe in you and what you symbolize. Besides…” Kosey looked at Ghomo who was still consumed by his own thoughts. “Ghomo, help me!”

“...” The detective looked into the eyes of his youthful self. “We can’t die here, there is too much that must be done.”

“You are incorrect.” said The Symbol. He gestured towards the broken bodies in the hall, mangled by a ton of burning stone. “We can die today and it may save millions of lives.”

“What about their lives?” asked Ghomo as he gestured to the Krent couple who would one day raise him. “I may not remember this time and place but I do remember that we love them and we would do anything to ensure that nothing happens to them.” The ever serene look on the boy’s face contorted. “Don’t fight that feeling. That’s what it feels like to care about others. Never forget it.”

The party fled the burning estate and through their connection of the rings were able to find each other in the mayhem. Together with a few children saved from the slaughter they watched Ortega burn from a distance, only two aware of what happened to The Symbol and the Ghomo family. They had accomplished their goal of finding and neutralizing The Symbol yet they felt nothing like heroes… many would ask for details of the night but The DOII would lock that knowledge away in their Vault of Secrets.

When High General Nakamura called for them on the following morning they had agreed on a tact for dealing with the warlord. His ruthless doctrine knew no bounds and even as he thanked the party for bringing the conflict to a swift end they were forced to watch as the commanders of The Krent army were executed for treason. Historically these men and women would be the last generation of Krent to be raised in the ways of the forefathers yet of all things this was the point that the heroes were able to make positive change. Beseeched by Akira and Masaru the High General was persuaded to stay his hand and spare those commanders that were not originally soldiers in The Queen’s armies. This would have unknown repercussions on their native timelines.

True to his word High General Ryusai Nakamura wasted no time escorting the party to Chipan, beset by constant civil unrest and in need of his stern hand. The warlord had another meeting with history in which he would quell The Riots of The Rabble. The party had plans to meet with Queen Philippa in hopes of giving her a piece of their minds but this would never happen. Once behind the walls of Chipan Ghomo was drawn to a familiar power and enraged by all of the bloodshed he was hoping to confront his tormentor, The Ender. What he found was another timerift and once again.

They fell through nothingness where there was no up or down, black or white... Time magic... The party had become a single point on that web and were spinning and falling to points unknown…

To Be Continued…

Note: I rushed this one to get it done before the next session, I might rewrite it later.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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42 Re: The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info on Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:39 pm

Sessions XXXX and XXXXI: Hero’s Welcome

After months of bouncing back and forth through time the heroes of Bus 15, Champions of UnderChipan, and Rebellion Breakers returned to the beginning. Chipan circa 40xx. For some it was a past that they had never experienced or a world strange and primitive. For others it was a chance to salvage a business left untended, a chance to console grief stricken families, opportunity to reclaim derelict public utilities, and a chance to visit long lost loves. A return home and a chance to come full circle presented itself.

Solomon wasted no time getting the party to his home for a much needed bath and a talk with his father. As the group recuperate he explained his absence. The two Suichiro men disagreed on certain points but overall the elder was impressed by the change he’d seen in his son. He was also impressed by the group the young noble had gathered to himself. They all feasted as a servant was sent to Castle Chipan to deliver a missive to The Lord Regent and heir apparent, Mallissan de Thymes.

Ghomo and Akira proceeded to explore the city while Reckless Gamble reached out to an old contact to sell the silverware they stole from the aforementioned dinner. Their first night in modern day Chipan was a night of downtime and reflection. The next morning Akira purchased a fancy Alligator skinned dress and the assistance of a young child for the day. She proceeded to find one of the city’s private libraries and research her patron goddess, Heron. The rest of the party was invited to an audience at Castle Chipan.

The party was surprised to be introduced to a ringbearer outside of their circle of friends. A man named Matthew Dragonwing, with considerable magical prowess. In a private meeting with the Regent and only those in her immediate cabinet the party laid out all that they’d seen and learned since their mission into The Residential District.

Someone sealed off a time warp in The Residential District
The time warp connected to a horrible bleak future where The Nightmare Moon has destroyed the world.
Chipan is under the control of Orion Organization Guyvers.
A second time warp tossed the party to a past embroiled in civil war.
The party helps decimate the rebels and secure their future.
A third time warp brought them back to the present.
And at all times The Ender Reborn or his agents were there to thwart their actions.

Mention of The Ender in any guise elicits a visceral response. The first Ender brought the entire realm to its knees and his return could represent a devastating time. Thus advised they left the regent to ponder the appropriate response. In the meantime The DOII began to enact a plan to counteract the coming darkness. By the timetable of that dark future two years after the Week of Games North Westing would fall into civil unrest at the hands of an army of Mind Ninjas. They would build their own army.

