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Dwarven Shieldmate

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1 Dwarven Shieldmate on Mon May 17, 2010 12:47 pm


This Class was originally contributed from Dark Shoo:

Dwarven Shieldmates are extremely loyal and protective to those they call brother. On the battlefield they wield only shields and some two, serving as both weapon and protection.

Prerequisite: Dwarf
Prime Attribute: Constitution
Hit Die: D12
Weapons: Maces, Hammers, Axes and Crossbows
Armor: Any
Alignment: Any Lawful
Abilities: Brawler, Shielded Combat, Shieldmate's Blessing, Furious Bash

Abilities(Must only be wielding one or two shields except for Brawler)

Brawler: Unarmed damage for a Shieldmate is a d6 instead of a d3.

Shielded Combat: At lvl 1 shields deal a d4 damage, lvl 5 - d6, lvl 10 - d8.

Shieldmate's Blessing: A Shieldmate always retains the AC bonus given by shields as wells as gets a +1 shield bonus to their AC every 3 levels starting at lvl 3. (This does not stack if you have two shields.)

Furious Bash: At lvl 4 a Shieldmate can charge and give up the AC bonus granted by his dexterity, shield, and Shieldmate's Blessing until the start of his next turn to deal double damage, lvl 8 - triple.

Base Attack: Paladin
XP: Fighter

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