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Children of the Zodiac

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1 Children of the Zodiac on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:57 am

Twelve aspects to reflect the axis of the mind,
For We see the Zodiac and therefore we are all knowing

I can’t remember much of my childhood, but what I do remember steadily unnerves me, I remember that their started out with thousands of us, each from different districts of Gradius we were all of different classes and ways of life, I could tell because the boy locked in the cell next to me named Seran. He would not stop boasting about how big his room at home in his mansion was compared to this tiny dorm we were left in during the nights. I did not realize it then but I was roomed with higher blood, a possible legit air to the throne if the world were to end in chaos. If I had known then what I do now I doubt he’d still be alive to claim anything, he was pawn just as i was in this place, to be moved and sacracficed for what they told us was the greater good. Checkmate would be acheived by the twisting of our fates, by the bending of our wills, they trained our blades to shape destiny itself.

Our days were filled with aggressive training both mental and physical I was neither best nor more adept at either one but I was gifted with the ability to read people's thoughts, and therefore I would take the upper hand and counter before the attack was made against me. I had become skilled at intergrating my telepathy within combat, to those who spectated it seemed I got the first strike when really it was the second strike just mine was faster. Truly it was the only thing I had against the others who could do almost anything, fly, heal, even bend the elements at their fingertips, but, I didn't envy them, it was a waste of time in my eyes. Everyone of us had gifts I had my own and if I spent time worrying about others instead of honing my own i would have been dead before long living in that place.

We were constantly under survelience, always being watched, our progress monitored, our weaknesses taken note of, all taken in an attempt to catorgorize our individual potential. For a while I thought that I would go crazy if I had to endure it all alone, and then came along Jesyra, we became fast friends because we had alot in common. We were both orphans were lived on the streets before we were taken, and we both seemed to have jovial heart that welcomed mischief and laughter. His companionship got me threw alot of rough times and he was the only one who could best me in fight in our unit, though only barely, his thoughts were always in chips and pieces to me i thought he would purposely clouded them to keep me off guard. We were more than friends we were rivals becase of that place but outside of it all we could have been brothers we were so close, I dont know what could have happened to us... We were so close.

We were taught early in the arts of warfare, history, strategies, and tactics. Before long I could gauge the martial threat of country, just by its strengths, and figure out ways to defeat thier strongest armies by exploiting their weaknesses. We were trained in the arts of military survival, each of us eduacted soldiers in our adolescence, we knew how to survive on our own and we were copnditioned to accept death as a constant on the battlefield. The most important thing we were taught was that emotions played no part on the battlefield, things like compassion or sorrow for our fellow soldier made us weak, emotions such as fear and regret in regards to our enemies made us weak, and weak was as good as dead to us if any of us were classified as weak we were to be put to death by our fellow soldiers.

When it came time to pick weapons i choose the Psi -main gauche for countering which seemed to be my specialty when I paired it with my gifts, and the Psi-katana because i had once read a book in studies and saw a picture of an actual katana. How it seemed to call out to me, in my eyes it stood for everything I long for, tradition and honor within life, which was also synonymous with family and i long for that even more. I knew that it would take many years to master these weapons to profiency, they enhanced not only physical prowless but in time my mental abilities would follow. Focusing threw the blade I could alter the effects of the spell I was casting, I watch a demonstration as older signers performed their prowless with their Syncs. I had nuthing but time to get stronger, my own stregnth was the only thing i came to rely on. I was a long way off manifestion and distortion but I was filled with untold elation when we I finally synced with my weapons, though I was still far off either prospect. I named the shield Forgiveness to bear the weight of my opponents attacks and my blade Retribution to carry out judgement on them. We would fight many battles together and they would always be by my side till the end. We were merged now a piece of my soul lay within them and they within me.

The Order seemed to be molding us with a sledge hammers into places where we could not fit, and when we struggled against the grain we were pounded into submission until our souls broke. I learned early its best to be prepared for the worst to see everyone as a threat when were engaged in combat, and sometimes I thought they seriously wanted to us kill each other because when showed any sort of compassion to one another we were punished, Kill out emotion early, surpress all humanity consantly pounded in our heads.

I believed that for a long time, until it became time to ascend into the Capricorn division. Amoung the prime candidates were myself and my close friend Jesyra, we were steadily increasing in rank, in truth we pushed each other intensely, although we were friends on the outside a rivalry brewed within us both. Fueled by the unforgiving environment we strived to be the best in our unit, as a result our friendship festered over the years. What had once been a brotherhood thicker than blood transformed into deep resentment and distaste, but underneath it all I still cared for Jesyra deeply, I just wish it wouldn’t have taken his death for me to realize it. In his mind I felt what can be best described as utter coldness, he was numb to me, not an once of remorse, if I had not read his mind in the split secound before his blade connected I would be dead. The shear killing intent alone took me aback and I subconsciously reacted before his blow landed, even before I myself knew what i was really doing.

What burdens me even today is the fact that i know without doubt he surely would have taken off my head with his strike, without hesitation or a secound thought or any regret. But, when I took his life and realized what I had done i was bursting with it, what could have driven him and myself to come to this, we were friends outside of this, did that mean nothing to him or me, what could have sparked this. I realized and my eyes opened up to the carnage of what had been my home for many years now, how cold my heart had become, and how I had lost myself. I remebered how we often talked mockingly about how casualties of ascension exams were weak not strong enough to be Fates but, even then i never realized what i was becoming, a murderer. Then and there I took a vow never to left myself drift off into that void of nothingness again, to live without feeling is not living at all.
I began to question why we were here and when we would be released most of all i dreaded the fact the thousands that started here at camp so many years ago reverted to a third of its starting value. I had been to wrapped up in my own advancement threw the ranks to realize what had been truly been going on, but I knew I could not escape to try that then would be suicide. I had to sit and wade my time and survive till the opportunity arose where I could finally choose my own destiny. For the time being I had to pretend to be one of them I had to appear soulless and ruthless, if I was ever going to live again with emotion that was the destiny I had chosen for myself.

In the years that passed I found none like me who hid their feelings under a mask, it seemed they all discarded their humanity for power, regardless though somehow I held steadfast to mine. In truth loneliness was the brunt of what I felt the most, and I wondered did this destiny I chose make me weaker or stronger than the other fates.

The 5th Great War of Gradius came without the defending side knowing, of course we were a secret army trained to know the weaknesses of our opponent and exploit them for our own gain. The Army of Tasitia boasted many offensive forces, their defense was also impressive, but most of all their Hero King Tyzeriel a powerful Signer was the biggest threat they posed. Orbit knew if Tyzeriel was eliminated, they could cause a chain of events that would fell the strongest kingdom of Gradius and cause the bordering nations to quake in fear at the power they weilded. Tasitia would fall in mere days and their Hero King Tyzerial would be executed by the new Aries his own son no less, the Crown prince of Tasitia executed his own father for all to see after he defeated him, a warning to all who oppose the Fates, surrender or be obliterated...

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2 im just sharing on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:59 am

this story isnt really one people should run off with, i just wanted ti share with you guys and get what you think...

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3 Re: Children of the Zodiac on Mon May 02, 2011 10:59 pm

i wanted to read that but it looks like alot for one post

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4 Re: Children of the Zodiac on Tue May 03, 2011 1:31 am

I was thinking the same. Next time try posting it in series of smaller posts maybe one a day for two weeks. This will build up hype.

I realized that when my last story was writtin about the prequel to a game that never happened. THink my story was grand and my Character generation was too complex.

Cool shit bro keep up the good work.

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