It was that night while Masaru and Akira were on a nightly stroll, sharing thoughts on Mordrllyn the elf they love that an old enemy revealed himself. Chimera and two lackeys, Rhino the Half-Giant and a beautiful Krent woman named Isis. Akira was eager to test her mettle but was easily dispatched by Rhino and his awakened mace. Chimera made his intentions clear. He was a knight whose purpose was to destroy enemy pieces in The Ender’s way. The party represented such pieces but he wanted them to know he was coming before the battle was joined.

Two weeks pass…

To Be Continued

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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43 Re: The Rising of The Nightmare Moon: Game info on Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:57 am

Session XXXXI.V: Dinner with New Friends

When Kosey and Ghomo gets to The Old Gamer he is directed by a serving boy to a small back room where Dragonwing and two older gentlemen are partaking of a large meal. Dragonwing greets the pair with a smile and welcomes them to sit and eat with them. Kosey introduces himself as Doctor Kosey Sparkswell, he shakes their hands and allows Ghomo the stage for his always elaborate introduction. The detective studies the two strangers.

Both are old and wrinkled unlike Dragonwing whose lines of age are small and compact. One is a full bearded Krent wearing robes in the colors of the old Krentine flag, the other is red of skin with long white hair and two small horns. The red skinned man is obviously from the nation of Marakesh, northwestern neighbor to North Westing. Their names are Gorgon Roads and Greshnim, respectively. Neither bare Hero’s Rings. Both study the duo as the duo studies them though they don’t allow it to disturb their meal.

After introductions were made Gorgon asked with raised eyebrow “Are you THE Doctor? The original from 40 years ago? You fit his build and description.”

“It seems to be the case.” Kosey replied. “I just wanted to help my wounded Brethren during the war as best as I could. Yet in the end it seemed my efforts were in vain.” The old Krent swallowed a mouthful of food and studied the stout detective.

“Brethren? You so freely use the old terminology. Were once strong people but the Krent of today have lost their identity. The the lose of The Symbol and the teachings of The Forefathers we are a diminished people. It is refreshing however to speak with one willing to ignore the stigma of the old uprising.” He pushes out the chair beside him. “Sit, Brother, eat with me like our forefathers of old.” The detectives sit and join the meal.

“I trust you understand my need for candor in regards to my beliefs? I am surprised that Dragonwing shared our information with you.” The three older men exchange glances.

“Matthew shared nothing with us.” corrected Greshnim. “He only said that we might be joined by interesting men with great plans. Gorgon is very good at reading into one’s words and you speak like he does when away from prying ears.” He gestures to the food at the table. “Please eat up and enjoy. I would learn why Matthew finds you both so interesting, besides your Hero’s Rings of course.”

“I see.” Kosey says around a braised leg of goat. “I do have plans that need to be made manifest.” The detective’s voice grows serious yet conversational. “I would like to reinforce the current peace that we share by gathering heroes both young, old, and in between. I intend to start a guild.” Kosey turns attention to Dragonwing. “I wished to speak to you because you seemed to possess wondrous skills in addition to wearing that ring which proclaims you a hero. I know we didn’t have time to speak before but I would like to learn more about you. I would know what are the goals of you and your erstwhile companions.”

The mention of peace elicited a chuckle from the Marakeshian. He refilled his plate from the abundance of food. Gorgon leaned forward in interest as Dragonwing made himself comfortable and lit a long pipe. Dragonwing took a long pull of scented tobacco before speaking.

“I guess my story can start nearly 50 years ago I discovered, like a handful of others, that i could generate and manipulate magic. I was too young to give thought to the resurgence of magic as many did, I only knew that I had a gift. I was eager to be of use, eager to make a difference. The opportunity cam and I didn’t hesitate.” He blew out a puff of smoke in the shape of a scorpion. “I joined a party of adventurers and used my gift to stop A Marakeshian invasion. Always crafty the Marakesh timed their attack to coincide with the climax of The Krentine Uprising. In the end we proved victorious against unbalanced odds and I was given a Hero’s Ring for my troubles. These old men chose other compensation.” He took another long pull of the pipe smoke.

I have had many goals over the years but of late I have been seeking out the antagonist that has been stirring up trouble in even the most remote corners of the realm. My ring drew me to Chipan and it seems that I might have found my query in the form of your Ender Reborn.”

Both Krent and Marakeshian look surprised to hear the name.

"Peace is a fickle creature. It dances with songs and laughter but then burns out when brushed by the spark of change." said The Doctor. "I suggest that we do not speak his name too loudly for he could have spies within earshot. but it seems we have been fighting your antagonist for a while now. I think that we can stave off what is to come if we all work together. You know what I and my other companions have seen. The one factor that was missing was us, and I aim to be here to make a positive change. Though I do not possess abilities like those of you and your friends I know I can do what I can." The Marakeshian again chuckles.

