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The Coming Knight....

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1 The Coming Knight.... on Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:59 pm

As a mist desends on the quaint little town, no one notices its near transparent tentacles reaching, searching and killing all sound. From one small corner of this joyful hamlet the silence hunts and murders. Silence spreads, the mother's cry and the babies wail never heard, never noticed as they die. Finally someone sees the fallen, stark faces of the children already lost to the silent horror..Too late, much too late.

Panic strikes this town of over 100 families. Everyone rushes to and fro in fear not for themselves but thier loved ones. The mist comes alive. Tentecales whip into moving bodies. They stop, they die. The cries of the living become a chorus of pain and fear heard only by those dead ears. Quiet, quiet now as the last soul is found and stilled. Nearly 500 souls stilled. Lighting flashes silently thru the mist. Still not a sizzle or crack of electricity.

No sounds, no breath, no life remains.. as something moves thru the mist. Quietly, quietly the form takes shape and a gauntleted hand examines the work it has done for the master. The silent body of a boy rests where he was struck down. Wide eyed and gray, skin still soft but cold, a single tear had time to escape down his cheek. No simpathy is found in the face that examines him, just triumpth, victory, the first strike has landed. War is all that is left now. Then darkness falls......

Now the gaunlet is thrown and the stage is set for .....THE COMING KNIGHT...

This is the introduction to the new campaign I'll be running with DQ rules and using Palladium resource material. Please read more in the discussion forum. Character selection will be complete on mon 5 sept.

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