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True Defender

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1 True Defender on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:15 pm

Many warriors foolishly believe that they can control the tide of a battle on their own, but a guardian realizes that an ally's survival is as important as an enemy's death. Guardians prefer to protect party members directly, but if necessary, they are prepared to make personal sacrifices to ensure that their companions live.

ALIGNMENT: Any non-Chaotic, or Evil
WEAPON: Any Swords
ABILITIES: Guardians shield,Fortifying Presence, Master Guardian, Aura of the True Defender

BTH And EXP: Paladin

Guardian's Shield(Wisdom) level 2

The guardian, dedicated to protecting allies, builds a mystical shield around a party member that absorbs an amount of damage based on the guardian's constitution Score. Master Guardian increases the strength of the shield. Once per day the guardian may place a sheild of mystical energy around its target protecting that target from any damage equal to his con score. This ability can be done 1 aditional time at every even level afterward till 10th level. The guardian takes damage equal to his con mod when it is activated and does not cause him to have a bleed out effect.

Fortifying Presence(Constitution) level 4

The guardian sheaths the entire party in mystical protection, granting each member a temporary bonus to armor, with strength and duration both dependent on the guardian's constitution. Master Guardian increases the armor bonus. Once per day the Guardian may release his spiritual energy to further be a sheild for his Squad. The selected squadmates gain Ac equal to half the level (rounded down) of the defender. This last for 1d4 rounds plus con mod.

Master Guardian (Constitution) Level 7

The guardian has committed to life as a true defender. Guardian's Shield now absorbs more damage, Fortifying Presence now provides a greater armor duration. Guardian shield absorbs damage equal to your con score plus your level. Fortifying presence now last an additional 1d4 rounds and can be done an additional time per day.

Aura of the True Defender (Wisdom) level 10

While this mode is active, the guardian makes a personal sacrifice in order to preserve allies, creating a field that pulls a foe back towards the guardian if it tries to leave the field unless the enemy passes a wisdom check. This mode can only be activated during combat. This is a natural ability can be done any amount of times and last until she is Ko'd or killed. The Aura extends from the defender equal to his level x5 feet.

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2 Re: True Defender on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:17 pm

this is not done but i felt it was a good idea, and will be posting new classes more frequently for the change of entertainment. ideas will be accepted nothing gay though.

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3 Re: True Defender on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:58 am

With all the abilities being dependent on Con, why isn't the prime Con instead of Wis? I like the way you started it though...needs a little work, like how much does Master Guardian boost other abilities, but still very good start I think... cheers

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4 Re: True Defender on Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:20 pm

i think its okay. Like legendary said con should be a prime instead of wisdom. secondly when i hear true defender i think of someone jumping in the way of an attack by an opponent to protect someone in order for that person to live. I would think they would have more con first and they would have the most hp out of everyone because they are protecting people and accepting damage. I would give them something like

Martyrdom: At anytime the Defender can place an aura of protection on an ally that will transfer any damage taken to the Defender himself. This damage cannot go past 5 percent of the Defenders life.

That seems more like what a true defender would do. They defend people. There is another way we could go about this but this seems like the path you were going down. but also good job on it Smile

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5 Re: True Defender on Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:00 pm

I believe that he made the prime Wisdom because of the Divine nature of the defender's abilities. By making the prime Wisdom he makes a nod to that aspect of the character and opends the way for players to attempt to roleplay expanding the use of the divine ability.

True Defender: I want to try and extend the duration of my mystical Guardian Shield.
CK: Okay roll a Wisdom check, since wisdom is the default representative of Mystical strength.
True Defender: prime is Constitution and Stength because I'm a fighter type. *pouty, Random crybaby face*
CK: Then the base is 18. Roll it
True Defender: Castle Keeper, you're a dick

I also like where you are going with this but you should finish it. Like your Maniac Killer class( I can't remember the name, good start. Now follow through. By the way, since no checks are required for Fortifying Presence, Master Guardian, Aura of the True Defender no ability should be denoted.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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6 Re: True Defender on Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:35 am

Well if that's the case then why not change all that con stuff to wis?

Also :
Abyssal Heart wrote:True Defender: prime is Constitution and Stength because I'm a fighter type. *pouty, Random crybaby face*

Awesome lol.... Razz

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7 Re: True Defender on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:49 am

Legendary wrote:Well if that's the case then why not change all that con stuff to wis?

Also :
Abyssal Heart wrote:True Defender: prime is Constitution and Stength because I'm a fighter type. *pouty, Random crybaby face*

Awesome lol.... Razz

By the way i love this quote... damm random Stop your Tears. i felt it would give a nice change of balance to what fighters are. Fighters are generally brutes and usually the offensive type, but why not have a fighter for defense. This way you can still have someone to fight well and be a shield to their ally's. Like i said earlier in the description of the class, i want people to protect each other. The value of the class is not just for the player of it, but the team of the player. As for the why not change it all to wisdom, i was trying to discourage str as a prime attribute. I feel that if the defender needs strength for a check of some sort, He can pull it from his inner strength.

I have read alot of old news report lately, cause my uncle likes talking about it. There has been multiple cases of mothers who had "unbelievable moments of strength" To rescue or protect their children. i got inspired by that and began writing this as an idea. What if this inner strength is from their god, or just something that can be pulled out of someone's true inner desire. i thought it would be a good change of pace to have con and wisdom as a fighters focus than relying (on which seems to be the only roleplaying aspect of a fighter) Str. plus wisdom would be key for a defender. The wisdom checks for visual view of whats going on in the scene, and con because its a defensive stat.

Its funny my brain kinda hurts now to much thinking i think its done actually. i might need some more ideas but any questions or opinions are gladly appreciated. From here on out, i have to just tinker it so you guys can actually play it. if its approved then i will love to see someone play it.

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8 Re: True Defender on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:48 pm

Deep Brother Deep.

I felt you when you posted your inspiration.


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9 Re: True Defender on Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:28 pm

What ever happened with this class? I saw this guy and the Dwarven Shieldmate standing side by side holding off hordes of humanoids while the party tried to escape an otherwise deathtrap.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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10 Re: True Defender on Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:28 pm

i would actually like to play as this class but not in an assasins campaign i would die trying to be a hero

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11 Re: True Defender on Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:10 pm

so i reviewed this class again and i know you said no special classes. but i though as well as others, this was a decent class.

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