"You are a wordsmith of sorts with a knack for rallying the crowd, much like an old friend of ours." said Dragonwing, the three shared a hearty laugh to a private joke. "But what have you actually done towards stopping this terrible future that you hope to avert? You spoke to the young heiress but words can only accomplish so much. She is still a child and a politician. You need to take action not hope others will do it for you."

"And we will not be playing our hands until we know how many players are at the table." chimed in Gorgon. Greshnim nodded in agreement. "We have not lived to be old men by jumping headlong into danger or revealing ourselves without a plan of attack. You wish to build a guild? Why? How will that stop what is to come?"

"Words have caused nations to rise and fall. But I understand your feelings, actions are needed." Kosey Sparkswell paused. "What would you say if I said I have already changed the future? I cannot tell you how, for reasons precious, but I have changed it. Dragonwing will know that I speak the truth." I gesture to Dragonwing. "There are other things but as you said, we can’t put everything on the table as of yet. Only 24 hours have passed for me since I have set my plan in motion, in 24 more I will be ever closer to my goal." The detective decimated a rack of ribs like a man skilled at dining. "The reason why I want to build the guild is to create a league of adventurers that will perform missions with the sole purpose of being in our stead if we are thrown through the annals of time. To have an enduring impact in thwarting the actions of our enemies and to be a web of knowledge that will inform us of what is to come. If we gather those worthy of a ring in one place, foster their abilities and treat them as family we will be able to face off against the coming legions with our own. I plan on meeting the rising moon gentlemen, do you?"

The old men looked at each other for a long while before Matthew shrugged and smiled. The other two turned to the fat detective with earnest expressions. Greshnim, the Marakeshian, leaned forward.

"I have met many men like you, hoping to make a change gathering those of like mind to their cause. You are setting yourself up as a leader. You are making yourself a beacon. The trouble with beacons is that the brighter you shine the more attention you create. You will not just fight this Ender Reborn you will fight any who revel in the distinguishing of the light. You will make enemies for your guild but also for yourself. Are you ready to confront more than just the rising of the moon?” The old demon stabbed out with a hidden blade and pinned a porkchop to the table even as the detective attempted to claim it.

"In Marakesh we have a saying that roughly translates to Scorpions strike the man where he moves the most. The scorpions in my homeland are ever present and eager to sting."

Kosey smiled and nodded, relinquishing the food his belly craved. "I am sure that you have met many a men like me. For they are the ones who follow my example, the example of The Doctor. I am also sure that there are some who will call me their enemy, but in truth I am not fighting just for myself, my comrades or my love ones; but I will be fighting for them too." Kosey and Ghomo take a sip of my wine in unison a subconscious sign of their partnership.

"I believe that they will see this and become my allies, for when the moon rises all will want to stand against it. And who better to stand side by side with than your greatest rival? Who better to stand with than the one who pushed you to such greatness?" I shrug "At least that's what the intelligent man or woman would do. I realize that all scorpions won’t see it as I do, and that's why I wont be the only one standing at the top when the day comes. Heroes Ring is more than just one man, its a circle of comrades, each has a unique mind but a common goal. If I fall others will take my place, but I will fall as a man who will do his very best to do what I think is right."

As planned the leaders of The DOII both raise their empty glasses.

"The three of you should join us at our guild. We will need individuals of wisdom, intelligence and strength by our side." spoke The Doctor and as always others listened.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Session XXXXII-XXXXIII: Quarantine

The Heroes Ring. A brotherhood, a movement, a counterstrike. An Adventurer’s guild created to unite people of like mind and skill together in hopes of pooling skills and resources but also as a means to covertly begin the training of an army capable of standing against the coming tide.

Negotiations with the city treasurer and former regent, Kisuke Deacon, earned The Heroes of The Kingdom a large lot near the barren piers of The Dead Docks. Alien Alchemy, a decent chunk of coin, and old fashioned elbow grease allowed for the creation of a guildhall and headquarters in a little under two weeks time. The end result was a stronghold of underground rooms and aboveground halls to act as a bastion of freedom that would weather the coming conflicts and The Rising of The Nightmare Moon. Unfortunately the party quickly realized that funding such an endeavor would be far more costly than they could afford. Undaunted Kosey set others to task: Xavros and by extension Dryden were sent to infiltrate the underworld, Solomon was challenged to find a way to use his family name to gather some much needed gold.

