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The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner

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1 The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Mon May 16, 2011 3:07 am

This thread will be for PC information and NPCs of importance.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Prince Hermes Kaladon IV- Human Knight, Khourie

As the youngest son of King Kaladon III he is the heir to the throne of Tantarie. He is a war veteran and a skilled leader; some call it the product of years of training others say he was born to command. When The King decreed that a group of adventurers be sent to find The Horn of Asclepius Hermes IV was the first man to step forward. He is a fearless warrior, a master rider and a man of blazing passions.

Primary Weapon: Light Lance
Secondary Weapon: Long Sword*

Prime Attributes: Dex, Int, Cha

Bolgris Hammerstein- Half-Orc Fighter, Jose

Since the Fall of Gorgonson, when the first Hammerstein stood beside King Kaladon on the field of victory, five Orcs of The Hammerstein Tribe has served as protectors and companions of the Kaladon line. When Prince Kaladon stepped forward Bolgris was right beside him. Among those trained by Hector Bruce, royal Man-At-Arms, there are very few that can compete with the martial prowess of the newest Hammerstein. His fervor in battle is matched only by his drive to honor his tribe and the royal family they protect.

Primary Weapon: Lucerne Hammer*
Secondary Weapon: Light Hammer

Prime Attributes: Str, Con

Hawke Deathknell-Human Fighter, Terrell

Not much is known about Deathknell except that whenever his famous blade has seen bloodshed war has been on the horizon. Is he a herald of dark times or just a man always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Whispers of bad omens and fabled fighting talent follow him as he travels the land. It was such whispers that brought him to King Kaladon's attention. His fee was not small but neither is the task at hand.

Primary Weapon: Scythe*
Secondary Weapon: Sickle*

Prime Attributes: Str, Dex, Wis

Llywellen Erandell, Manhunter- Elf Ranger, Patrick

Within the Four Kingdoms no hunters or trackers are more revered than The Stalkers of the Elven Hunt. The Stalkers use their skills to keep the humanoid populations in check and are feared by The Drow of The World Below. It was The Elven Hunt that tracked down Gorgonson on that fateful day. It was The Stalkers that kept his minions at bay while Kaladon and Hammerstein defeated the evil warlord. Llywellen was hand chosen by The Elven Huntmasters to help the fellowship find The Horn. He is an expert hunter with many prolific kills to his name. He represents the majesty of the elves and the deathly percission of The Elven Hunt.

Primary Weapon: Long Bow*
Secondary Weapon: Hand Axe

Prime Attributes: Str, Dex

Duncan Kingsley- Human Cleric, Chad

Touched by the gods in the small town of Bristledown, Duncan Kingsley's quickly became famous for his divine gifts. Treating contaminated water, teaching proper wound cleaning, spreading the word of his god; all of these things were just stepping stones toward his saving of Dame Wallace from an overwhelming paralysis. All of Tantarie know the name of Father Duncan Kingsley. It was this fame that brought him to the attention of The King's Advisers. It was the advisers that believed that a desperate gamble like seeking The Horn, an undertaking destined to fail, needed someone as loved by the people like Father Kingsley. He and Prince Hermes are the public faces of the fellowship.

Primary Weapon: Long Spear
Secondary Weapon: Light Hammer

Prime Attributes: Con, Wis, Cha

Brixx Blazington- Human Wizard, Daniel Lopez

Stone Blazington destroyed The Ark of Undeklick The Goblin Mucketimuck. Mud Blazington defeated Chief Lionflank of the Black Gnoll Clan on the backs of Corpse River. Stixx Blazington toppled The Tower of Crinkly Eyes with a single incantation. The Scourge of Valecroft was imprisoned by Rock Blazington. And Pebbles Blazington brought down the barriers that protected Gorgonson's base camp. Every century sees the rise of the fabled Blazingtons and one of these special spellcasters changes the course of history. Stone trained Mud, Mud trained Stixx, Stixx took Pebbles under his tutelage and Pebbles took Brixx under his wing. As the ocean of time changes its tide and the waves of change rise and crest it is Brixx who was sent to aid in the search for The Horn and uphold The Blazington name.

Primary Weapon: Quarterstaff
Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Prime Attribute: Int, Wis, Cha

Numbly "The Kid"- Halfling Rogue, Raheem

The bill of charges kept in the royal archives charges the defendant known as 'The Kid' with crimes against The Crown and sentences him to no less than twenty years imprisonment. The text is very vague in regards to what exactly it is that he has done, as it should be. In the 800 year history no one has ever stolen the crown jewels... except for the three times that they were. There has never been any record of these thefts as such no one has ever been executed for them. However there is a special wing of the royal dungeons where those criminals, that can't possible exist, rot for crimes, they can’t possibly have committed. Maybe One of these hypothetical ne'er-do-wells, we'll call him Numbly, might have been given an opportunity to earn his freedom if he helps retrieve The Horn of Asclepius and keeps the secret of his nonexistent deeps to himself.

Primary Weapon: Light Crossbow
Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Prime Attributes: Dex, Int

Kyla Kaladon/Aphrodite- Human Bard, Anessa

Years in a castle as a veritable prisoner only able to see the world through books, hearing the world through the tales of visitors and servants, only hearing the world through song and feeling the world through dreams of escape could create two types of people. The first being a sheltered brat prone to explosive outburst of fanciful entitlements and crazed fits of rebellion. The second being a crafty girl who escapes the confines of her home at every possible turn to secretly ply her talent as the Bard Aphrodite Sweettongue. Kyla Kaladon, being cut from her particular cloth, chose to be both. It was at the request by very influential merchants that Aphrodite Sweettongue be added to the fellowship's roster. She enjoyed listening to her oblivious father plead with her to help Prince Hermes on his quest. She knew her disguise was good but she couldn't believe her luck as she road alongside her brother without him knowing she was even there.

