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1 Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:21 am

ABILITIES: Master of Arms, Combat Genius, Combat Superiority, Extra Attack

MASTER OF ARMS The warrior is a master of countless weapons to signify this, at 1st level, the Warrior can choose one weapon with which to specialize. For Warriors between 1st and 6th level, this specialization imparts a +1 bonus to hit and a +1 bonus to damage when being used. At 7th level and above, the bonuses increase to a +2 to hit and +2 to damage. All weapons are eligible, including ranged weapons such as the bow or sling. After the first weapon is choosen a Warriors can also learn to master (specialize) a new weapon every 4 levels. So at 5th, 9th, 13th, and so on they can become proficient in a new weapon. However they only get the +1 to hit and damage and these additional weapons never increase to +2 like your first weapon does at Level 7.

COMBAT GENIUS: Warriors are born are on the battlefield, as such the experience imparted on them through surviving countless battles influences their fighting style, while engage in combat Warriors get to use half their level plus their specialization bonuses when using that weapon to make combat related SIEGE checks.

COMBAT SUPERIORITY- Warriors are battle tested Veterans, they call the battlefield home, as a result Warriors are masters in the art of fighting multiple foes at once. At 6th level Warriors get multiple attacks per round whenever they are taking on 3 or more opponents at one time. Irregardless of HD, A Warrior may make an attack on each opponent once per round, this replaces any other attacks.

For example, an 8th level Warrior is battling 5 Goblins in a dark cave. The Goblins have the warrior surrounded. When it comes time to attack, the fighter is allowed Five swings against the Goblins; one swing for the class and 4 swings for the Combat Superiority ability. The fighter can choose to attack one Goblin Five times times or the Five different Goblin one time each.
(*If you try to Combat Superiority a boss you will explode...just saying)

EXTRA ATTACK: At 12th level, the Warrior gains one additional attack each combat round with any weapon. This ability does not combine with Combat Superiority. When in a combat where both abilities could be used, the player must choose to use either the Extra Attack or Mass Combat Dominance ability during each round. The Extra Attack ability is usable with melee and ranged weapons.

Alot of the ideas for this class came from forums and the like for improving the fighter class in C&C, While some of them are my own i thought it would be cool compile them into a class hopefully it combats the fighters assyness at higher levels...

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2 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:53 pm

Warrior is synonymous with the untrained soldiers of town guards, prison staff, common thugs and any slew of weapon wielding brawlers. I think you should change the name so that the timetested venacular isn't affected. Its an improved Fighter class that makes all of you fighters usesless. Interesting, I like classes that are unique and don't overshadow or remove the need for other classes so I guess official I don't like this class. I think its cool for a new campaign where players can pick it early but in an existing campaign it just makes the Fighters look like asses.

Name ideas:
Combat Veteran
Weapon Master
Battle Tested
Battlefield Expert
Fighter Breaker
UberExtra Fighter's Fighter

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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3 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:45 pm

I vote for Tim!

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4 Well... on Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:09 pm

I don't understand how this wrecks other classes, but i would see how one other class dims in comparison...this class only over shadows the fighter class because all of its abilities are upgrades of the fighters class abilities. I fail to see how it makes all of us look like asses because that is what a true fighter is supposed to do but cant because C&C has left him with a high base, and at high levels a high base just doesnt cut it. No other class should be better at combat than a fighter but other classes are...but dont get me wrong i understand what C&C is better than most its simplicity incarnate, but in our campaign we are evolving, our challenges are becoming harder and so too should our means for handling them, we cannot continue to use a class suited for fighting assy C&C monsters when we are not fighting assy C&C monsters...I understand that when we start making classes it was not our motive to directly outdate others but the Fighter by far is the weakest model and deserves some simpathy i think, and here is my crack at it...

LOL And not that I have a history degree or anything but-

I like warrior so im keeping the name because the cast in which i am referring to means someone who is experienced in combat or warfare not just hooligans, rebels, brigands or bandits who can engage in warfare and or combat but are not skilled in it. Furthermore Warrior sounds like an upgraded version of Fighter which was what i was going for with this class...