Reckless Gamble wasted no time gaining leadership of The Barrel Boys and with one of Chipan’s two metahuman gangs under their control they extended their feelers to get a sense of the state of the seedier side of the city. They didn’t get much information but they did get their foot in the door. Solomon proved a bit more successful. Under the guise of The Magi and using his father’s connections he held a small tournament with the prize being membership in Heroes Ring. The turnout was moderate but produced interest that led to a small group of businesses and investors approaching Kosey with idea of forming a Board of Directors.

Akira researched the goddess of death and took a trip to the Polgo Forest where she met an old ranger. The wild child had become obsessed with Heron and Umma Gellose. Ryoku attempt to find his father proved harder than expected as the former Nephilim Trainer once again donned his old monicker of Bloody Carlito. An arena battle opposite Carlito’s bloodthirsty Nephilim left Juan/Ryoku licking his wounds and wondering how he would get through to his grief crazed sire. Masaru spent time with his love and reason for being.

The Black Guard Corporation, having heard of the guild through their financial dealings in The Dead Docks, offered to donate money to their new neighbors. This made The DOII detectives wary but after a bit of investigating decided to accept the gold. This only left the interviewing of the potential board. Consisting of all interested parties excluding only the very newest of guild members the meeting was used as a way of vetting the candidates. Much was learned about the investors’ motivations but no board was finalized. The heroes went their separate ways, continuing their own private stories in Chipan.

Week 3

A messenger arrived at the guildhall with word from the Lord Regent. She requested help for the city watch who had a dangerous health crisis on their hands. A group was dispatched led by Kosey Sparkswell to join with Captain Philip Williams. What he shared with them was a bit disturbing. Earlier that morning the city watch responded to an assault within The Merchants District. Whatever they found only allowed one survivor. The dying man spoke of insane citizens attacking each other with abnormal strength and relentless persistence. The second squad to respond never returned. Unwilling to risk anymore unnecessary lives the regent ordered the area quarantined by military Gun Smiths and the Heroes of The Kingdom were sent for.

Armed with their formidable skills and hunches born of speaking with The Watch; Kosey, Mordrllyn, Xavros, Akira, Ryoku, and Rick entered the quarantine in search of a sickness that was making the infected berzerk.

Back at the guildhall Ghomo and Donte fielded a new case for the DOII. They were asked to find Mr. Alexi Ward, the son of a wealthy business man. Enlisting Masaru as muscle the two searched the young man’s home on The Boulevard of Thought. What they found was a possible break-in, notes on local dig sites, and references to Sarnic Astrology… not to mention a poison gas trap.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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The gods

The Natherine, Gods of the Old Balance

Though older than The Gods of Creation there have been very few records kept of their worship or theology. Only their devoted priesthood exist to spread their ancient words of wisdom through word of mouth. Many call the Natherine, The Old Ones, associating them with the beings believed to inhabit the planes before The Darkness was pushed back. The disparity in time is one of many mysteries that surround The Natherine Pantheon.

The lack of written lore is attributed to the declining acceptance by modern society. Natherine worship is kept primarily by more primitive and tradition oriented societies like that of the Marakesh, old Quish, and up until their doomed uprising the Krent.

The Natherine

The Trinity- King of the Natherine, Embodiment of The Sun/Moon/Earth
Agragon,The Spear of Destiny- Warlord of the Natherine, The Guider of Fate
Therond, Walker of the Wilds- Lord of the natural world and messenger of the gods
Dionine, Midnight Arrow- Queen of Thieves
Dancing Twins- The embodiment of duality, symbols of the difference between men and women
Hammer of Justice- The judge, bringer of law
Rwaven, The Lost- Master of Betrayal

The Gods of Creation

The Creation of The Light states that when life first appeared on Urth it was in the form of the first elves, and primitive man. Born into existence to guide and direct them were The Creators. While The Natherine busy themselves with their endless war against The Darkness and are too aloof to be concerned with the dealings of man, The Gods of Creation expend all of their energies manipulating the affairs of mortals in their guidance of fate.

Throughout Urth’s many civilizations there are dozens of tomes documenting the many Creators though most only concern themselves with the nine greater deities.

The Creators

JiYo- God of The Scales, Bringer of Justice
Heron- Goddess of Death
Lem- The God of Irony
Mirrored Helcion- God of Mischief
Helcion- Goddess of Heroic Deeds
Malcontessa- Goddess of The Bleak Beyond
Uma Gelose- God of The Green Expanse
Leviathan- Lord of The Seas
Lucine- God of The Skies

Sarnic Cult

The high priest of Sarna wear the scriptures of the cult upon their flesh and upon death that flesh is woven into a new copy of The Black Book. It is said that The Creator Sarna, god of corruption, descended from godhood to share the true word among his followers. He taught that godhood or more importantly demonhood could be achieved by any mortal thus godhood was a farce. This subversive belief system was not something that the Creationist temple could let stand and a pogram destroyed the followers of Sarna. Yet on the fringes small sects of Sarnic cultist arise to continue to spread the teachings of demofication.

