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Legend of the Overfiend (Urotsukidōji)

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1 Legend of the Overfiend (Urotsukidōji) on Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:05 pm

Legend of the Overfiend is one of those few flicks where I'm not sure whether it should be classified as a hentai at all however the graphic nature of its many sexual depictions of rape and deviant violence has to be NC-18 at the least. Unlike most Hentai and porn Overfiend has a awesome story line.

The premise: Amino Joku is a Half-Demon from the Half-Demon World (One of three dimensions existing in tandum: Human World, Demon World and the Half-Demon World) in search of the Toujin, a being very much like the messiah and Anikan Skywalker that will unite the dimensions and create a utopian existance for all. The conflict arises when Amino finds that not only is he searching but the Demons are also looking. While he wants to be in the front row for the second coming the Demon Lord Tsuicacotu wishes to kill the Toujin in order to stop the joining. Things are complicated as it becomes obvious that the Toujin is not quite what the legends suggest. As with Demon Hunters, which takes a lot of inspiration from this series, Demons equal rape and the fights are cool though the series is old.

The first and second movies are great... after that I don't vouche for it.

Movies: 5+
Movie Length: 65 minutes
Language: Japanese or Dubbed
Subtitled: Yes, if neccessary

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2 Re: Legend of the Overfiend (Urotsukidōji) on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:45 am

This was my first movie of it kind I have ever seen. Tentacle sex was still in its infant phase. An friend and I rented it and gathered 10 of our closest friends at my place wile the parents were out.

We talked about this flick over the years as sick.

Its worth the viewing; not sue how it would compare for all of you young bloods though.

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