Mercenary was my secound choice...

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5 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:21 pm

The fighter is the ultimate fighter. No other class should be better at fighting than a fighter.

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6 i wish that was the case but... on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:18 pm

Yes that is what the Fighter class should be the ultimate Combatant and while that would be a great reality it is far from the truth...instead of quoting known facts we should come together to make the class better...

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7 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:20 pm

Lmao. When I say warrior is the generic word for nonFighter fighters its exactly what i mean. If you go to other roleplaying circles especially old-school groups. Warrior almost always infers nonAdventurer fighters. I was suggestion a name change for that reason alone and I think Tim is a great name, Legendary.

Fighters have always been the class you describe. At low-levels they steal the show and at high-levels they ensure that there is some one to soak up hits while the rest of the party plays hero. It is their role. In the end, whether we name them Fighter or Warrior or Mecenary, they will still fall short to the might of every other class. Can a better Fighter be made, sure. Should the Fighter be forgotten, no.

We all have opinions, that was just one of mine.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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8 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:37 pm

The fighter was created as one of the fundamental class's. These were created so for a reason. If we are to take apart the basics we should play a different game.

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9 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I see make sense... on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:50 pm

OK the warrior is synonymous for being none adventuring types, hmmm....well then im not naming it tim cuz that sounds like a name for a munchkin class (yea i got that one), so fighters are destined to be mediocre is what you are saying in your opinion, hmmmm...dont kno how i feel about that one i conflict with that statement because i tend to play alot of fighters, and the affirmation that its supposed to less effective in endgame combat than all the other classes is quite dissapointing....ITS THE ULTIMATE COMBATANT cheers !!!!... scratch but not really its just good for taking hits in high levels, while the other party members do their thing because their saving grace of high based to hit and weapon specialization have become obsolete interesting...indeed Shocked

How about Disciples of Talis for the class name?

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10 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:25 pm

How are fighter weak?

They can get three attacks
Combat dominance


Every round their damage is consistent.

Mages and priest can dish it out for a limited number of time...Spells. In the big picture the fighters do more damage, can take a lot of damage (Minus Monk & Barbarian), Can wear the heaviest armor, Wield the biggest weapons.

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11 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:36 pm

In early levels a fighter with his big-Assed sword and badass armor fights things that can't take a hit from said sword or damage aforementioned armor. However at high-levels you fight things that can take the hit that can hit the armor and can do really nasty things to you with mere looks. Fighters don't become useless but their roles change. In the beginning, wizards are crunch and taste good with ketchup but later they stay crunchy and the ketchup still rocks but now they can chuck huge fire-breathing Missile Frogs that Fuck Shit Up. They can't survive without a Fighter but they no longer need the Fighter to do the bulk of the work.

By the by, you never play Fighters, Greed. You play multi-classed Fighters or fighter-types but you NEVER play straight up Fighter. No one does except Lloyd.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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12 I dont think they are weak on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:45 pm

I dont think they are weak persay I just feel they are not what they claim to be which is the ultimate combatant...

They get 2 attacks as stated from their class- with good dex a character can do accomplish this at low lower levels and yes i kno a fighter gets it without having to roll but thats at level 10 and i have yet to see a true fighter reach level ten and fully realize this by that time im sure he will be trying for three attacks as you stated above...

combat dominance is a useless skill because of how scarcely it is used, in all my sessions as playing Talis i have only used it once...yea its nice when we get it but we seldom use it bro...

The other things you stated are quite true but overall the class is just obselete, again it was made to be mediocre fighting assy monsters and that would be cool if we just stuck to C&C, but we dont we are branching off. The class peaks alot sooner as a result of this and its all downhill after that with the advancement of levels and its usefulness just continues to dim as other classes outshine it in combat......