Sarna- not considered a god as much as the figurehead and leader of the Sarnic movement

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Year of Games- First Quarter Part I

The Quarantine

The streets of the quarantined zone were barren save for the debris of a hastily fled warzone. A blanket of broken glass and blood led the party toward the center of the madness. They searched for clues as to what caused the outbreak, and more importantly how to stop it from spreading. Kosey focused on the epidemiology, Akira wished to engage the threat and test her blade prowess. Akira proved more successful than the investigator as she took to the rooftops and flushed out the infected. They moved like raging primates with a strength nearly three times that of a normal man. They were ravenous and relentless and capable of regenerating mortal damage within seconds. Once the wild child initiated the fight. it wasn’t long before the monsters poured out of the abandoned zone and surrounded the heroes.

The battle was intense. Ryoku bound his Divine Core to Kosey to allow The Dr. to combine the power of Nephilims with his medical knowledge. Together they cleansed all that Ryoku’s psychic mind could reach. A fight that was turning desperate became a poultice driven by The Hero’s Ring. Five lives were saved including the elven host of the alien symbiote, Bloodshed. Unfortunately Akira fell to a purple charged grenade, ‘friendly’ fire from the gambler. The party regrouped and continued towards the center.

In their moment of need the party was approached by The Oathsworn Family. The first was Maximus Oathsworn the sniper but as important business called him away he was replaced by the warrior pugilist, Mark.

Philip Williams, a captain in the City Guard, had asked the heroes to find the source of the plague and those that created it. This led them to ENDURE medical labs. It was at this lab that the party faced the infected patient zero, the beast calling itself The Perfect Specimen. This encounter ended in the death of Mordrllyn, the destruction of Mark, and the reawakening of The Amulet of Anubis. No one knows for certain what events transpired at the closing of the confrontation but the pillar of red energies that destroyed the ENDURE labs and any evidence of the origin of the infection was seen as far as three miles away from Chipan. In the end it was The Ender that brought Xavros back to himself though bound to the gem of the amulet… and it’s creator.

They stopped the spread of the contagion but lost all possible signs of its source. Many fear that it could resurface again, sometime, somewhere.

The Curious Case of Alexi Ward

Investigating the young nouveau riche revealed a steady spiral into madness centered around the journal of his grandfather, Charles Dexter Ward, and the cult of Sarna. All clues led to a dig site three days south of Chipan and something known as The Ritual of Separation. Both Wards seemed determined to remove the Mask of the World. Thus prepared the party planned to head south but not before being abducted by The Masked Raiders. Ghomo’s silver tongue turned a potentially dangerous situation into a business venture and soon The Hero’s Ring was set to receive income both from the Ward family and the street gang once Alexi Ward was returned safe and sound.

There came a small hiccup when The Masked Raiders and The Oathsworn locked horns, sworn enemies drenched in bad blood. The ensuing misunderstanding resulted in the destruction of forty percent of the guild hall. The Oathsworn/Masked Raiders feud had spread to Chipan and would result in life loss and destruction for all involved.

The dig site proved to be much more than the party expected. The party entered an old temple to Sarna and a dumping ground for the remains of ritual sacrifices. As they walked those unhallowed halls they were attacked by filthy disease riddled Otyugh. After a long battle the party found a storage room where prayer altars were kept. It was here that they found a bewildered Alexi Ward and a life sized ebony statue of Charles Dexter Ward. Though the old temple promised riches the group elected to return young Master Ward back to the city.

After revealing the Quarter that time forgot, saving the future from The Hive Queen, and guiding the course of history during The Krentine Uprising The Heroes of The Kingdom spent their much needed reprieve doing small jobs for the present unawares of the fires of war being stoked.

To be continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Year of Games- First Quarter Part II

The Elementalist

After having traveled for longer than she could recall, she collapsed in a heap of discarded cloth and lapsed into a spell of much needed rest. By the time she awakened day had come bringing with it the prospect of eating the last of her provisions. After wolfing down a meager breakfast she explored the abandoned excavation site she'd found in the dark of night. Unfortunately she didn't find much: a small tin of matches, a hunting knife and a dozen silver coins. None would fill her belly once her food ran out. The site was built at the entrance to a cave but she wasn't ready to explore it though getting a bit of earth over her head seemed extremely appealing. Her gut told her to wait. There was abandoned and then there was abandoned.

