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Alura Fang- Paliwolf

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1 Alura Fang- Paliwolf on Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:54 am

Hey, I've awoken from my deep WoW slumber. During my long sleep, I've dreamed about a small campaign that I had played a few years back. It was about a young woman, just recently promoted to the rank of Paladin, but was bitten by a werewolf. The story was her struggle to live with the curse while still trying to be the holy knight. The story went a little flat and after a couple of games (and the fact of being laid off didn't help either), the game went dead. But like the great phoenix, the story will rise again. This time it will be more developed. What system will it be in? Haven't decided, but it will (since it is in the Home Brew section) be something conceived by me.

Nothing is finalized yet. So names and places are subject to change

The World is a planet called Solcrest
It was created by the Lords (essentially the gods of that world.)
Each Lord has an Order (a religious following) which somewhat are also the governing factions.
Most Orders live in a certain Age (This term is subject to change, cause it is similar to the actual meaning but it doesn't affect the whole planet, just a particular area.)
The Orders are lead by a Cardinal. The size of the Order will determine how Bishops, the Cardinal's underlings, have.
Each Bishop has Knights, who are the main soldiers of the Order. Then there are the Pages, Knights in training (pawns would be a cooler title, and would almost bring in a chess theme. I might even bring in a Rook title as well... but Kings and Queens... nah... The Cardinal is the leader of the Order, and the Lord is who they follow.)
For the most part, if you are a follower of the Order, but not a ranked official, then you are a citizen of the Order.
There is existence outside of the Orders, however, there is no backing of the Lords. Outsiders tend to be fighting against the Orders. These groups (Undetermined as to number, size, and how similar to the Orders they will be) will usually be lead by a sole person (a king, a president, a dictator, etc...)

Later I will talk about the ages once I better develop them. But for now I will at least announce them. For the most part, you can easily figure out what they consist of.
Hi Tech

Once I get the background done, then I'll write the story of Alura Fang- The Paliwolf.

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2 Re: Alura Fang- Paliwolf on Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:03 pm

keep your creative juices flowing about your time traveling game

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3 Re: Alura Fang- Paliwolf on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:27 am

Leetin McBeatin wrote:keep your creative juices flowing about your time traveling game

I will keep the creative flow going but I need to clarify one thing. This game is not about time travel. I did mention age, but I use it to describe what kind of area that region is. The world actually encompasses all these ages at the same time. Just that some Orders don't like to progress, or they do not have the capabilities to. Let's just hope that the Knights don't just bring a sword to a gun fight. Razz

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