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magic the gathering duels of the plainwalker...2012

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I've been playing the MTG for the 360 and its not that bad they have that boss battle mode alcemy (orwhatever its called) and that's pretty fun. But the best part of the game is the challanges, I don't know if anyone has ever read a chess book (I used to read them like crazy when I was younger) you know mate in two moves and they set the peices up for u, while the magic challanges is like that u have to beat them in one or two turns using the cards givin, the first few are easy but the last like five are really hard. But its makes u think. I wish magic online would have more of those they where really fun to try and figure out. And then there's the computer u play its not as dumb as last years game sometimes they make really good moves but I don't think I've ever seen them get mana fucked I know when u have to play with them on ur team they can be kinda stupid... anyways I think its worth a shot for every magic player out there :-)

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I was into it for a second but after I brought the full version they released 2013, which you have to pay for again... I love wizards because they make my favorite games and publish the books I loved as a kid but fuck that, they aren't going to milk me like some awesome titted cow!

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