She moved her bedding to a spot overlooking the opening and consumed the last of her foodstuff. Her stomach growled in protest but she managed a dreamless sleep. Gina awoke to the sound of an engine approaching.

The Dimension Jumper

He again questioned his judgement. The device had been designed meticulously for one purpose; to bring him to a place where he could find the power to bring back his wife. It brought him to a nightmare world where machines were attempting to terminate all sentient life in order to defeat a tyrannical 'Wizard'. Then they appeared, The Heroes. Together they defeated the robots and then offered to take him to their proper time.

Their leader was also some sort of wizard, one that showed great potential. They had struck a deal of mutual assistance. Yet that had been so long ago. Donte had grown impatient after dealing with civil wars, dragons, and mad cultist. Other plans had to be made. 'The Heroes' wanted to search for treasure in an old temple. It would kill time and fill their guild's coffers but it would not bring his wife back. That was all Donte cared about, bringing her back by any means necessary.

As soon as the party reached the dig site it was obvious that someone else had been there in the time since they'd exhumed Alexi Ward. They made preparations and headed in. He marveled at the different powers employed by the people around him. In his would they would have been classified as Mutants, hunted down, and quarantined by State Alchemist. Here they were adventurers and treasure hunters.

When they reached the dump site Donte had to choke back bile as the stench of death attacked his nose.

The Honest Businessman

The slums of Westingport, the streets of Pandaburg, and The Dead Docks of Chipan. Each had its own unique stench but none as foul as the mass grave they found in the old Sarnic temple. He'd seen death many times since those flowers destroyed his childhood yet never like what they'd found. It reminded him of the Krent at Ortega, so many reduced to nothing but meat sacks. Their luck had run out. Xavros prayed to Lem, The God of Irony, that his would hold up as his party looted the tomb.

The first time in the dumping room they fought a swarm of filthy garbage eating aberrations. With Donte's 'magic' and Masaru's Frozen Mountain the creatures had been nothing. Xavvy would have wagered that the place would be empty of enemies, he would have lost that bet. The place was crawling with the vermin, nearly triple in number but smaller. He led them around to the ledge Rick had found on their first trip and came upon a pair of candelabra. Their craftsmanship was unremarkable, not worth more than a couple hundred silver, the candles they held were different.

Exile From Another World

The candles. Familiar, felt like home. Delicious death filled the air. Old. New. Death. Gggoooddd.

The candles. One, words, open. One, words, message.

The purple one lit the candles.

A face. The Lighter of The Way. The Lighter demands the blood price. I pay it. He lights the way.

To Be Continued...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Year of Games- First Quarter Part III

The Nephilim that was once a Man

At that moment he could not hear Shandii or Ryoku but instead of quiet his mind was abuzz with dozens of voices. Most were unintelligible nonsense but some of the voices were clear, clearly fearful and anguishing in infinite pain. The silver and gold trail led to a locked door then a minor burial chamber. The voices were louder within. He was straining to truly hear what they had to say when the apparition attacked.

The Nephilim was overcome with fear; fear of death and fear of the awesome power dwelling inside of him. He watched unable to react as the party's attacks passed almost harmlessly through the ghost. Mundane weapons were proving ineffective. The same thing happened when the warrior Nephilim, Adonis, fought the Nephilim Gorgon the master of pain. That battle had been hard to watch and left Adonis no choice but to retire. The ghost struck through their armor as if they wore none. It would have eventually killed them all if not for Rick.

The Heir to Saito

The bite of The Frozen Mountain left an icy slash across the phantom’s chest but it continued undaunted. The creature revealed it true and horrible visage and even Rick shuddered at its sight. That was when Masaru knew that they were in trouble. Rick was fearless in the face of danger, making him a worthy challenge for any brave bushi but he also possessed The Number Two Blade... yet even with that great sword the ghost pushed him back with but a look. Masaru prepared to unleash the full power of El Frio de Montana when the spectre and Rick began speaking in the harsh Sarnic demonspeak. The nobleman was about to ask what was being said when fast as snake Rick launched himself across the room and struck Sayuri a fearsome blow.

She was a new recruit of The Hero’s Ring. Masaru did not know her but she was a part of the team which made her at least partially his responsibility. The blood from the wound was absorbed by the ghost and its energies quickly faded. The samurai blocked the elf's path prepared to finally pit his awakened blade against a weapon crafted by the gods. The monster in elven clothing gave a quick explanation and the party accepted it, so the bushi sheathed his blade. But he trusted the creature even less.

After looting the burial chamber they found a secret door and another locked door. They were so preoccupied with avoiding more ghost that Xavros missed a pressure plate in the hall. The trap sent electricity surging through half of the party. It was the thief's job to handle the van. For Masaru Saito guarding the rear required watching for enemy attack and watching the enemy within.