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13 I dont get y that needs to be stated on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:17 pm

Does that make what i say less credible? hmmm...the point still being i have played alot fighters regardless of multiclassing or not- To be honest I would never straight up play a fighter now because of the way you think of them...and I could easily rebuttle have you? but i wont that because I think you kinda have with Rena, in Tom's DQ campaign. I remember u often complain of how u you felt roleplaying her because all Rena could do was fight, but everyone could fight if not better than her, so you strived to attain things that set you apart from the other went further to say how you hated when tom gave us things that you had worked hard to attain for free...It lessened your character and will to play her because of how mediocre she was...its the same with the fighter in C&C its suppose to be the best but that is far from what it is....

To go further i have often been told that i am the most powerful pc in the campaign, if talis was a straight level 10 cleric he still would be quite powerful, if i was a staight level 10 fighter ummmm...not so much huh the things that set me apart are not that significant anymore and other classes can do without me? The point being i feel that every class should be able to be stand on their own...fighter more falls into a great multiclassing because of its great base and weapon specialization, the extra attack at 10 levl is a bonus aswell....but as a single class it is serious lacking, especially in higher levels when it becomes overshadowed by the other classes...its kinda like whats the point anymore...I can understand y allan in James campaign threw the fit he did, when Lyrah outshined him, no one likes feeling mediocre, or outsnuffed, I dont think anyone plays or aspires to be a mediocre player so y should a class...

In closing I am so greatful that i multiclassed Talis as cleric, because if he was just a straight fighter he would have long been dead, either on paper or from me rolling up a new character because of my lack of interest in roleplaying him anymore being a cleric makes it so that i could never be mediocre because i have sumthing to rely on besides my fighting skills...

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14 Re: Warrior on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:39 pm

You've voiced your problem with players getting multiple attacks with high Dex, repeatedly, but this is not something etched into the rules of C&C this is a house allowed Siege Engine roll. Your arguement is valid but you are referring to something anyone with a decent dexterity. Anyone. Knowing this a Fighter that wants to stack on extra attacks might want to take Dex as a prime. There are other things combat wise that a player could try but unfortunately its a lot of see monkey do.If a player's Dex doesn't permit extra attacks why can't he try for more precise attacks(not called shots) or use his combat knowledge for other things. Like establishing various styles and stances in order to achieve different combat advantages. Siege Roll and Roleplay, that's the ticket.

As far as Talis is concerned, you said it yourself. Talis is only a Fighter for the base. You Roleplay being a cleric, a warrior priest, you don't roleplay being a Fighter and you never have. A single-class Fighter could acheive the level of acclaim and accolades you strive for if he roleplayed beyond his perceived limitations but no one has because the only True Fighters have been Lloyd and Allen, what roleplaying have they tried?

I understand your plight because of Raina but the other GM gave my roleplayed benefits away. What has Talis, as a Fighter, roleplayed for that was taken from him? Talis would be dead by now because no class is an island. No class can stand on it own... except a CLERIC. Talis is alive because he is a Cleric with a great to hit, great hp, can wield any weapon, and sometimes when he's bored he roleplays knowledge of the battlefield... sometimes.

Every great story seems to begin with a snake.

-Nicolas Cage
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15 Re: Warrior on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:08 pm

I hate to say this but at higher levels a fighter gathers items. If you notice, the majority of magic is geared towards that class. Yea, at 10th level you should have some sick armor and sword. Its easier to build that class's specialization.

Second (My opinion) Grom is to lenient on the multiple attacks.

Third the fighter is the only class who could use a "called shot" and actually hit.

Lyria was a very powerful character. In making comparisons she is not a good example. High level spells and a backstab.....devistating. The magic she possessed was extraordinary. That is also an example of building a character up with roll playing.

The same campaign that Lyria was birthed, I had a knight (D&D) Sir Cedric. Through Roll playing he was Beast. In no was did I feel inferior to her...many time mad, but not inferior.

Its what you make of it.

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