Primary Weapon: Short Sword
Secondary Weapon: Short Bow*

Prime Attribute: Str, Wis, Cha

Wenngal Mountainfist- Dwarf Barbarian, Tony the Tiger

The Mountainfist clan of The Guardian Mountains can boast no greater warrior than Wenngal. Goblins, kobolds, and orcs were no match for his family axe, known as Cleaving. He defeated The Beast of The Name So Fearsome That It Is Called Fluffy after four days and three nights of battle. He is the only member of the clan to ever enter Taliver, being five steps further than any other Mountainfist. It was during one of his few and colorful visits to the Tantarie capital that he met Aphrodite. Over a number of drinks, that would have killed a normal man, the two became fast friends. Together they terrorized hordes of goblins and an equal amount of ill-prepared barkeeps. Dwarves are notoriously stubborn and besides just because he wasn't employed by King Kaladon doesn't Wenngal would miss an opportunity to sample all the beer the kingdom could offer beside his beautiful companion.

Primary Weapon: Battle Axe*
Secondary Weapon: Sling

Prime Attributes: Dex, Con

Micah of The Fist- Half-Elf, Lloyd

Once every century the monks of The School of The Fist allow one student that proves himself worthy entrance into the single room at the top of the ancient structure's single spire. Within that solitary and secluded room techniques secret and forbidden are taught to the greatest of their students. After years of training the changed student is no longer a pupil but a master of the most dangerous pugilist fighting style ever devised. The only living practitioner of 8-Points Destroyer is then sent into the world to begin a pilgrimage that would consume the rest of their life. The first leg of that journey has always been a visit to the king of the land with a gift from the school. It was while delivering that gift that Micah became aware of The Quest for The Horn and the next step in his journey.

Primary Weapon: Fist
Secondary Weapon: Katar

Prime Attribute: Dex, Con

Sir Dale Kaladine- Human Knight, Shaun

It is written within the royal archives is the trial of Prince Sebastian Kaladon in which the heir to the throne was stripped of his birthright due to accusations of dishonor and crimes against the crown. The crown prince was deprived of the family name but allowed a minor title and lands on the outskirts of the kingdom's borders. The Kaladine has devoted itself to restoration of its honor ever since. Leading campaigns against Tantarie's enemies is a rite of passage for the young Kaladines as are ventures that place their lives in danger. The Kaladines are a fearless family known for their ability to convince men to follow. On hearing of his cousin Hermes's volunteering Dale could not stand by and wait for the kingdom to be saved. Some heroes are cut from the same cloth.

Primary Weapon: Heavy Flail
Secondary Weapon: Halberd

Prime Attributes: Str, Con, Cha

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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Marechek Whatlay- Human Cleric, Lem

When the call came to The Fellowship of The Horn to once again adventure in the name of The Kingdom Father Duncan was ecstatic. He yearned to stretch his old bones and spread the word of Argragon once more. Alas his time had come and gone. The Priesthood of The Natherine saw Duncan as a treasure not to be risked exploring the unknown. There was no question whether The Fellowship would need spiritual guidance so in order to fill that gap, and appease The Kaladons, a young up and coming priest named Whatlay was sent in Duncan's stead. Being Kingsley's protege taught Marechek a great many things hopefully survival proves one of them. With big and experienced boots to fill he joined The Fellowship with something to prove.

Primary Weapon: Long Bow
Secondary Weapon: Dagger

Prime Attributes: Dex, Int, Wis

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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4 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:56 am

What about the Last remaining survivors of the Dwarven Company. Truly their story must be told. They have survived the greatest adventure of their short...oh long lives. Who are they and what need to be told?

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If you have room for one more, I'd not mind playing.

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We always have room. Whatcha wanna be? Tell us a little bit about you character concept.

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well everyone knows i prefer a martial class. so either elven ranger (my ususal i know) or a dwarf fighter. im assuming ur only allowing the regular classes

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Standard C&C races, Standard C&C classes. Elven Ranger could work and another Dwarven Fighter would be welcomed, at least in my opinion. The others would need to speak for themselves.

Human Knight- Khourie
Human Cleric- Lem
Dwarven Fighter- Lance
Human Wizard- Daniel
Dwarven Cleric- Toni
Halfliing Rogue- Raheem
Half-Elf Monk- Lloyd

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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I would recommend any race besides Elf. The choice is yours though.

You will start off at 4th level.

Let me know your thoughts before this weekend cause you will start off with magic. I would like to gear it towards you. Otherwise I will just roll randomly, or let Random roll Randomly.

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10 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:10 pm

VORPAL SWORD thats all he needs

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11 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:37 pm

If I give out a vorpal, it has to be a weapon he is not proficient in. This way you have a chance of cutting your own head off.

Want one Mage, known as Brixx?

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12 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:45 am

Quick Roll call! Who can make it this Tuesday?

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13 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:03 am

Most can't. Whatever we play Tuesdays will probably be separate from The Kingdom Series... had some interesting ideas on the topic though.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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14 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:11 am

I should be able to make this tuesday.

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15 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:43 pm

sorry been busy with shit. human wizard sounds good, especially if i can run around with a vorpal sword.

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16 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:56 am

Actually sorry, due to my recent decision that I'm leaving NY, I'm looking for a second part time job to help me put up money faster.

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17 Re: The Kingdom and the Horn: Character Corner on Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:22 pm

No worries, We have no Dice rolling plans for this weekend.

I will prob be upstate later tonight.

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