Warrior Telepath

The inner sanctum was empty of the tormented minds that seemed to permeate the Sarnic dig site yet felt more foreboding. As the others searched for treasure the Nephilim used his neophyte third eye to sense the source of his misgivings. Was it the obscene frog statue with its two sets of male genitalia, the ancient scroll between its metal lips, the wax coated table with its sinister writings? All of them were dwarfed by the bundle Rick discovered under the table. It whispered of riches and ruin, and once again he felt fear.

He had stood against The Kitchen Army, The Guyver Army, The Westing Army, The Ender Reborn and The Legendary General Chimera. He could always hear Shandii telling him that he was a powerful and brave hero capable of tackling any challenge... But party of him would always fear that maybe he couldn't. Thus stifled, Ryoku just watched as The Deck of Many Things was awakened. Unfortunately the cards awakened someone else. She appeared in an eruption of flame and snatched Sayuri and the power of The Hero's Rings before vanishing. He reached out for Ghomo through their connect born of the rings and felt nothing.

There was no time for panic to set in however because in the aftermath of drawing from The Deck the statue came to life. Things happened very fast then: Xavros had either grabbed the scroll as the beast attack or his taking of the scroll caused the beast's attack, an unexpected explosion fell Gina, and the party's shadows attacked. Donte used his magics in concert with The Frozen Mountain to trap the monster as Xavros assaulted it. As always it took the party being up against the ropes that spurred Ryoku into action. He held the creature at bay until it could be destroyed in an explosive release of ice, metal, and kinetic energy.

The Elementalist/The Body Snatcher

What is happening? I feel you... inside of me.
Just relax. I can save you. Just relax. Relax. Let me in.
Why? What happened to me?
You are dying. I can save you. Relax. It feels weird now but if you stop resisting you will grow to love it
... save me. I won’t resist.

They stood up haltingly at first and they saw the world in a new light. For him it was seeing the world through the eyes of a woman with earth in her blood. Every stone had a name, a feel, a weight about them. For her it was like the world had always had some sort of filter suppressing its light, its vibrancy, its life. They both shuddered with excitement. His strength became hers his vitality flowed through her veins. Her knowledge was his and he reveled in all he could absorb. She lost herself in the gifts he bestowed, gradually sinking deeper into her mind and giving him more control.

He wanted her body, her sword, and whatever else he could take but he wanted it to be a willing exchange like what he had with Isaiah. The symbiote felt a pang of regret. The cards had stolen the elf’s mind, his first real friend in this world. He wanted him back and when the time came to choose between staying within Gina and losing the elf ranger’s body. He chose friendship… for the moment.

I’ll be back. Relax. We can be a powerful team.
...I want it, I want it willingly…

The Honest Businessman

Inside the frog monster were the charred remains of two humans and a couple dozen platinum pieces. The party looted while the honest businessman hid his pilfered scroll.once their pockets were lined they had a brief discussion about saving Sayuri. Which led to another discussion on saving new members of the guild. The debate continued as they retraced their steps. Smoke and the stench of burning flesh met them halfway. By the time they reached the main chamber it was engulfed in flame, its exits blocked by walls of white fire. The white fire defended itself against any attempts to snuff them out. Seeing that their only option was a passage on the far end of the chamber Xavros convinced Gina to produce a stone walkway over the blaze. The thief was betting that it was all a trap.

Having triggered multiple traps Xavros gave instructions to staff a safe distance behind him. He led the way down the only hall empty of flames. He was so busy looking for mechanical traps that he walked right into the spider’s lair. The strange woman that had taken Sayuri. The young noble was nowhere to be found. The stranger wore outdated clothing but her jewelry was vintage. Even at a glance he could see that she carried a few thousand gold around her neck. Her finger bore a familiar ring and around her spun a kaleidoscope of energies. Flame was at her beck and call.

She claimed to have been sleeping for more than six hundred years before their toying with The Deck. She wielded a ring of heroes and the knowledge of how to use them nonchalantly. She wanted to know why the party traveled with an enemy of The Devas but was willing to trade that enemy, Sayuri, for a chance to speak with the current leader of The Heroes of The Kingdom. Xavros saw a chance to make a new ally and was in no real position to negotiate. reluctantly he made the deal as his mind raced with possibilities. The odds of the stranger helping in the war against The Ender was high, so he rolled the dice.

The real treasure room was full of riches that would fill his pockets and there was a little for the guild coffers as well. The stranger had snuffed out the flames and waited in awe by the party’s “honestly” acquired cars.

New recruits, new business ventures, and new adventures awaited as The Hero’s Ring began its ascent.

Two Months pass...

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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The Devas

The Devas are creatures of legend believed to be the embodiment of nature. These immortal beings have existed since the beginning of time as wardens of their respective spheres. Their worship predates that of The Creation Gods and was practiced primarily by the Gnomes and Mountain Elves of Kadden. In modern day only a few orders of druids continue to deify These powerful nature spirits.

The Devas are broken into two orders: The Bound, and The Infinite. Not much is known about the distinctions between the two but it is said that The Bound act as enforcers and vassals for the latter. Originally The Infinite numbered seven: Metal, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Nature(The Natural World), and Light. However 18 years ago a great schism disrupted the balance and divided the Devas and for the first time the spirits of the natural went to war. The Deva of Wind and The Deva of Nature were slain leaving their seats vacant for the first time in history. It is said that this is all due to a single act of betrayal that must be avenged before order can be restored.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

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When Worlds Collide: First Encounters

Two months proved a long time for our heroes.  Time for the guild to grow in renown, time for the important work to continue.  There would come a time in the near future where the guild would be the only thing standing between prosperity and the rising of The Nightmare Moon.

The morning was busy for many of the key players of our little drama.  Xavros stood before his horde of honest and extremely honest businessmen and gave his monthly speach.  He had been their leader for nearly three months and the coffers continued to fill.  He had even stopped using the threat of Dryden’s wrath as a means of keeping the thugs in line.  Oathsworn activity within Chipan had dwindled to almost nothing and with the success of the gangs new hideout Xavros wanted his people on the streets hustling.  In Acre Sayuri struggled with the stresses of managing a stronghold and its vassals lands.  The old logging community was on its last legs and it was everything she could do in gifting the owner of the general goods store money to restock his shelves.  How she would get the townspeople the money to pay for his goods was just another task before her.  Desperate and at her wit’s end she set out for Chipan and counsel.

Ryoku/Juan finally was able to speak with his father, Bloody Carlito, who had cut a swath of destruction throughout the region’s Nephilim Arenas.  Using the telepathy granted him by Shandee’s Divine Core Juan was able to show his father the truth of his fate.  The man’s relief was eclipsed only by his rage.  Another enemy of The Ender was born and his son gave him the task of collecting more Nephilim for their cause.  Donte however reaped the rewards of his research into Nephilims and their connection to their masters.  He and his new apprentice, Adam, discussed the bond between master and pet as well as the merits of keeping multiple pets.  They both agreed that the topic required more data and listed which guild members would be best suited to help.  Masaru awoke to unwanted visitors; The Ender, Chimera, and Davakyn.  Over breakfast the heir to Saito was given a message to deliver to the guild.  The Ender was willing to cease hostilities if the heroes stopped meddling in his affairs.  He made it clear that if there was any interference in his next endeavour their would be dire consequences.

It was midday when the storm clouds rolled in a heralded the arrival of the guild’s new clients.  Their names were Magnus and Michelle and they claimed to be soldiers from another dimension seeking sanctuary and assistance.  The male had sustained numerous wounds from a furious sword fight, the female had exhausted her energies and left herself in a coma.  The former was fixed by the guild’s doctor and a bit of Donte’s alchemy until he realised who exactly he was treating.  Magnus was from a world not unlike the world of our heroes but in his world magic was a myth and science reigned supreme.  In his world people like him, people like the party members, were labeled as mutants and hunted down by a militant nation supported by gifted men and women known as State Alchemist.  He and the members of his order were the only thing standing between the enemy and the eradication of their people but they were woefully outnumbered.  Their only hope was believed to be some kind of spacial anomaly believed to be the spawn of an expenditure of extraordinary power.  Unfortunately the order’s leader had other plans and in attempting to thwart him Magnus and Michelle were forced to jump through.  They arrived in a field a days ride north of Chipan with former allies hard on their heels.  His powers led him to the guildhall and the coin in his pocket brought the assistance of The Heroes of The Kingdom.

Magnus warned of his former leader, Aries, and his plan to use the anomaly to dominate both worlds.  He surmised that if the heroes; Xavros, Masaru, Gina, Rick, and Sayuri would be enough to defeat the two that had followed him through the rift.  Leaving Michelle behind to recover the party left early the next morning, with the flexing of his mind Magnus took the party from Chipan to the outskirts of Acre in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately the anomaly was attended by four of Magnus’ order, The Fates.  Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, and Pisces listened to Sayuri’s futile attempt at diplomacy and gave the party an ultimatum: surrender and be reprogrammed or face violence.  The party drew their weapons and prepared for combat…

The ensuing slaughter would have claimed the lives of some of The Hero’s Ring’s best and brightest if Magnus had not snatched them back to the hall just before the jaws of death closed.  Out of danger for the moment the party regrouped.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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